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Features of the resettlement program from Kazakhstan to Russia.

Features of the resettlement program from Kazakhstan to Russia.
Moving from Kazakhstan to Russia is a rather complicated step-by-step process that requires compliance with all established rules and legal norms. That's why most of Kazakhstan's residents are worried about how to move to the Russian Federation with the least material losses, what programs exist for this and how to use them.
What to look for.
In Russia since 2006 there is a special program for the resettlement of compatriots from abroad. You can move to the Russian Federation for permanent residence on the basis of this state program, and independently of it by common rules. In 2013, this program has acquired an indefinite nature.
Of course, the most rapid options for resettlement in Russia for permanent residence is the use of the right to participate in the resettlement program.
To take advantage of the rights provided in the program, can:
Citizens of Russia who left the country and obtained the citizenship of Kazakhstan. Former citizens of the Soviet Union, their descendants. Migrants from the Russian Federation.
To participate in the program you will need:
To reach the age of 18 years. To have the status of a capable and employed citizen. Have education and documents confirming it. Free to speak Russian. Meet the established requirements for obtaining a RWP (temporary residence permit).
The resettlement program allows its participants to relocate to their historical homeland, to obtain a Russian passport and citizenship, and to acquire a large number of benefits and decent material support. For example, according to the program, migrants from Kazakhstan can expect to receive a one-time and a monthly allowance. There may also be stipulated unemployment benefits, which are subject to registration and registration in the relevant authorities. After employment, such payments are withdrawn.
It should be noted that the settlers who decided to participate in the program, after a certain time, leave the RF for the purpose of permanent residence in another country earlier than 2 years, or refuse to participate in the program at all, will be obliged to return all expenses incurred by the state for their maintenance and support.
Features of resettlement.
Emigration from Kazakhstan to the territory of Russia is the most favorable option for many citizens, since you can move without a lengthy procedure. The knowledge and similarity of the values of the people and the language make it possible to adapt most comfortably. Many people leave Kazakhstan to obtain the most profitable work, to open their own business, to resume family relations, etc.
Despite all the advantages and positive moments to move to Russia without any problems, it is necessary to go through certain official procedures to obtain the right to legally stay within the Russian Federation.
The entire registration procedure is carried out in a simplified manner, thanks to the agreement concluded between the countries.
In Russia, RWP for citizens of Kazakhstan is the initial stage, which includes the possibility of carrying out the procedure for obtaining permanent residence and in the future of Russian citizenship.
Settlers arriving from Kazakhstan to Russia must purchase a RWP within a week after being registered with the FMS.
Nuances of getting permission to leave the republic.
To move to a neighboring state, citizens of Kazakhstan must obtain an official document that gives the right to register a trip to permanent residence in Russia.
To successfully conduct the procedure, it is worth paying attention to the following nuances:
The application for an exit permit must be transferred to the local ATS located at the place of registration in Kazakhstan and dealing with immigration issues. Only persons who have reached the age of majority can apply. It is worth noting that the mandatory established rule is precisely the personal presence of the applicant, that is, documents can not be filed through a trustee.
The following documents must be attached to the application:
ID confirmation. The consent of the relatives living in the republic for the applicant's departure. Information on military equipment. If a child leaves, the consent of the guardianship authorities will be required.
The registration of the document giving the right to exit takes place within a month from the moment when all the necessary papers are submitted.
The applicant can receive a travel ban if he has outstanding debts to creditors. A list of potential debtors has been kept in the Republic for a long time. The list itself is entered in a single register in order to simplify the receipt of necessary information. Those who have been judged and the enforcement proceedings will be able to get on the list will be able to.
The exit permit can be obtained in the event that an agreement is reached between the creditor and the debtor or the debt will be fully repaid.
After submission of the supporting documents, the travel ban will be lifted and the list updated by deleting the debtor's data.
Thus, in order to avoid any problems, and departure for the redistribution of Kazakhstan was not overshadowed by anything, we should take care of all possible problems in advance.
The initial stage of integration in the Russian Federation.
RVP for the citizens of Kazakhstan begins to be formalized only after arrival in the territory of Russia. In order to obtain a permit, it is necessary to submit documents according to the list:
The application form. Photo of the required format. Identity document of the applicant. Documents confirming the marital status, the presence of children. Information about the absence of dangerous diseases.
The total time for consideration and registration of papers for making a decision on the issue of a RWP can last up to two months.
The validity period of the RWP for citizens of Kazakhstan extends to three years and on the basis of it a residence permit is issued. It is not possible to extend this document, as obtaining a residence permit will be an extension of the status of a resident of the Russian Federation.
Provide documents for the registration of residence permits until the end of the period of validity of the RWP. You can get permission only if there is a real living space in which the future registration will be carried out.
Since the RWP provides an opportunity to live legally in a certain territory of the Russian Federation, its holder is guaranteed the same rights as the citizens of Russia. This rule applies to employment without obtaining additional documents. You can get a job and work only in the territory where the foreigner has been given a residence permit.
You can conclude labor agreements in any organization, including hiring from an individual. All required formalities, which include notification of the tax and migration service about the availability of workers from abroad, should only be performed by the employer. There are no special restrictions in work for arriving citizens from Kazakhstan.
To avoid mistakes and not to lose time, the best option would be to contact a specialized organization.
Currently, a large number of institutions are engaged in providing assistance to immigrants from Kazakhstan. Their services, as a rule, include consulting, preparing the required documents, submitting them to the appropriate authorities.

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