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Features of obtaining citizenship and life in India for the Russians.

Features of obtaining citizenship and life in India for the Russians.
Russians quite often go on trips to India. The country is attractive due to its exotic features, mild climatic conditions. Especially attracts tourists resort of Goa, many want to obtain citizenship and stay here for permanent residence. Some citizens who left Russia and received permanent residence in the country often open their business here, connected with tourism or entertainment. However, life in India is at a lower financial and social level than in European countries.
The average income level of the population here is several times lower than that of Russians. By approximate estimates, about 500,000 people with Indian citizenship have an average income level of $ 15 per month. Limited access to essential goods, lack of jobs - these are the problems that almost every third of people who have Indian citizenship face on a daily basis. The quality and level of education in the country is also far from the highest. How to go to India?
What you should know about traveling through India.
As for the popular among tourists Delhi, the density of development here is not very high, the population is about 7000000 people and the cost of renting a property is relatively inexpensive. True, it's difficult to call a trip to Delhi safe - it's all caused by a high crime rate, and it's not so easy to find a job here, because of which many people who live here are unemployed.
Bengaluru will be the best in all respects and the cost of living. It is a city with developed infrastructure, a lot of food establishments, a scientific and cultural center of the country. In addition, it is difficult to call criminogenic: the crime rate here is very low, and people here are slightly different, more friendly than in other regions of the country.
Most of our compatriots share the view that India is good only for a short trip, and few people think about leaving Russia forever and get a temporary shelter or permanent citizenship here. Since this is quite an original country, to find out whether it suits you for permanent residence or not, and to assess the standard of living in it, it is worth to go on a trip to this truly original country. True, it is necessary to be extremely cautious - the people of India are not always distinguished by their kindness and kindness, especially in relation to foreigners.
If you do not know when to go to India, visit it from October to March. It is during this period that the country has the best climatic conditions for people accustomed to European conditions. Therefore, a sharp change of place and climate will not cause you negative consequences in the form of general malaise, headaches, colds in the cold season, or, conversely, dizziness in the hot season.
How women live in India.
After the marriage, almost none of the women remain at work, and if they continue to work, then for several hours a day and performs simple tasks, then to have enough time and energy to do household chores. Some Indian women get married at a very early age. In most cases, people in India live in large families, and after the marriage the daughter-in-law comes to the home of the groom's parents.
Throughout the day, a woman in India removes, erases, strokes, watches the children, prepares to eat for the whole family and does much more at home. On the street, a woman once again is better not to go out, because many Indians do not behave quite decently. Moreover, a woman can not leave anywhere - she must necessarily be close to her people (mother-in-law, mother or sister, if there is no husband nearby).
How to obtain Indian citizenship.
To go to the country thousands of miracles for permanent residence and get citizenship, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you will have to make a lot of efforts. The only possible option is to file papers to obtain a residence permit, which will be renewed as many times as you need. For how many days does this resolution suffice?
The residence permit in the country is of two types - temporary, the period of validity of which is limited to 60 days, and conditional-permanent, which has a limitation on the validity of 10 years. To obtain permanent residence or residence permit, you must fulfill certain conditions stipulated by Indian law. It is about the existence of grounds for obtaining a visa and the absence of the opposite grounds - the prohibition of obtaining a visa.
For renewal, you must file a special application with the visa center of India. Within 10 working days your application will be considered, and you will receive a refusal or permission to increase the duration of your "journey". To file an application for the extension of residence permit you need in advance, otherwise you will have to temporarily leave the country before making a decision. The residence permit does not equate you with the rights to a person with a full Indian citizenship, but because:
the residence permit in the country can be terminated by the authorities unilaterally without explanation; To prolong the residence permit may not work if all the necessary requirements have not been met; you should not have a criminal record (this also applies to the period you were in the territory of the state).
Such a tough policy regarding citizenship and just traveling to India is explained by a considerable population of 1.2 billion people. There are so many people that they simply do not have enough jobs. Moreover, none of the residents are in a hurry to leave this place, since such an opportunity is not everyone's.
Another way to get Indian citizenship exists for women is to marry an Indian. In general, the authorities have a negative attitude towards fictitious marriages, and especially when using it to help women try to obtain Indian citizenship. It will be necessary to prove that marriage with an Indian citizen is real and the wife has serious intentions towards her chosen one. If a woman can marry a Hindu, she will obtain the citizenship of this country.
How to prepare for the trip.
To go on a trip to India, you need to first obtain a visa. To do this, apply to any of the visa centers in Russia. How long will this procedure take? The document will be issued within 7 working days from the date of submission of the necessary papers, after which you can go on a trip to India.
If you are planning a trip to Goa, you do not need a visa at all, you only need to show your passport to the employees of the customs office. Before arriving in India, it is recommended to prepare copies of all documents, because theft is not uncommon, and once again secure yourself will not hurt. To apply for a tourist visa, you need to collect the following set of papers.
Passport, valid for at least six months from the date of entry into the territory of India. 1 photo in color 5 by 5 cm and 2 photos 3,5 by 3,5 cm. Application form. Copies of all pages of the passport. If you have an active second passport, prepare a copy of it. Certificate of registration. A photocopy of the ticket to India.
It should be noted that photos for obtaining a visa must be executed against a light background, and copies of all documents must be legible and legible, otherwise they may refuse to obtain a visa for travel to India. After the visa, you can freely move around the country, not counting individual territories. To visit the Andomansky and Nicobar Islands, as well as Manipur, Sikkim, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, you need to get a special permit.

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