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“Everyone here sympathizes with Ukraine”

"Everyone here sympathizes with Ukraine"
Summing up the results of the year, compiled a list of the best publications of 2016. This text is one of them. The nature of this country is very similar to ours. Many compatriots settled there - it is also a country of emigrants. But little is known about Canada in Russia, and in the news about this state they do not often remember. As part of the project "" about the Russians who went abroad to live, we talked with Julia Petrova, who settled in the town of Lake Louise near the city of Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta.
By education I am a journalist, lived in Omsk and always dreamed of leaving for Moscow - it seemed to me that this is the center of life, where something is constantly happening. When I was already moving to the capital, I had a chance to go to Prague, this was my first trip abroad, I went there on probation on Radio Liberty. Since then, I've always wanted to move somewhere abroad - to live and work.
The emirates were a simple and legal way to leave. I left journalism and settled in Dubai at the hotel for a reception. Spent there a year and a half. In the UAE, many foreigners, but they can not fully emigrate, obtain citizenship. And you are very dependent on the employer. People, naturally, are looking for a better life, looking for a place where you can create a full-fledged second home. From the Emirates, as a rule, there is a good chance to emigrate to Canada or Australia. Actually, I had a choice between these two countries.
In cowboy hats.
Everyone usually emigrates to Canada as follows: they come to study, they pay $ 14,000 a year, they get education, then they are prolonged with a visa and allowed to work. During this time you make out emigration. I missed this part with studies - I was lucky again, I immediately found a job.
I contacted an emigration lawyer, paid him five thousand dollars, so that he helped me organize a transfer. Although I made a very profitable offer in Emirates Airlines - work at the airport. There were comfortable conditions, prospects and so on. And in North America, I have never been. But I decided to try, and everything turned out. It was 2013 year.
Documents for work I received back in Dubai - I went to one company, again at the reception. The scheme is this: you are going there for something, for a job, with a certain salary. My lawyer just sent out my resume, was looking for a company that would take a foreign worker. I was lucky, there were two offers at once.
When I made the transplant in Toronto, it seemed to me that I was back in the Emirates: everywhere the Hindus, Arabs, Pakistanis - it was not like North America at all. But in Calgary at once and cowboy hats, and around white people - I was shocked by such a difference.
Bears in the parking lot.
I moved to the province of Alberta, a place called Lake Louise - very famous in the country. The mountain village where I live and work is a two-hour drive from Calgary. This is a great tourist attraction, there is a lake, mountains - people pay a lot of money to spend their vacation here.
We have bears here, and the position is this: a person lives among them, and not vice versa. I parked on a bear a couple of times, lynxes run across the road, there are wolves. And people take care of them.
I talked to others, asked why they emigrated to Canada. I was told that here you are protected, there is social support, medical support is free of charge and many more things. A free service for immigrants helps to adapt in the country. They talk about the laws, how to rent an apartment, buy a car and so on.
Dear bread.
Housing provided me the company. Own room, no cockroaches, conditions were better than in the Emirates. For housing was deducted from the salary, which, again, was more. It is strictly guaranteed and prescribed - you will not get it any less.
The Canadian dollar is about 50 rubles. For the room, I paid 320 Canadian dollars a month, then for an apartment - 450 Canadian dollars, this is about 22 thousand rubles.
Apartments here are surrendered officially, according to the contract, and not as we do. The hosts pay taxes. And if you are told that you need to move, for example, on December 1, and I can not find a new apartment by this time, then according to the law, I can not be expelled for another three months.
In Canada, very sensibly approach to emigration - not that they opened the gate, and everyone went there. I could not change the work for a while, because I was qualified only for this profession and my type of visa was specially for it.
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"With the arrival of the Syrians it became frightening"
Even the Canadians did not have such social privileges as me, a foreign worker. Immediately given insurance - on teeth, eyes, in short, everything - so the state thinks about visitors.
In Canada, there is a minimum wage. And even if you work on a minimock, you will not die of starvation, you can rent a house and even save something.
Everything is very expensive here: products, telephone communication. The bread in my village is 6 dollars, in the city it costs somewhere around 3.5 dollars. I have free lunch at the hotel now, and this is a very big saving.
Two works for a hard-working immigrant.
I already changed jobs, because I got a residence permit. Generally, the residence permit was given to me after 2 years - here everything comes from how you emigrated. Now they have launched a new program called Express Entry, that is, you make an application, for example, in Russia, and if your education and work experience is approved, then you are immediately given a residence permit - the entire process can take only about six months.
I live in the same mountain village, but my boyfriend and I want to move to a city with more housing opportunities. I work in a hotel chain in the restaurant reservations department. In the evening I go to another hotel in the neighborhood, and I work there as a waitress in the restaurant. I've never done this before, in Russia it's somehow not very prestigious. But here give a good tip: for example, the day of work as a waitress, I earn more than in this steep hotel. But on the main job there is insurance, other bonuses and free lunches.
Materials on the topic.
Our people abroad.
This schedule I have 3-4 times a week, and only in the summer. The day starts at 8 am, I return home at half past eleven. I do this because I need to podkonopit. And because as long as there is no big family, I'm young. We must work and work. We save for the first installment to buy our home.
Very many Canadians, especially those who have their own homes, rent it (sometimes not even entirely) and still receive unemployment benefits. So they live, do not work. Immigrants are working harder. I'm on two jobs, because my plans are difficult to implement with one. I arrive on time, work responsibly - this is the advantage of visitors.
Has pricked up skis.
In Lake Louise, there is something to do: you can walk, swim in a boat, in winter skiing and snowboarding. In the evening, you can go to the restaurant and have a delicious meal, order some deer. Rest here is: active in the afternoon, in the evening - a restaurant.
Skiing is an expensive kind of recreation, and in Russia I did not have money for it. Here I learned to ski, and they got to me for free. Many Canadians come, stay here, they will accumulate things, and they give them away for free. So I got skis, boots, and I bought a snowboard cheap and now I'm slowly learning it.
There are somehow American, Canadian and Russian ...
Everyone here sympathizes with Ukraine. The man spends three minutes at the reception, but he will ask where I come from. When I said that from Russia, this was the end of the conversation. Then I began to say that I was from Siberia - another reaction: "From Siberia, oh, it's so cold there, I've never met anyone from there!" Then, for the sake of interest, I began to say: "My dad from Ukraine , and my mother - from Russia. " People had a shock, they did not know how to react. Now, when people ask me, I always say that I am Russian. The American family somehow confessed to me that they are very fond of Russians. They said: "Do not look what they show on TV, we love Russians."
The influence of America here is very strong, although these are absolutely different countries. Canadians make fun of the Americans for feeling like a navel of the Earth, that they are narrow-minded. There were stories when Americans came to Canada with skis in June and asked: "And where is the snow?" They often wonder: "Why are not prices in US dollars?" Actually, we are in Canada ... Or, for example, an American comes to the reception and asks to exchange American dollars for small, again American. But in the box office, I only have Canadian dollars.
Naturally, everyone is different, and I have American friends. But very many residents of the States believe that the world is only America and that everywhere there is only one currency - the American dollar.
Canadians are completely different. There are English-speakers, there are French-speaking people. I've never had a friendship with the first, because they somehow communicate more with each other. French-speaking open, among them I had friends. At the same time, English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians sometimes do not get along with each other.
"I want my children to appreciate every dollar"
After a month of living in Canada, I went to Las Vegas and first saw the States - I liked it there, it's more fun. But over time, I fell in love with Canada, because it really feels the support of the state, everything for people, everything for the people - no matter how trivial it may sound. But this is not Europe, not the States, where you come and exclaim: "Wow!" In Canada, everything is calm.
With the Russian communities, I did not enter into contact, communicated only with the local, so I managed so to immerse myself in the local life. And these communities, as a rule, are very closed. They are looking for Russian doctors, Russian driving instructors. What for? It seems to me that this is not a true strategy. You came to another country, so communicate in language, assimilate.
I believe that watching the world is very interesting, and it does not matter in which country you live. The world is not just where you were born. For example, when I lived in the Emirates and came to Russia, it seemed to me that I was returning from Mars. To my future children I want to show Russia, I want them to speak Russian. I want to see the Emirates - a prosperous Muslim country, so that they see other values. I have many Muslim friends who do not drink, and I admire it: a birthday without alcohol, and we all have fun, laugh. In Canada, the culture of drinking is very developed, and here it is normal to treat marijuana, which I do not understand.
I want my children to appreciate every dollar, appreciate simple things - have a place to live, have a job. And not that "I do not like this work." You need to appreciate what you have, and be content with the small. I think we should look at the world, be open to it and not be afraid to try, take new things from other people, cultures, and somehow all this in oneself, to remelt it. And, maybe, it's getting better than you were when you lived in your country.

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