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Do you want to go to the USA in 2017?
15 entries.
You indicate the address either in the form of DS260, or in an interview, Show full ... or indicate at the airport when crossing the border.
You can become a US citizen after 5 years of living on the "Green Card".
Yes, you choose the staff yourself.
You indicate the address either in the DS260 form, or in an interview, or you specify at the airport when crossing the border.
Can be the whole family, you can first yourself. The main thing that all left within 6 months.
It is possible, of course, if this non-receipt is not related to the refusal to conduct an interview because of deception. That is, if you have not violated the law. Otherwise it is already a ban on entry. And if you, say, Won, but did not use this winnings by yourself, you can participate again next year.
One week left to make a decision and submit a questionnaire for participation in the DV2017 Lottery.
Agree, not expensive, given the odds of winning 1 to 200?
We will provide you with a unique number on which you can independently learn the results on the US State Department website, as well as a link to the screen shot to visually confirm your participation with your unique number.
C May 3, 2016, visiting the US State Department website, you can see the result of the participation of your application.
The whole process is handled personally by Alexei Ushakov, the leading specialist of the company "Gulf Stream". It is his merit that of the 30,000 completed applications (since 1998) there have been no disqualifications and more than 400 of our customers have won Green Card. He is the author of How to Participate in Green Card USA. Practical guidance, "a leading webinar on the subject of Green Cards.
You fill out the form so that we receive your data and photo on the Suitcase website. On it (under the form) you will find the requirements for photography. You can fill in in Russian, except for the name and surname.
Confirmation of the correctness of the filling or comments, requiring correction, we send to your e-mail. In the same letter, a link to the payment will be posted.
You pay the registration fee: 30 people, 1 person, 2 people.
After receiving the payment, we register your application and send to your e-mail the number that the department provides (login and password)
From May 3 next year you can receive confirmation on the website of the State Department.
To do this, you will need to go to the official website, enter your unique number and make sure of the participation of your questionnaire.
- We accept applications for filling services before SATURDAY (October 30, 2015).
- We accept payment before Monday (November 2, 2015)
� For example, many believe that the US government will provide assistance in one form or another to those who have won.
� Many people write a settlement not by testimony, but by its current name. Show more ...
� Many do not know that you need to prove your financial solvency even after winning to get a visa.
� Many people do not know that after receiving a notice of winning, you need to fill out a new questionnaire and urgently undergo a medical examination?
� Many do not know that the chances can be doubled if you fill out the questionnaire from yourself and your spouse.
� Many people do not know that they can write one country of birth, but a country from which another participates.
� Many do not know that different countries have different odds of winning.
� Many do not know what the mailing address affects, and what place of permanent residence should be indicated if you are in the country for several months.
� Many people do not know that it's possible to process photos in Photoshop, but it's better to shoot the glasses.

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