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[English] My history of studying English from courses in Moscow to courses in America.

[English] My history of studying English from courses in Moscow to courses in America.
I had a very weak level of English. I set myself the goal of mastering the language. I needed him for work, and in general I need to somehow develop. I'm talking in 2 languages & quot; - this is somehow more impressive) Well, in general, I took up this difficult matter After studying various techniques, suggestions, reviews, etc., I immediately for myself identified several points:
1. To learn a language, you need to learn it! Without effort, it is unlikely to be learned.
2. Methods and methods for learning English today offer a different set - you must choose "your" , method is the method of learning that is right for you.
3. There must be a motivation, this process is not fast, so there must be a goal for which you are learning a new language. For example, I had a goal to go through the career ladder.
Next, I began to choose for myself the same & quot; my & quot; method of learning English. I went on a standard scheme, began to look at English language courses. I live in Moscow, there are no problems with this, but when you start to choose, so it's not far from work, and even at an acceptable price, difficulties arise. I chose for myself like a suitable course near work, but still had to go by subway - EnglishFirst. And I began to study. I retired to classes for about two months and began to notice that my enthusiasm began to vanish. Why? Firstly, I did not like that in group training there is such a moment as "who will overtake" - who will give a better answer and faster, interrupt you, are responsible for you and you, so that you do not have to hit the dirt in a face forced to drive somewhere. You do not have time to analyze and concentrate your attention really on "English". Much of course depends on the teacher who knows how to organize the group, but I was not lucky. And according to rumors in other groups was the same. Secondly, the composition of the group was constantly changing from the group, people were leaving, new students came. It is clear - the commercial moment from the school, the money you need to earn The composition of the group was not permanent. The first problem could be adjusted and reconciled with it - like in school, like the class composition was formed and everyone knows that he will cry out at the lesson and at what point will he be killed. And here it does not work.
I decided that it did not suit me and began to look for independent ways of learning English.
I collected a bunch of tutorials, teaching audio and video files and enthusiastically got down to business. Here everything ended even faster. When you do it yourself, there must be a very high discipline. You should create a regular schedule for yourself and the main thing for yourself is to be a methodologist. Make yourself observe the regularity of classes. Everyone is certainly capable, but for me it was not easy. I'm not a methodologist, anyway, it's better to entrust this business to a professional. I decided to study individually with the teacher. Still, she will already tell me what to learn, what questions to answer and what movie in English it is better to look at. Most importantly, she disciplines me - you have already agreed where to be in so-and-such, on such and such a day, with such and such tasks.
I started to study individually with a tutor.
It's certainly quite another matter. Individual approach, interestingly selected material, attention is only to you. I studied with pleasure. The disadvantage of such training was the price (individual lessons in Moscow are not the cheapest) and the meeting place. I did not have the opportunity to meet at home, but she lived far away and getting after work is problematic enough. We had classes at a cafe, which was not always comfortable.
At this time, my friend told me that she deals with the teacher individually through Skype. And she advised me to go to an online school. I passed a free trial lesson and decided to continue my studies. The first teacher after 5 lessons I did not like and I was given another. My new teacher was a real assistant in teaching online. She prepared various interesting presentations, exercises, clippings from different topics and magazines, threw me interesting films for learning English. We even managed to sing with her in class. I got what I wanted - an individual technique, an individual schedule of classes and no need to go somewhere, and spend money on the road. I could do it right at work in the lunch. So all the materials for classes she sent in electronic form and did not have to buy them, as in previous cases. The only drawback is that once I was disconnected from the Internet and we could not get in touch, but this is a force majeure, which could occur in any other case.
2 years I studied English individually through Skype (by the way here is an online school in which I was engaged - well done guys). A year I regularly studied with a Russian-speaking teacher and 1 year with a native speaker. I must say in both cases was very pleased.
For 2 years I achieved a fairly good level of language skills, I certainly did not read Shakespeare in the original), but I had a very strong Intermediate.
Well, I was already ripe by that time to go abroad and practice English there, where it is spoken. My dream was to go to America.
Everything went perfectly! The school was excellent, I met people from different countries. Classes in English were in the morning and evening (you could choose), after classes, we were having fun with classmates. The groups were large, up to 30 people (but what more could they want for such money). Nevertheless, everything was on the level. The teachers were very sociable, funny with an interesting presentation of the material. Still, the Americans are able to work with a multinational audience. I really liked the city of Salt Lake City, I was delighted with it. It's not as pathetic as Miami or Los Angeles, so the prices in it are moderate for everything. In general, he is not inferior, I would even say that he is undervalued. The only drawback is not very developed public transport, but for me this is not a problem. I perfectly moved on my own and on a bicycle. The weather there allows it. Who has a driver's license does not have problems at all. Sometimes I used the bus. Beautiful nature, mountains, air!
Julia (who organized all this) made the website of her company OpenUSA in Russian and organized an assistant in Russia. And we must pay tribute to the prices of Packages, which they offer are very low.
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