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England p.m. marriage

England p.m. marriage
Please note that the information contained in the questions-answers is current at the time of publication.
Three years ago I married a UK citizen, but he immediately left me for another woman. We have not since divorced, I have received ILR, but he does not live with me all this time. I recently learned that his female partner also received permanent residency as his Unmarried Partner. Can I somehow cancel her ILR and punish my wife for bigamy?
I married an EU citizen (Spain) on religious traditions, and therefore our marriage was not recognized in the local government in the UK. He applied for a resident on the basis of the spouse of an EU citizen, but was refused and was later expelled from the country for 10 years. At the moment, my wife is with me in Turkmenistan, and we officially registered our marriage at the local registry office. Can I apply for a resident card as a spouse of an EU citizen?
If your marriage is legally valid and recognized in the country where you have it, then it will be recognized in the UK. For example, if a marriage was made in Spain, then it must be legally valid in Spain. Or if you were married in Turkmenistan, then, respectively, & ndash; recognized in Turkmenistan. Otherwise, you need to re-register the marriage.
I recently married a British citizen, I am going to apply for a marriage visa. Tell me, please, will he be credited with income from renting a house if he simultaneously pays a mortgage for this house?
Yes, the income from the surrender of the house will be counted, even if he immediately & laquo; leaves & raquo; to pay for the mortgage.
I & ndash; Russian citizen. Recently married a British citizen, they married in Moscow. In two months we are waiting for the child. I'm going to file my wife's visa, but in the past I had serious visa violations: for several years I was in the United Kingdom illegally on an expired visitor's visa. She left the country voluntarily, at her own expense. How will these circumstances affect my application for my wife's visa?
You are most likely to be refused on the basis of a bad immigration history, but you will have the right to appeal and, accordingly, a good chance of winning it, unless this is the only reason for the refusal.
I married a British citizen two years ago, we have a son who was born in the UK and now lives there with his father. I am currently in Kazakhstan, because I was refused a matrimonial visa. Reason for failure & ndash; incorrectly prepared documents. Then I applied for a Family Visit visa and again received a refusal for the same reason. The third time I was advised to apply for Discretionary Leave to Enter, because the child is sick and needs constant monitoring of doctors, and my husband has not enough income to act as my sponsor for the new rules. After a short review of the documents, I was given a Spouse visa, which I did not expect at all. Is not this a mistake? Will they let me with this visa to the UK?
I & ndash; a British citizen, in Russia I have a lonely elderly mother, she is 80 years old. Her health is very poor, there is no way to care for her, and I would like to take her to my room. I can present evidence that she is lonely and lives in extremely unfavorable conditions. But I never helped her financially, because she until recently lived with my brother, who kept it completely. Recently my brother died, no one else can help my mother. What do i do?
I lived in the UK for 2 years on a wife's visa, but my husband died, and I recently received a permanent residency (ILR) as a widow. In total, I spent in the UK a little more than two years. Can I apply for naturalization one year after receiving the ILR?
My spouse & ndash; citizen of Poland, works in the UK. I recently received British citizenship on the basis of Work Permit / Tier 1. I want to move my elderly mother from Russia to the UK for permanent residence. How can I do this better: as a British citizen or as a spouse of a citizen of the EEA?
In connection with the latest changes in the immigration rules, you as a British citizen will need to prove that your mother lives in extremely unfavorable conditions in her country and needs care that can not be provided to her at home. Under the European legislation, it is easier to bring older relatives: for your spouse, your mother is a direct relative (Direct Relative). Therefore, you better act as the spouse of a citizen of the EEA.
I'm going to apply for a Marriage Visitor visa for marriage with a British citizen. I do not want to issue a visa for a bride, as the future husband works in another country, and in the UK we will come only to get acquainted with relatives and to arrange marriage. With me is my minor son. What kind of visa should I apply for it? Who can sponsor our trip? Or is it just me as a mother?
I was denied a matrimonial visa, since I was in the United Kingdom illegally. But I got Discretionary Leave to Remain for three years. Now I need to extend this visa for another three years. I heard that in July 2012 the rules changed. In addition, we have two children with my spouse & ndash; citizens of Great Britain. Can I now apply for permanent residency (ILR)?
I was married to a British citizen for 12 years. We lived in Russia. In 2008, he died. I have a son for 15 years, he has British citizenship, but we live with him in Russia. What kind of visa can I go to the UK for? Do I have the right to apply for permanent residence?
I recently received permission to reside in the UK under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The visa was issued on the grounds that I lived here for more than 15 years, and I have no family ties in my homeland. Six months ago I met a girl, a student from Russia. We made a marriage here, and now we are waiting for the child. Her visa is coming to an end soon, and she wants to leave the UK on time so as not to violate the law. A child will be born in Russia. Will I be able to open a dependency visa for my wife and child?
I am in the UK on a visa of the only representative of a foreign company (Representative of an Overseas Business) since June 2011. In May 2012, I married a British citizen, but did not go on a matrimonial visa. Now I doubt that I can extend my visa to a single representative, and I want to transfer to my wife's visa. When can I apply for permanent residence (ILR)?
I & ndash; citizen of Ukraine, not married, permanently residing in Ukraine. I have two small children from a previous marriage, they both have British passports. Children live with me. What are my chances of moving to the UK for permanent residence?
If children will study in the UK in a private school for full-time studies, you can apply for a Parent of a Child at School visa, until the youngest is 12 years old. Second option & ndash; submit on the basis of Article 8 & ndash; Family Rights, as they are British, and you will be able to stay with them in the UK until they reach 18 years of age. But at the same time children must live in the UK permanently, and it also matters where their father is.
I was in the UK for three years with Tier 4 visas. I married a British citizen and a child was born a year ago. " citizen of Great Britain. When my Tier 4 visa expired, I applied for a matrimonial visa. I was refused, because my husband did not earn enough. In order not to violate the rules, I left home after the refusal. My husband had a good job, and we decided that I would apply for a visa to my wife again, from Russia, when he would receive sufficient income. I left the child in the UK, in the family of a spouse. But the work of her husband did not work. How can I now return to the family? Can I apply for a visa as a parent of a child? & Ndash; citizen of the UK? Or, on the basis of Article 8, the right to private and family life & raquo ;?
I married a British citizen in March 2013, and we have a baby. Family life does not add up, and my husband and I think about divorce. Unfortunately, we can not agree with whom the child remains after the divorce. The husband is against the child returning with me to his homeland. At me now the visa of the wife. If we divorce, should I leave the country, or can I stay until the end of the visa? Is there any way I can not be separated from the child?
I am a citizen of Great Britain, now in the process of adoption of a grandson in Russia. After adoption, I would like to take him to the UK for permanent residence. Could you tell us what legalization procedures we need to go through in the UK?
I'm married to a British citizen, but at the moment I'm on a working Tier 2. I'm going to apply for a matrimonial visa. Will time spent on Tier 2 be counted in the 5-year period necessary to receive ILR?
I am a Russian citizen and married to a British citizen for 3 years. Of these, 2.5 years, I lived in the UK on a visa to my wife. So there were circumstances that after 2.5 years of residence I had no opportunity to apply for ILR in connection with my mother's illness, and I had to return to Russia, where I have been for 7 months already. Now I would like to apply again for a visa to the UK. Can I apply for a Returning Resident visa, since I lived there for 2.5 years and worked, or do I need to apply again for my wife's visa?
Since the validity of your matrimonial visa is over, and you do not have ILR, then, unfortunately, you need to apply for a new married visa under the new rules. In accordance with the new rules, the visa will need to be renewed after 2.5 years. In total, you will need to live in the UK with your spouse for 5 years, after which you can apply for ILR.
My mother is 79 years old. She came to visit us in the UK on a visitor's visa. Suddenly, her health deteriorated, and she could not return to Russia. We filed an application for ILR for her and were refused. It was our mistake: they gave the wrong form. In any case, how are we better off now so that we can leave our mother in the UK? I would not want to take her to Russia to apply for a visa there, because her health is very poor.
Of course, it's best to apply for the Elderly Dependant Relative visa from Russia, so it's more likely. But if health does not allow you to return to Russia, and there is medical confirmation, then you can file documents from here on the basis of Article 8. Main & ndash; correctly form an application. But it can take 6 months or more.
I & ndash; citizen of Russia, I am going to apply for a visa Tier 2 (General). With my cousin, we live together in Russia for more than three years, we are not going to register a marriage for certain reasons. Our son is 2 years old. I would like to apply for Dependant visas for them, but since we officially live with a civil wife in Russia at different addresses, we do not have proof of cohabitation. Can I apply for a Dependant visa only for a child?
All questions and answers are prepared on the basis of real letters, phone calls and consultations conducted by our company, therefore, in order to preserve confidentiality, we do not provide any names and addresses.
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