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Emigration to Switzerland – how to leave to live in the country for permanent residence in 2017.

Emigration to Switzerland - how to leave to live in the country for permanent residence in 2017.
The change of the country of permanent residence has long ceased to be something unusual. Choose a place where you will be comfortable in terms of ecology, economic stability, social welfare and many other factors, it is quite natural desire. In this sense, emigration to Switzerland looks quite attractive.
Live in the heart of Europe, in one of the most reliable and protected countries in the world, with a good income and vast opportunities for self-development and leisure - a worthy dream of everyone. However, Switzerland's strict immigration regime allows such benefits to be achieved at a very high price. Often those who come here for permanent residence do not receive citizenship, and the Swiss passport holders are already their children.
You can emigrate to Switzerland in several ways: get a permit for temporary work, get a job with a highly qualified specialist, having previously issued a work visa. Or come here as a businessman. Choosing any path, you need to be ready to spend more than 10 years of your life on obtaining Swiss citizenship, as well as a significant amount of money.
How to get to Switzerland.
You can come here with a simple tourist visa, which is necessary for visiting any Schengen countries. However, staying in the country for a long time, and even more so, to have a work permit and purchase of real estate, such documents do not give entry.
To settle here for a long time, it is necessary to get visas of category A, B or C. They give their owners some privileges. It is very important to strictly comply with all visa regulations and requirements in order to be able to stay here for permanent residence, and later obtain Swiss citizenship - from 2017 it will be even more difficult.
The document allows its owners to come to the country and get a job here. But these will be posts that do not require special knowledge, that is, work as an unskilled worker. Having such permission, only the applicant can get to Switzerland. The right to be with him does not apply to family members.
A Swiss visa of category A does not allow you to stay in the country for more than nine months. After the expiry of this period, it is necessary to return home. Re-arrival is possible not earlier than in three months. Therefore, work in Switzerland is seasonal, as is a temporary residence permit.
In Switzerland, the labor market is focused on local residents, as well as applicants from EU countries. Citizens of Russia and other foreigners are considered as candidates for the position in the last place.
A visa can be obtained for several years in a row. And after four-time registration, the foreigner claims a visa of the following order - category B.
The most extensive category, which is issued to a large number of foreigners wishing to obtain a temporary residence permit in Switzerland, and then stay here forever.
A special type of visa B - Fiscal Deal. This option is suitable for those foreigners who can afford to live in Switzerland and not work. The conditions apply to Russians who are preparing to emigrate here.
Its solvency will need to be confirmed. To do this, the account must be a decent amount, not less than 850 thousand euros.
In addition, there are restrictions on the time that must be carried out in the country - at least 6 months per year. For the fact that you do not work in Switzerland, but spend your money, the state gives you preferential terms of taxation. Having a residence permit for such a visa, you will pay a fixed low rate, not tied to real income.
A category B visa is issued to wealthy citizens who want to invest in the Swiss economy. And unlike other countries, no one is interested in where you have available funds, how they got you and how they were earned. It is not required to fulfill other mandatory requirements, for example, the previous experience of participation in investment projects. The main role will be played by your capital and the desire to pour it into the economy of the country.
In addition to simple monetary participation, you can conduct a real business in Switzerland, and, accordingly, get a residence permit. It is quite easy to open your company here, after which it is necessary to get a job as a manager and provide jobs to local residents.
To leave to live in Switzerland it is possible and to highly skilled experts. For this, it is necessary to obtain an official invitation from the employer, on the basis of which to issue a visa for category B.
Visa B gives the right to move to Switzerland not only to a specialist, but also to his family, which is not allowed by a Category A visa. The working permit, as well as a temporary residence permit with such documents, is valid for 1 year. But once it is received, it will not be so difficult to prolong it annually.
Having lived in Switzerland for more than 12 years and having a total work experience in this country of at least 10, you can apply for a C visa - permission for permanent residence, and with it and to citizenship nearby.
Traveling in Switzerland.
This type of visa practically equates you with the citizens of the country. That is, you have the same privileges as holders of red with a white cross of the passport, except for the right to vote.
This visa is valid for three years, after which it is subject to extension if there are grounds. With a visa C, a foreigner can already buy real estate in the country for recreation and for living, and fully engage in business.
Apply for a visa renewal and obtaining a permit for permanent residence is possible only after living in Switzerland with a visa type B for at least 5 years. Sometimes this term can be doubled. It all depends on the status in which you are here and where you came from. For example, it is much easier to get a visa to EU residents than to those from Russia.
A preferential visa for this type is provided for the foreign spouse of a Swiss citizen.
Also for permanent residence can be secured pensioners who can comfortably live in this country for their monthly lifetime income. It is strictly forbidden to work and carry out any activity connected with the receipt of income in this country.
Documents for obtaining permanent residence.
The process of immigration to Switzerland is not only long, but also expensive. The path of naturalization will take at least 12 years and about 200 thousand dollars per person. This is not the cost of living, but only of all kinds of duties and fees.
Before moving to the country, you need to collect a complete package of documents:
In 2017, immigration rules may change, since until now the reform of this area of legislation has not been completed since 2013.
And to the negative - the possibility of obtaining citizenship only to holders of a category C visa.
Real estate and permanent residence.
In Switzerland, there is no direct relationship between the purchase of housing and the receipt of a residence permit. More precisely, there is, but it is diametrically opposed. If in many countries, by acquiring a house or land, a foreigner automatically gets a residence permit, in Switzerland a visitor without a valid visa category B or C simply can not buy a home.
The country has legislation on this subject, which strictly regulates this sphere. All attempts to deceive the system and conduct a transaction by any available means are identified and severely punished. The transaction itself is canceled, money is not returned. And the participants of the machinations are closing the way not only to Switzerland, but the whole Schengen.
Having issued a visa B, you can buy real estate, however with some restrictions. The acquisition area should not exceed 3 thousand square meters. And to choose and pay for the object you like is not enough, you need to get a special permit from the canton authorities who have the right to taboo and actively use it.
Own real estate will be the basis for the embassy to issue you a long-term multischeng, which will allow you to live in the country for three months every six months. In the acquisition of citizenship or visa C, no privileges are granted to property rights.
With a C visa, you can also buy and own real estate. There are already restrictions on the area allowed for purchase are removed, but you still need to receive approval from the authorities for the purchase of an object.
The process of immigration to Switzerland from the beginning to the logical conclusion is long and tedious. But it's worth it. It is possible that the first arrived and settled here to obtain citizenship and will not work, but a significant reserve will be appreciated by your children.
The standard of living in Switzerland is one of the highest in the world. Education is considered very high-quality, and graduates are valued both on the local labor market and on the European stock exchange. And about the boundless opportunities for leisure and self-realization, one can not even speak: the holders of the red and white cross of passports are open all over Europe and the Schengen countries.

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