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Emigration to South Korea.

Emigration to South Korea.
26.1.2013 14:25 | Posted by: Martovskaya | Views: | Comments: 2 | Source: Emigration to South Korea.
This country belongs to the most developed countries of the world. Thanks to a strong economy, modern technologies and simple-hearted Koreans, this country is considered stable and favorable for living. Loyalty to its traditions and orientation towards Western values makes this state very hospitable. It is impossible not to note the magnificent beauty of the local nature.
Many want to emigrate to South Korea. And all because this state is directly associated with financial well-being and developed technologies. Many graduates of universities, and different countries, think about moving to a permanent residence in this unusual country.
Regardless of the crisis, South Korea continues to develop and remains one of the leading innovative centers of the world. This factor, of course, is very attractive for investors, including foreign ones. Many investors would very much like to develop their business in South Korea.
The government of the country suggested this, therefore it introduced rather strict emigration requirements.
There are only two ways of immigration to this state without monetary investments.
If you are the head of a large company (international) or you somehow otherwise receive an invitation to permanent residence (permanent residence) from the government.
This option of emigration is easier. It is necessary to live in marriage (lawful) more than three years with a South Korean.
As a rule, they immigrate immediately after marriage. So a citizen (foreign) can obtain a permit for temporary residence in the state. Of course, it will need to be constantly extended. When three years of official family life take place, the foreign spouse can apply for a permit for permanent residence.
For such a category of people, as investors, in this country there are enough severe laws. To obtain a residence permit, a foreign citizen acting as an investor must invest in the economy of the country 500 thousand dollars. It seems, at first glance, nothing so strange. However, here everything is special: in order to obtain a visa, the investor is obliged to conclude an agreement (partner) with one of the companies that exists in this country. Note that this indication is not subject to discussion, even if you want to make a huge amount in the economy of this state.
This means that it will be very, very difficult to emigrate to this country on an investment visa.
Despite the fact that this country has fairly strict legislation and laws, more and more people are trying to find some option to get into this state, but all because there are good conditions for living there.
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Project House in Korea. Lira 10.5.2013 11:22 The Koreans are good fellows! They are almost like Japanese. What are their cars worth, which are the leaders of sales every year. Itself bought a couple of years ago the car KIA and is happy with it, and the quality for acceptable money!
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