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Emigration to Germany.

Emigration to Germany.
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Emigration to Germany.
Emigration from Russia to Germany.
Emigration from Russia to Germany: what you need to know?
If we talk about the best countries for emigration from Russia & ndash; involuntarily on mind comes Germany. Of course, a country with a high standard of living, good social guarantees and a completely different mentality attracts Russians. There is even an erroneous opinion that you can buy cheap real estate in Germany, and automatically get a residence permit and even citizenship. Is it so? No.
Ekaterina Demidova, General Director of the company DEM GROUP GmbH (Dusseldorf) will tell you how you can move to Germany legally:
& laquo; The easiest way to legally conduct in Germany half a year in a year & # 8212; this is the purchase of real estate. Having your own apartment, even the smallest and cheapest, opens the way to a reusable Schengen visa for property owners, allowing you to stay in the country for 90 days in a half year or 180 days a year.
As a rule, this option suits 90% of our customers.
If you want to live in Germany for more than half a year & # 8212; that is, on an ongoing basis & # 8212; will have to obtain a residence permit & # 8212; Residence permit. You can get a residence permit for the period of study by enrolling in a German university for training, by the way higher education in Germany is free.
For serious businessmen and other categories of financially secure citizens who are not suitable for study and employment options, there is a variant of business immigration, which, by the way, we help to implement. This is the receipt of residence permits through the opening of a company and the creation of a business in Germany. Our company provides full support in this matter & # 8212; from the preparation of the business plan to the registration of the company, the provision of postal address, accounting and legal support, preparation and filing of documents for obtaining residence permit.
To come to Germany at once for permanent residence can either ethnic Germans, or Jews.
Such emigration from Russia is real, provided that one of the parents has German roots. To do this, you need to contact the embassy, fill out the papers, provide documentary evidence. If the answer is positive & ndash; You can migrate for permanent residence in Germany with the right to obtain citizenship in the future. Those who move through such a program get good integration support. According to the new law, which entered its own rights in 2013, it became easier to move under such a scheme.
Previously, all documents of ethnic Germans had to be positioning themselves exclusively as a German. If somewhere in the documents at least once mentioned a different nationality & ndash; the refusal was 100%. Everything complicated when in the Russian passports the column "nationality" was removed.
Since 2013, you can confirm your belonging to the Germans with a certificate that will confirm your knowledge of German at least at a basic level. Knowledge in the embassy is checked through regular conversation, and this & laquo; conversational & raquo; You can retake the exam as many times as you like. Thus, for the "late settlers" & raquo; emigration to Germany from Russia has become much simpler.
It is also possible to emigrate to Germany on the Jewish Line. For this, it is necessary to document their identity in the Jewish community. According to the latest editions of May 21, 2015, you can confirm your nationality by grandparents, based on documents issued before 1990, this, by the way, is a great relief!
Another big breakthrough is the opportunity to submit documents again. But this amendment is limited to the fact that the second time documents can be submitted to those who previously received permission to leave, but did not use it. Recall that earlier it was possible to file documents strictly once. It can be said that emigration to Germany from Russia in 2016 has become much easier at once for two categories of citizens.
If you do not fall under the last two categories, permanent residence in Germany will still need to be earned. Commented Alexander Grebennikov, Managing Director at Grebennikov Berlin:
It takes from three months to one and a half years to obtain a residence permit. The easiest way is to get a residence permit for a student and a highly skilled or managerial employee. The hardest thing, as it is paradoxical, is to get a residence permit for the manager of his own business. And of course, contrary to the actively disseminated information by the Russian media, it is not easy to obtain residence permits for refugees and political emigrants.
Acquisition of citizenship is possible in eight years if there are several conditions from which sufficient income is the most important. It is necessary to understand that the acquisition of real estate does not give legitimate grounds for obtaining residence permits, and does not affect the obtaining of permanent residence, that would not tell the real estate brokers & raquo ;.
In the EU countries, the program "blue card & raquo;" which allows obtaining a permit for life and work in the country is functioning. To obtain it you must provide proof of your income: you must receive at least 44 800 euros per year (before tax deductions). Exception is made for a number of specialties, such as doctors, mathematicians, IT specialists, etc. & ndash; him to get the & laquo; blue card & raquo; In Germany, it's enough to earn 10,000 euros less per year.
Author: Evgenia Lamakh.
This text is allowed to reprint.
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