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Emigration to Belarus 3.

Emigration to Belarus 3.
More recently, I wrote about the emigration of Russians to Belarus (Belarus))) But I decided that I would cover this topic in more detail later, then suddenly the article also appeared about my friends & # 8212; Sasha and Lena and their emigration to Belarus. A very good article, as from Soviet newspapers, it's nice to read:
As a couple of Russians fled to Minsk.
Author: Tatyana Tyuhay.
The young couple traveled extensively through Europe and Asia, on account - two wintering & 187; in Thailand (and this is not only rest, but also work), a month and a half in Serbia. In Minsk, Lena (originally from Kirov) and Sasha (originally from Kazan) came from Moscow, where, for example, Sasha, for eight or nine years of study, and then work "tired".
By hitchhiking you can judge people & # 187;
I ask what happened in Minsk, because today it is easier to meet a Minsk citizen who went to work in Russia than a Muscovite trying to find a job in Minsk.
Sasha: Exactly one year ago in August we received a Schengen visa for a month and drove to Europe by hitchhiking. We spent several days in Minsk, and we liked it here.
Lena: Before that, we found a couple of couchsurfing ( - a site that allows you to find local aborigines who can stop to get useful advice about staying in the city and with whom & # 8212; have fun, etc.). We stayed here for three days, then a couple of days back in Brest. We walked in Minsk all Sunday, the people were empty, so calm. It impressed ...
Sasha: Well, yes. Liked. And people liked it. Hitchhiking was one of the best here, which I consider to be an indicator: by hitchhiking you can judge people.
Lena: Besides, I have a couple of friends, one of them was with his wife visiting relatives. I came all this way: I'm moving to Minsk today. I'm collecting manats, food. " Why? It's so awesome! & # 187; And this was before the crisis: the prices were really low for everything. I heard several times: "I want to move my family to Minsk and send the child to school." But so they did not move, although I do not know, maybe he still has a dream about Minsk. One friend found love here. Now they are together "foreuse" & # 187; for many years. Well, it's just that I had friends here ... Minsk, as Sasha says, somehow he was in the air.
Sasha: I just had to go somewhere. Again in this Asia did not want to: from the heat sick, from people ... Traveling the world, I became a racist. Write it down (laughs).
Lena: People, probably, were one of the main factors why we decided to go here. Not as evil as in Moscow. Benevolent and help. Of course, I understand that you will not be stabbed in Moscow either if you ask how to get to Lenin's library, but here, for example, there was such a story: we go with Anya (the new Minsk girlfriend of Sasha and Lena.), To meet a couple : & # 171; And how do we get there? & # 187; "I do not know." But now let's look at the map & # 187 ;. Anya gets her phone, starts picking on GPS, eventually found it. Many people, I think, would not be bothered by this. And I often saw this in Minsk: Anya is not one example.
Sasha: I met quite a lot in Moscow with frank rudeness, aggression, this is also found here, but it is rare. This feature - driving - an indicator of the development of society, educating people & # 8212; whether pedestrians, other participants in the movement are respected, as they park. Here, with this, the mess starts - far from Moscow, of course. And with parking there is generally trouble ...
There's advertising, and here half of the place is occupied by job advertisements & # 187;
With all the things in Minsk, the guys came in June this year. And what do we have # 8212; two backpacks and a bicycle ", & # 8212; says Sasha. We arrived and immediately stopped at a couple of Minsk couchsurfers, and less than a week later found a rented apartment.
Sasha & # 8212; programmer, found work almost immediately, Lena with education & history teacher & # 187; on the first working day in Minsk (the girl was looking for work not by specialty and eventually settled in the photo center) went exactly four months after her arrival. To get a job, I had to get a temporary registration. And if Sasha was drawn up with his Russian work, the maximum for that, several times trying to get a job, could count Lena - this is a contractor's contract. At one of the potential jobs in Minsk, Lena was generally told: "Yes, of course, we will issue you - under the contract of the contract." But you need it. & # 187 ;. About that, to get a job, speech was not conducted anywhere.
Nevertheless, as long as my potential employers were not afraid that I am from Russia, and that I have a temporary registration, Lena notes.
Lena: I've never seen such a thing in Russia, but here when I fill out the questionnaire (I've already filled them in pieces 5 or 7), there is such a graph: parents, how to contact them, and the recommendations are different. And there is a count: will not you be against if our security service checks you. Well, the signature must be put. I do not care if they check, I have nothing to hide. The bottom line is that while you are checked, you spend for this time, you can not get down to work. Once the employer was confused by a temporary registration, to which they answered: "I, of course, will consult with our lawyers whether it is possible to issue you under the legislation of the Byelorussian." But, of course, you can. I read the rules in which everything is registered for foreigners.
Sasha: From here it's much easier. There are a lot of companies, there are a lot of vacancies. Was at four interviews, and only one place was denied: they needed more experienced. But I also felt the opposite side: there are not enough specialists, and they take everyone in a row. Some are so-so, and it's hard to work with them. Well, good programmers are leaving, because the salaries for programmers here are small. They talked about this, and he was convinced that, who grows up, experience is typed, & # 8212; either to Europe, or to Russia, or freelancing. And since it is developing: we work a lot, customers a lot, which is generally good for the country.
Sasha: It was even more surprising: this is probably the only country (well, Minsk in particular, I do not know about the country), where a huge number of announcements about vacancies are placed in public places. Suppose, in Russia, Poland, Germany & # 8212; yes anywhere & # 8212; in the subway, in trains & # 8212; there is advertising, and here half of the place is occupied by vacancy announcements.
I thought: closer to Europe & # 187;
According to the 2009 census, 83.6 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation permanently reside in Belarus, which is 2/3 of the total number of foreigners permanently residing in the republic. More than 90% of Russian citizens arrived before 2005. Almost 40% of them at the time of the census were at the age of 50 years and older.
Coauthors from Russia came to me and said that they had a feeling that they did not leave the territory of their country. You never had such a feeling, I ask.
Sasha: Belarus is very clean. And Minsk in particular. In Russia there is much more garbage. But it is understandable: I, when in the morning on a bike ride through the yards, I see that with a broom each corner Auntie sweeps. We do not have that. Okay, the sidewalks, the approaches to the shops, but just the road they're taking.
Sasha: It's terrible to build here. Near here, near ZHESa, the tile was stacked, and the next or the next day it collapsed: it settled down to ten centimeters.
Lena: We're not far from here in Vitalyur & # 187; we go, there the house was under construction, yesterday we go - and it is already ready. Everything is fast, like on leaps and bounds, but the quality leaves much to be desired. In Russia it is not built practically. Look at Sasha next to the house (meaning in Russia.) Eternal. ... But here the M1 is well built, wide such. It seemed to me: closer to Europe. When I was traveling here last year, it seemed that Minsk was of European or semi-European quality.
Sasha: I did not have such illusions. ... And last weekend in the shop. Surprised: every second - a bottle of vodka. Really! A huge amount of vodka was bought.
Lena: It struck me, because there were girls standing with vodka. Even at the first visit, we noticed that bad alcohol production is very cheap.
Sasha: And a year ago there were not so many casinos on every corner.
To run and search.
Having traveled Europe and lived in Asia, where everything is much cheaper, the guys say that in Minsk it is difficult to buy something inexpensive and high-quality - starting from everyday things like dishes and ending with clothes and equipment. Yes, and to find something sensible, have to spend a lot of time. Lena: In Moscow IKEA or in Aushan just came, bought and left, but here it is also necessary to look for quality to find, and expensive. Here I bought a "tolter" & # 187; for mashed potatoes - it cracked on the first day. Another "smack" & # 187; was, but at a price I did not even believe. True, some very strange prices: for example, shoes that I tried, & # 8212; 1.1 million. For this money you can buy good trekking shoes, which you can walk in the mountains, and they will not fall apart after two years of wearing. And these, though Polish, but did not look at that kind of money.
Lena and Sasha bought the second bicycle, for four months they reached Zaslavl, Nesvizh, Rakov, Borisov, twice went on a kayak trip and once on foot.
Lena: Back in the last year we came to the couchsurfers, and there are two bicycles standing there. They say: "Roll around". When we came to the couchsurfers this year - the same story: "Roll around." No problem. " I do not have so many friends in Russia with bicycles. To be great at everyone ...
& # 8212; Have not met the Belarusian people? - I ask.
& # 8212; Belarusian ... what? & # 8212; clarifies Sasha (laughs).
Lena: When I understand the interest of 30, I immediately write off on what they say in Belarusian - in the metro or on the street. But this rarely happens, and mostly it's young people, young girls.
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About Vera.
My name is Vera. I have been practicing yoga since 2006. I like to travel, I have already visited 20 countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Burma, Kenya, etc. I went to Vippasan in Goenka in India, which certainly influenced the depth of my practice of hatha yoga.
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3 thoughts about & ldquo; Emigration to Byelorussia & rdquo;
Very good and useful article. And most importantly, # 8212; it feels that this is not an invention or propaganda. I would very much like to have more such articles, and even better "# 8212; a small series of articles on how everything in Belarus is now really. We get mostly complaints and sufferings, but apparently " it's all not true. How good it is that there are such here, independent and unsuccessful sites who write the truth!
From the bottom of my heart I wish Sasha and Lena to continue to develop well. And wish them not to stop there!
Respect Sasha and Lena. Not everyone will dare to do this. I myself live in Belarus and honestly say the article is written without embellishment. There are both positive and negative sides. But I wonder how they live there, renting an apartment in Minsk? It's not cheap. Although there are more salaries in Minsk than in the rest of Belarus. It would be interesting to read their impressions, after living say a year in Belarus.
I'll ask them to write, maybe they'll write something. Now he lives, they rent an apartment in Minsk. It seems to be happy and satisfied with life)

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