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Emigration to Australia!

Emigration to Australia!
Tell me if life is normal there.
Australia pursues a loyal and affirmative policy with regard to the unification of couples; couples consisting of "de facto" relationships, as well as potential newlyweds. The second party in such cases can only be an Australian citizen or an Australian resident who has permanent resident status in Australia. After the expiry of 2 years of joint family life on the basis of a provisional visa, immigration services decide on the issue of granting the status of permanent resident of Australia to the spouse / partner. Another type of immigration is professional. The goal of a general Australian immigration program is to mobilize foreign professional personnel who can make a positive contribution to the developing economy of Australia, using the knowledge, experience, qualifications, professional abilities and education of potential professional immigrants.
The category of the professional visa is determined on the basis of the age criterion, the level of education, qualifications, professional abilities, knowledge of the English language and professional experience. Characteristics relating to professional abilities and qualifications should be included in the list of professions used by the Australian Immigration Department. When applying for professional immigration there is a point system. For those who for some reason do not gain the maximum number of points, it is possible to immigrate to Australia with the obligation to live in definite regions designated by the government for a minimum of 3 years and with the obligation to work there for at least 1 year. Professional immigration to Australia can be carried out both with the support of an Australian sponsor, and without it. Official Australian statistics confirm that 89% of those with an independent professional visa are employed in the first six months of their residence in Australia, and 92% in 18 months from the date of entry into Australia. The terms for the examination and issuance of visas are strictly individual, depending on the circumstances, the class and the subclass of the visa, and the quality of the documentation submitted in support of the visa application. On average, the process of processing a visa request takes from 6 to 12 months. Consideration of priority visas occurs twice faster. In each specific case, a thorough "point test" should be made, which gives the potential immigrant an accurate indication of his chances of immigration to Australia.
In the immigration policy of Australia, a system of additional bonuses is very developed and encouraged, giving extra points to the applicant. Factors affecting the ability to receive bonuses include:
- the presence of relatives permanently residing in Australia;
- education received in any educational institution in Australia;
- the presence of an Australian working sponsor, etc.
It is a mistake to assume that Australia only accepts highly qualified personnel for permanent residence. In fact, the list of especially required specialties includes such as: a chef, a truck driver, etc. You can search on Australian sites.
Types of visas (ways of emigration for you) and the necessary documents for their receipt in Australia, you can find on the website of the Australian Embassy. Good luck!
You can try to find work on special websites. The most popular of them is But finding a job in Russia will be hard to find, since you can be called to an interview at any time. If you have all the documents you need to decide how you are going to leave - through the company or yourself. If through the company, then for you, almost everything will be done, if alone, then contact the Australian Embassy, you will be told everything there. But also read the above-mentioned forums, there are detailed descriptions of immigration of other people.
To the previous answer it would be desirable to extract, that citizenship in 2 years give only at the introduction into marriage with the citizen of Australia. And so through 4 (if for this period do not leave Australia at all) or 5 years. "The official Australian statistics confirm that 89% of those who have an independent professional visa got a job in their first six months in Australia and 92% in 18 months from the date of their entry into Australia." - 89 + 92 is clearly not 100. Some kind of incorrect statistics. In fact, it is difficult to find a job in the specialty, because there is no local work experience, in most cases the knowledge of the language is far from desired and other reasons. Most of all in this situation lucky people whose occupations are associated with IT, they are usually indeed in the course of 6 months are arranged according to the specialty. Another is better to store more money, either for a long job search, or for retraining. Good luck!
To date, the Immigration Department of Australia offers the following immigration programs:
- Independent professional immigration.
to Australia (Visa subclass 175 - passing point - 120) The cost of our assistance is 6500 USD.
Australia SIR - Skilled Independent Regional.
You only need to score 110 points, unlike the federal program! !!
For many applicants who are unable to score 120 points for applying for an immigrant visa under subclass 175, this is the only opportunity to immigrate to Australia. The cost of our legal assistance under the program is 15 000 USD.
The Australian immigration law is rather complicated, it contains a large number of different business visas.
Those who are fluent in English can visit the official website of the Department of Immigration of Australia and download the booklet 7 (50 pages in pdf format). In booklet 7 (the title of the Business Skills Entry), the requirements for applicants for each business visa are described in sufficient detail. We will not cover in this article all available business (July 2007) business visa to Australia. We will stop on visa 163 and visa 890.
This is a two-stage business emigration to Australia. First, the applicant receives a temporary visa for 4 years, establishes business in Australia. Then, when his business in Australia shows positive results, he can get a permanent visa 890, that is, become a permanent resident of Australia.
163 visa for this article is not chosen by chance. Unlike 160 visas, visa 163 does not require the main applicant to take the IELTS test by 5 points, and this is one of the main difficulties for many who wish to carry out business emigration to Australia.

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