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Edukacja w Europie.

Edukacja w Europie.
Edukacja i emigracja.
To leave for permanent residence. Where can I go to live abroad and what is needed for this.
Should I leave for a permanent residence in another country? Perhaps, this question for someone seems unfit. After all, for some people, moving to another country is very difficult and almost impossible. However, recently there are more and more people who do not see anything supernatural in this matter. After all, in fact, you can live anywhere, as our humanity is one.
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According to the survey, in general, among Russian citizens, the opinion prevails that it is unpatriotic and incorrect to leave the country where he grew up and studied for permanent residence in another state. So answered about 40%. However, young people do not see anything terrible in leaving Russia for permanent residence in another country, and compared with people whose age is more than 50 years, young people in this matter was less patriotic.
Where better to leave for permanent residence? This issue is quite serious, and you need to approach it slowly. na przyklad, in Western Europe you can leave for permanent residence and enjoy life at a retirement age, when the children have already grown up, and there are normal financial savings. But to leave for Western Europe with the purpose of business and to settle there is quite difficult. The thing is that all business in this country has long settled, and it's quite difficult to open a business in such a country as England and France. Unlike the same America, where to start your business from scratch, an immigrant who has money is much easier.
For life with comfort the Czech Republic is the best. Here, letting children go to school, you can not worry about them, and walking around the night city is not afraid to be robbed. The Czech Republic became part of the European Union, and this gave the residents a lot of advantages, such as the opportunity to get an education and work in any European state, and also to travel without visas around the world.
Many seek to leave for permanent residence in Canada, and this is justifiable - after completing the stages of the immigration process, and having obtained permanent residence in Canada, the immigrant has all the economic and social rights of Canadian citizens, with the exception of the right to be elected and to elect. Here are just some advantages of living in this country:
- legal work in Canada;
- the right to family reunification (you can call brothers, sisters and parents);
- After 3 years of residence, the right to apply for citizenship of Canada, which allows you to obtain work permits in England, the United States, Austria, as well as the possibility of visa-free entry to most countries in the world.
In the UK, there are also a number of great advantages of permanent residence:
- the right to stay in the UK for an unlimited period of time;
- the right to study in colleges and universities as a Home Student, e pay for tuition at low rates in comparison with foreigners;
- the right to seek state assistance;
- visa-free entry to countries such as the United States, Canada, New Zealand, India, Australia and others.
- a year after receiving permanent residence, you can apply to the applicant for naturalization to obtain citizenship.
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At present, Japan is also the country most tempting for those who are planning to leave Russia for permanent residence. After all, in Japan for a month you can earn an amount that will be comparable to the annual income of France or Germany, and even about Spain and Italy should not be said.
On the advantages of permanent residence in another country, we can talk and talk - these are guarantees, social benefits, business organization, benefits for study, opening accounts in banks, loans, visa-free entry to most countries in the world. But do not forget about some of the shortcomings that can await in the new country: for some - it's ignorance of the language of the state in which it is supposed to live, and for some - a strong yearning for the place where he was born and raised. In any case, before you leave for permanent residence in another country, you need to weigh everything and think carefully.

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