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Education in Germany. Work and immigration.

Education in Germany. Work and immigration.
Considering the country for higher education, it is worth paying special attention to German educational institutions. Ask why? It is very simple, after all, the government has been implementing programs in recent years to attract highly qualified specialists to the country and to obtain German citizenship. In combination with centuries-old traditions in the field of higher education, first-class teaching staff and scientific bases, as well as free education, all tempting prospects open up to all comers. Students from Russia have already managed to assess all the bonuses, the number of our compatriots is second only to those from China.
How to choose an educational institution in Germany.
By and large, in which German university you get a diploma, it's not so important. German educational institutions are considered prestigious in the whole world, their graduates receive a lot of legitimate privileges, starting from guaranteed employment. Having a German diploma, you are 100% likely to find a job, except if, for example, you decide to aim for the post of general director of the automobile giant Mercedes or BMW.
If prestige of the diploma is important for you, stop your attention on the top three leaders:
Berlin Free University Alexander von Humboldt University. Ludwig and Maximilian in Munich.
Taking into account the future specialization, know that technical disciplines are better to comprehend in Munich, Darmstadt, Aachen and Karlsruhe, economics - Munich, Mannheim and Cologne, jurisprudence - Munster, Freiburg and Heidelberg.
For comfortable living conditions it is worth to go to Kaiserslautern, Greifswald, Ilmenau, Bamberg, Flensburg, Clausthal, Dusburg, because the local schools are not overcrowded with entrants. If you do not want to look like a "black sheep", consider universities in Clausthal, Berlin, Zittau, Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt-on-Oder, Heidelberg, because they are very popular with foreigners.
Work in Germany.
Visiting lectures at a German university can and, perhaps, should be combined with work. Having a German diploma and work experience, on an interview you can count on a good job and a higher salary than a competitor who has not worked a day.
Students who have a view of temporary residence have the following opportunities for employment:
allowed 120 full working days per year or 240 noon (up to 4 hours), the work schedule can be combined from full and part-time working days. The restrictions do not apply to work at the university, scientific and student organizations that belong to it, as well as to certain practices .
A barman / waiter, a nurse, a salesman, a telephone operator, an assistant / secretary, a paddling of pets is the standard occupation that students begin with. The salary is, on average, from 4 to 10 EUR per hour, plus tips. Switching to the third-fourth semester, we recommend paying attention to the work-earnings corresponding to the future diploma.
Immigration to Germany.
It's no secret that most students who come to study at a German university plan to obtain citizenship. And it is possible. Of the basic requirements - a view of permanent residence, passing the appropriate exam, legal residence in the territory for 6-8 years, language skills, financial stability, the absence of criminal records and the renunciation of former citizenship.
Start the conquest of your place under the sun is from the official place in the German company, the search for which is given 1.5 years after graduation from the university. A labor contract or an appropriate letter from the employer is the basis for extending the visa for a period of work. At the same time, it is not required to obtain any permits for employment in state bodies. Having worked for two years, you can count on getting a permanent residence, and there German citizenship is "not far off".
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