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Upgrade for your winter.
Where and when does winter begin? Well, it's from whom when and where. In the vastness of our vast, if it enters the high latitudes, you can find places where she, ...
Where does winter begin?
Today, and we got a snowball, which spoils (or nightmares?) Muscovites are not the first day. Winter, so to speak, made the announcement: they say, ...
Mountain hotel-restaurant.
High in the Swiss mountains, not far from the ski resort of Crans-Montana is located a small, just few rooms Le Cran hotel. There�
Barrels and amphorae, sommeliers and hangovers.
When we got acquainted with the tour program before the trip, I told Oksana that I would invite two psychiatrists with an additional specialization in ...
How to obtain Swiss citizenship.
In general, this is an extremely complex and slow procedure. True, some time ago it was simplified - for girls from Eastern Europe, for example. But for�
Green Switzerland. Crane-Montana.
One and a half thousand meters above sea level, the snow lies from November to April, because it is used as a ski resort. But something is growing here too ...
Green Switzerland. Sier.
Sier met with a blossoming lilac. In the middle of summer. Highlands, what can you do, spring comes later. And this is the heart of dried flowers. It�
Green Switzerland. Saas-Fee.
In the recent past, the present and foreseeable future in our steppes suffocating +30. So it's more pleasant to go through these pictures. Look and you. Today�
The cheese "Yantar" is no longer the same.
No, it's not cheesy pruning. More precisely, pruning, and even cheese, but they are not without reason. This cheese is a raclette, which was cut in half and now this one, then ...
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And from our window.
Actually, in Switzerland to the same psychiatrist in the state clinic at once not especially you will get - it is necessary to be written down and wait.
too, nothing good.
Forgot to say that 4-8 thousandth is the salary before taxes, after half or a little more, the tax is progressive)
With income in the post, of course, greatly overstated. And even taking into account the deduction of taxes. But there are other compulsory payments, life here is very expensive. We have a family of three people (one child) goes 600 francs a month for a base with insurance with a franchise. Of course, the ceiling of prices for insurance services goes into the sky, but does not justify itself. For many, the insurance system includes a home doctor. This is such a very busy fellow who, if deign, gives directions to routine examinations such as uzi, mrt, and tp. His task is to screen out hypochondriacs (from his point of view). Therefore, it is absolutely endlessly possible to be treated with ibuprofen - the most popular medication here. To him, by the way, at least a week's turn. To narrower specialists, the queue can average one month. Medical services are greatly overvalued even in public clinics. If you compare with the same Germany - for the same service prices can differ by an order of magnitude. Accounts do not always go directly to the insurance company, but are sent to the patient, so the calculation is visible. Communication with the doctor is per minute. The surcharge is for every five minutes of the consultation. In private clinics try not to direct. Especially, in small. There are only a few networks of large private clinics that are respected, such as Hirslanden. But not all insurance covers the treatment there. The quality of professional assistance also has questions, but this is a separate issue. But everything is beautiful, yes. And such a moment: all complex cases, including complex deliveries from all private clinics, are sent to the brutal State Uni-Hospital. There, of course, women do not pour champagne, but there is a hope that life will be saved. Stay in public clinics costs from 200 francs a day in the general ward. In private clinics - to infinity. Childbirth costs 7-10 thousand francs.

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