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Docking at the Shanghai Pudong Airport – exit to the city. Route walks.

Docking at the Shanghai Pudong Airport - exit to the city. Route walks.
As already mentioned earlier, the flight to the Philippines by China Eastern Airlines assumed a 14-hour dock at Shanghai airport & # 8212; Pudong. It is enough to get acquainted with the city, especially since the 72-hour visa in Shanghai is obtained without problems on arrival. Naturally, we did not miss the opportunity and went on a self-guided tour.
Getting a visa and going to the city.
How complicated is the procedure? Yes, easier turnip turnip. All you need to go to the city is:
Pass to passport control by signs. Fill in the arrival card. It is better to do it in the airplane (in the column "purpose of travel" choose "sightseeing"). If you did not have time - fill in with the passport control, the forms are here. Present a passport and a return ticket from Shanghai to the border guards.
All. Immediately get a transit visa, and forward - get acquainted with the city.
What to see in Shanghai during the transplant.
There are enough sights, but bypassing To go round them for a day is unreal. And it is not necessary. It is better to choose two & # 8212; three and slowly take a walk, feel the city. We chose to visit the Old Town, the embankment and the port. At first the TV tower "Pearl of the East" was planned with its viewing platform and restaurant, but we had enough of the first two too - we were very tired and "full" with noisy Chinese. You can get to the right place by metro - quickly and simply.
Our route is in Shanghai.
In advance, print out the diagram and mark the stations where you plan to go. Our was that way.
At the airport, we sit down on the Maglev, reach the station Longyang Road (Maglev is on the road 7-8 minutes, the interval of traffic is 15-20 minutes depending on the schedule, the cost is 80 yuan when buying a return ticket)
How to get from the airport to the city center.
An interactive map of Shanghai metro can be viewed on the website (by clicking on the stations you are interested in, you will get a traffic chart indicating the time and stations of transplants). Metro tickets sell the machine, but be careful, you accept banknotes of not more than 20 yuan! You choose the English font, the metro line, your station and the number of passengers. You get tickets. The cost depends on the distance. If something is not clear, do not waste time, contact the metro workers - they will help you. For full information and, most importantly, up-to-date information about Shanghai metro, we recommend using the official subway site
In the car the stops are announced in Chinese and English, in addition - a scrolling line with the name of the next station - its not prop. Another type of fast transport is the high-speed train Maglev, traveling at a speed of more than 400 km / h. You can get to it from the airport, following the signs. Buy a ticket, go through the turnstile and wait for the train. The interval of traffic is 15-20 minutes, the cost is 80 yuan for a round-trip ticket (see the price of other tickets for Maglev see HERE) We want to say at once that the train is disappointed. We planned that we would ride for at least half an hour, and take a look at the window. But he immediately gained speed and drove only 7 minutes! It's interesting, of course, with such a speed to sweep & # 8230; Although she, like in our Peregrine Falcons & # 8212; not felt.
We walk around Shanghai.
The train arrives at Longyang Road Station. To get to the Old Town you need to go down in the subway and get to the station Yuyuan Garden, and there already have a walk at your pleasure. From the metro - to the right and right along the street, then left at the intersection. When you see this picture on the right - boldly join the crowd. There are such a beautiful garden, a pond with fish, many Chinese eateries, souvenir shops and an entrance to the Garden of Joy. Everywhere, of course, crowds of Chinese, who become uncontrollable, if it concerns excursions and food. We did not go to the Garden of Joy - the territory is small, but there are many Chinese inside. No, a lot of "# 8212; it's gently said. Did you see the ravaged anthill? Multiply by two and get an approximate picture.
Curiously for the sake of, went to one of the many shopping centers. There's nothing to buy! Is that Chinese dressing gowns. But this has already been acquired earlier, on the first trip to China. The assortment resembles the second hand. And linen in general strange - I think even our grandmothers will not want to wear it. Bags, purses and other - all uninteresting, prices & # 8212; not Chinese. But Chinese sweets certainly worth buying. They are all very different, unusual, but not tasteless. Then our way lay on the embankment of Vaitan (Bund). On the way we met a bamboo grove and here is such a huge bonsai. On the waterfront is crowded, but not the same as in the Old Town. On the Huangpu River, you can also take a boat ride, admire the city with water. On the opposite shore are buildings in a futuristic style. On the side of the embankment - reminiscent of Moscow. The Bund is a popular place for walking. In general, the Chinese like to walk, walk around families, almost all with packages with some food, often with noodles. Many come from other cities. In English, few speak, mostly young people. They like to play cards or do something strange, in our opinion. In Shanghai, there are other attractions, such as the Temple of the Jade Buddha or the Shanghai Zoo. We would also visit them if we had more time. In the meantime, after walking, decided to have a bite, try Chinese fast food. We had already tasted a puff pastry with egg and soup. Pellet really liked - it reminds Indian. The soup did not impress - unless the size of the plate. But fast food was unexpectedly delicious! Now it is possible and at the airport Pudong - relax and continue the flight to the Philippines.
Route on the map of Shanghai.
22 Comments on & ldquo; Docking at the Shanghai Pudong Airport - exit to the city. Route of walk & rdquo;
Many thanks for the information. Also there is a long docking, we plan to walk around the city. I just did not understand a bit & # 8212; tickets for the subway are sold only through vending machines? In the usual box office there?
Yes, only through machines that accept banknotes with a maximum face value of 20 yuan. So, when you change the currency, ask for a few small bills.
And what baggage did they take? Or were you chilled in Shanghai in the afternoon? About overnight, as I was told in China Eastern, luggage should be taken with me. Just awful.
Why get the luggage? Baggage at the very beginning should be registered to the final destination, that's all.
I transit through Shanghai with a stop over there for the night, and I was told in the air company that I'll have to take the luggage myself, and then return with him to the next flight. In other words, transit luggage, they do not store at Shanghai airport at night. At least I was told in the air company how really I do not know.
What do you mean, at the very beginning, you should register to the end point? # 187; , ie when you stand at the check-in counter at the beginning of the departure, then you need to ask that you register your luggage to the final destination?
Or there as it is done differently.
What do you mean "at the beginning you should register to the final destination", ie when you stand at the check-in counter at the beginning of the departure, then you need to ask that you register the baggage to the final destination? & # 187; & # 8212; of course to the final, but why else, what would have been something to do at the docking?))
I do not know who and what told you in the airline (most likely you just did not understand each other), but I know for sure that you do not need to receive luggage registered to the final point in the transit port. Even if you suddenly strongly want to get it & # 8212; will have to try very hard))
But, if you register it before Shanghai (from which you should be discouraged, even if you strongly insist, although it may be different in Canada)))) # 8212; welcome to get your luggage, & # 8230; in China)
Ok, I'll try to tell them about registering the luggage to the final destination.
About what we do not understand each other & # 187; & # 8212; this is not true. Everything there was clear.
Just in case, their answer:
For the ticket you provide us, you need to take out your luggage at Shanghai. Then you need to check in again the next day with your luggage.
This means: For a given ticket number that you provided to us, you need to pick up your luggage in Shanghai. you will stay there for the night. Then you will need to register again the next day with your luggage.
So I was answered from their office in China Eastern located in Vancouver, Canada.
I would like to add that I do not believe them to the end, and I would like to hear those who have already passed the night transit at the Shanghai airport. to tell first-hand information first and foremost.
Vladimir, do you have one or two tickets? Those. you first took to Shanghai, and then bought a ticket on? Or did they immediately take a ticket to the final destination with a transfer?
If the second, then simply register the luggage to the end point.
If the first (two different tickets), you will need to explain that you are very willing to register your luggage in this way. If the airline is one, then problems should arise. If the companies are different & # 8212; probably have to talk more on the counter, but still everything should turn out. But, keep in mind, in this case & # 8212; at the discretion of airlines.
Yes, through scyscanner I bought from China Eastern a ticket with a transfer from Shanghai.
Maybe it does not depend on the company, but on the fact that the Shanghai airport is just no night transits. Those. they do not leave the transit baggage for the night, I hope that this is not so.
If the luggage is registered to the final destination, it is extremely difficult to get it in the transit port.
Sergei, I also wanted to ask. You flew to China Eastern, they have baggage allowances what? On the airline's website it is written "sum of measurements & lt; 158 cm", it is summed up under two pieces of luggage or each separately? Simply if in total, say, two medium suitcases on wheels will exceed this rate, i.e. it turns out that only one suitcase can be passed in order not to exceed the indicated total size.
I have a suitcase in the amount of height, length, width is 132 cm. Also there is a backpack, it turns out that it will be more than 158 if they are taken together. As it is not fair, it is literally allowed to take one baggage to fit in these 158 cm. Do I understand correctly?
Vladimir, the size limitations are one thing, so do not worry about the size. But the weight is added up. If your suitcase and backpack do not exceed the norm by weight, then everything is fine.
Oh, well, then it's clear. Thank you. This worries really caused they have there not a feeble penalty as much as 200 Canadian dollars for exceeding the norm. I hope everything goes well.
Michael & # 8212; successful flight and soft landing)
Flied through Shanghai. In general, as they (china eastern) and said, it happened. I had to take the bag myself from the airport. At night they do not keep any transfer baggage. And the girl at the registration specifically this time to clarify, went somewhere, and after returning said that I will have to take it myself. So, that's it.
Strange somehow. We ourselves just now, on the night of 4 to 5 January, again flew with the Chinese. True this time with China Airlines and through Beijing. As usual, checked baggage at the point of departure to the final point and saw your backpack already only in Moscow.
Vladimir, in any case, thanks for the information. It is likely that your experience should be taken into account and taken into account.
About the purchase of sweets should be very carefully and carefully choose. We bought somehow a box very similar to candy, it turned out inside the assortment of some kind of beans such as beans, peas, lentils, etc. The inscriptions in Chinese are basically not clear what's inside. Well, if the packaging is transparent, and it is clear that there is approximately.
Yes, there is such a small problem & # 8212; all inscriptions with hieroglyphs))
Please tell us, we have 8 hours of docking at Shanghai airport, is there any point to go to the city?
Catherine, why not? Just do not build grandiose plans to embrace the immensity, visit a couple of places that you are most interested in. For example, go to the Old Town, walk there for an hour and a 2-3 and back. It's better than sitting at the airport))
Good day, Sergey! Such question, and whether it is possible to reach from the airport a usual underground, instead of high-speed? I see a branch is straight from there! How much does the metro cost? There will be docking about 12 hours .. I do not want to sit still .. 80 yuan is almost 750 p. )) How much there fast food they cost you? Norms such portions ..
Hey. Can & # 8212; The 2nd branch of the metro (green). In order to find out the fare, you can use the links that are available in the article (interactive map and subway site). On the subway's website, information "first hand" I think, and the prices there are indicated topical, on the map & # 8212; I do not know how often it is updated.
In order to find out the fare through the official website & # 8212; select and indicate the lines and stations you need, in the column # fare & # 187; the fare will be reflected. Further, by clicking the & # 171; submit & # 187; button, you can get a lot of useful information, including the time of the last train from each metro station (do not forget that it does not work around the clock!).
In order to get the ticket cost using the card & # 8212; press the start station, in the appeared window the button & # 171; plan route & # 187; and click the finish station.
About the cost of food just do not say, I do not remember, but according to the current exchange rate is not cheap, because 1 yuan today is 10 rubles, so be careful, and then they have all the pennies # 8212; 3, 5, 10 yuan, dial, and then how to recount "# 8230;))) If the memory does not fail, then we changed $ 70, we had enough, really enough, to travel, eat and buy a couple of Chinese delicacies on the road. When exchanging currency, take into account that regardless of the amount of exchange, although only $ 1, the Chinese will take a commission of $ 10))

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