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Do you have to go to Turkey alone?

Do you have to go to Turkey alone?
Girls who have been to Turkey, tell me whether it's normal to go to Turkey alone, what about the entertainment and the local population. I have not been abroad yet, but I really want to go, only enough money to Turkey for an inexpensive hotel. Go now with someone from friends will not work, but do not want because of this sit on vacation at home. I am 25 years old. Tell me how realistic it is to find a company, for example, in a hotel, so that with whom you can walk and rest together. And I will be glad to listen to your advice, how best to relax :))
Nuuu. The company is real. But it will be difficult for you to struggle with the prejudices of the local people. They believe that if a woman came alone, it was only potrahatstsa. So I recommend to find a fellow traveler, it will be more fun and easier to fight off the Turks.
I got to visit Turkey alone, I was probably 23 years old. I went to the hotel good, but family, so the company did not start, but constantly with someone from the Russian communicated. But with the Turks another thing - it's an ambush, the passage was not given. There, in hotels, sometimes the Turks themselves rest. In the first 3 days in general, shadowing was arranged. I abruptly all otshivala, but climbed all those nepopodya (waiters, musicians, sellers, medical personnel, animators, photographers, holidaying Turks (pretending to be Italians)), and very aggressively. One (from vacationers) broke into the room at night, tracked where I live. Although really did not give reason! However, our identity is good, one couple got drunk, offered me to swim with them at night. In short, hang out all the time at the hotel, everyone knows about everyone already on the 2nd day, so that sticking out will be with all sorts of suggestions. But in principle I rested not bad :))
I adored in Turkey to watch holiday romances, there are no other activities there .. I do not advise going to one girl - boring ... we went there by family - the child was too small for Europe and long walks, and by the pool in Turkey with full board in the very time .. Well, what should I do there? you will dress sunglasses and watch the vacationers)) it is pohlesche any series, especially when time is short - a week, two, still in a hurry (.), cursing ..
Nothing like this, it all depends on how the girl behaves herself. I have been traveling to Turkey since 1996, then there were few Russians, and then they did not brazenly .. like the Caucasians, now Russians are going to Turkey as millions of Russians stay in their country during the season, so they are normally treated.
Workers of the hotel do not pay attention at all, they have plenty of business. Go and do nothing and do not be afraid of anyone. Get acquainted with the current with the Russians and if the disco is better than go alone with the company, the company there will quickly find.
I would not go alone, especially in Turkey!
If you do not have anyone to go with, look for fellow travelers. If you want to rest alone, then choose other countries, not Muslim, for example, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro.
I agree with Eureka.
- = Nothing of the kind, it all depends on how the girl behaves = -
You can be quieter than water, below the grass, but the situation will not change. Some mimi will come up: they see a young girl come, and one more. Why should you look for adventure on the fifth point?
On the territory of the hotel you are unlikely to be raped, so you can safely go 🙂 Face brick, communication minimum and everything is in order.
I agree with Maxim. Some Russian company is sure to find it there, but you will not find it, so just sunbathe, swim and eat, and not go out for the hotel. in any case, leave will be better than sitting at home. and as yet correctly written, you can pokakat fellow traveler, there are all sorts of different sites, where they are looking for.
Maxim, but you will not have the same rest in the hotel. I want to go on an excursion, and just walk around the city.
9, on an excursion please, what problems? And walk around the city. hmm, everyone's business, but I would not go, such "entertainment" I do not need.
10, here, that the matter does not reach the so-called "entertainment" nefiga one to go, especially in a Muslim country.
I have a similar situation like the author. With girlfriends leave does not match, in martyr there is no land. of the passport. Rest, well, really want to, soak in the sun. It strains that almost all men have the same stereotype, if a woman-girl came alone to rest, she will definitely fuck with everyone. I have plans for recreation, stupid beach-sea, excursions -stremno. The adventure on the fifth point is definitely not looking. In excuse from the author, I already bought a tour to Turkey, I'm going for 7 days. I will say at once, I am very worried about how I will be alone there. I try to reassure myself that at least the "stars" ***** hotel, and, most importantly, the contigent odtyhayuschih was decent, not *** otstvennoe. And I do not think that in premium hotels, it will be so brazenly rolling up.
I was not in Turkey, but I think there are hotels with a SPA complex. You can hang out all day on the beach and in the spa, do all sorts of massages and so on. At local discos, I would not go alone))) One is better to go to Cyprus, in Ayia Napa or other Greek islands.
I went to Turkey 2 times. For the first time in the youth hotel, it was full of Russians, at the end of the holiday everyone got acquainted .. With local problems there was no, of course, but the refusal was perceived normally, after the refusal, too, they were treated attentively and respectfully. I saw such mamzels, who build eyes on right and left, and then go into denial, with the Muslims such "dynamo" Do not roll, you can run through the full program! On all excursions, too, went, and on rafting and shopping-no problem! The second time in general, all the three days was, did not communicate with anyone, just bathed and sunbathed. I like fellow travelers - extra gemoroy :))
- = Tightens that almost all men have the same stereotype, if a female girl came alone for a rest, she will definitely be fucked with everyone. = -
Because a lot of "Natash & quot; from Russia and CIS come to Turkey and Egypt "to turn on" with local peasants. Because of these kind of collective farmers and suffer from normal women. And there's nothing you can do about it.
11, how a person behaves, so they treat him. Do not look for adventure, where they can be found (one in the city), but not at the hotel. I refused, I fell silent, I left.
Also I do not understand, that to take offense. They have the right to offer, you have the right to refuse. All. Nobody will wring your hands and swim, you can relax 🙂
16 +1! & quot; No & quot; must be equal to & quot; no & quot ;, and not fucking-dynamo-bydlyachomu & quot; can be & quot ;! Then there will be no problems, I have only pleasant impressions from local residents and staff, as about benevolent, smiling people!
By the way, in the city (though not in Turkey, but in Egypt), too, it was okay alone: I was looking for my sister (I lived in different hotels, agreed to a meeting in the city), in broken English I asked everyone how I could find a meeting place, so they gave me tea and the handle was taken away, my sister was handcuffed!
Maxim, and the sense of driving to rest to sit in a hotel?
About 11 years ago I went to Turkey, I was vacationing in Beldibi at the Sea Gull hotel. The hotel had its own fenced territory, its own beach .. Only there was nowhere to go: behind the hotel is the mountains, in front-sea, on the left and on the right-there are neighboring hotels. and so on for many kilometers.
We left there only 3 times, for an excursion to Antalya and 2 times for Kemer. The rest of the time was spent on the hotel grounds, sunbathing and swimming.
- = No one will wring your hands and swim, you can relax:) = -
How do you know? One to say & quot; No & quot; - will be left behind, while others may not fall behind. Fools everywhere enough!
Prompt as there with protection? meaning in the hotel.
I mean, with security? On the territory of strangers try not to miss, but pass always and everywhere you can, it was a desire, and the service is interested in customers, so nothing superfluous does not allow itself, if not to provoke, of course, also live people :)))
Maybe there is a guard at the hotel, but I did not see it there, and it's not difficult to get to the hotel territory.
20, and where is the hotel? Sunbathe, bathe, go on excursions. What else does?
21, yes, they will, on the beach, where hundreds of people will come up and break.
- = yes, where is the hotel? Sunbathe, bathe, go on excursions. What else do you need? = -
With all the time you have to hang around on the hotel. Well, I went to a couple of excursions, I bought and sunbathed, and then what? I want to walk around the city, and go shopping to buy souvenirs.
- = Yes, they will, on the beach, where hundreds of people will fit and break. = -
But you do not rest on the beach lying around. And besides, there are hotels that do not have their own territory for recreation, located far from the sea. They still have to go somehow.
To argue is useless. And have you been wrangled many times? 🙂
Maxim, what do you want me to prove here? You can behave silently and modestly, but this does not mean that you will save yourself from unpleasant incidents.
Attack on a person can and among the white day, not necessarily in a dark corner. I was a witness of how a gypsy woman in a crowded place snatched a bag from a woman with documents and money. Nobody is immune from this.
To argue is useless. And have you been wrangled many times? 🙂
Never. Because I never went to the resort alone.
30, at the resort gypsy women tore a bag? 🙂 Behave yourself worthy. And do not talk to the Turk about this, said "no" and fell silent, zero attention, he will fall off; do not be rude to anyone, just "no" and everything, understandable & quot; no & quot ;, without smiles, etc. tricks. Do not let yourself be superfluous, and no one else will not allow yourself too much for you.
Maxim, apparently, works in the tourist business, you see how convincingly she calls :)) Devushka, my dear. If you want to spend a vacation in eternal tension, and leave with an unpleasant draft from the Turkish-macho's unconcealed temper, go ahead! Turkey, Egypt are not the countries where a young single woman can comfortably feel, if she is not more terrible than war.
Maxim, you are very naive, I look.
33, I traveled to different countries, including the Muslim, and saw perfectly how they approached and also quietly departed from normal girls these mache.
The author, can you go to Cyprus? 🙂
Cyprus is more expensive. I would advise you to go to Bulgaria, Croatia or Montenegro.
Lauren, I do not agree!)))) I have more than good looks, but only pleasant impressions! 🙂 Compliments of the sea have heard, nice, damn! And the more Russian "machi", which alone came here, pestered, it was difficult to get rid of them, even they had to be rude 🙂
Sonne- everything you listed can happen anywhere, in my opinion Turkey for a single girl is much safer than any station in Moscow!
Lenka, but I would not venture to go to Turkey alone. There are a lot of civilized countries in the world, besides Turkey and Egypt. And the company is more fun than one. If there is no one to go with, a fellow traveler can be found on the Internet.
Oh, yes of course it's a matter of taste and presence / absence of money! Just asked the question about Turkey, so I wrote my impressions! And one to go, for me personally, in principle, I do not like the company, I want to relax from communication :)))
I also went to rest alone. Hotel 5 *. Practically there were all Germans and family. I met a married couple, but it's not that. Attitude towards me was very good, but boring. She behaved with dignity, did not go to a restaurant half-naked, so no one bothered, and if there were attempts of local residents, they were stopped at the root. It was embarrassing to watch how the defks to the owners of the boutiques for "svidaniya" ran for discounts on the goods.
The author, yes in Turkish hotels full of lonely girls, there are fun, just fall in love and will hang out at discos.
37 how clever you are to read pleasantly. A good person is always good, and you can get a lot of pleasant impressions. Something for the Turks was a shame - friendly, nice people, and the really bored vacationers-Slavs are bothering more often.
Nonsense. Aunt do not judge all by yourself, the pig dirt everywhere will find. I went to Turkey last year for 1 week one, the 4-star hotel, mostly in the back were families with children and elderly couples. I went on excursions, bought in a travel agency, did not go to the city, I do not need cheap things. Mostly lying on the beach, reading a book and swimming. Nobody bothered me and did not pester me. It is better to go alone than with a stranger from the Internet.
I went alone. I rested remarkably. the best vacation of late. If you behave yourself, it will be all right. And one went to restaurants and walked in the evening. There is nothing to climb on dark and empty streets. The company can be found (it's hard not to find :). with difficulty imagine that you have to imagine yourself, that would be in the room servant was bursting))) To stop this can be very quickly.
I went alone to Turkey. If you do not look for adventure yourself, then there is nothing terrible.
It is better to go to the Aegean coast - fethiye, marmaris. There the Turks behave more decently. In the antalya region, where 90% of Russian tourists are full of Azeris and other immigrants from the former Soviet republics. That's from them then you can expect trouble. And the Turks in the west are absolutely adequate. Attention will certainly be drawn, but if you do not react, they quickly fall off. By the way, that vacation alone was almost the best holiday in my life.
Here are your potatoes to what lead
Thank you all for your comments and advice :)) I am still in meditation. Tell me, did you like being in Montenegro? I originally wanted to go to Montenegro, but the manager at the travel agency dissuaded me, said that the sea there is still cold - you do not buy and you were persuaded to go to Turkey.
A vacationer, definitely better in Montenegro. The people are at least decent. But here, as you see, for many compliments from the Turks are pleasant 🙂 But I'm personally a racist, I can enjoy the attention of men exclusively European appearance 🙂 So you are guided so. Are you annoyed by the behavior of Azerbaijanis, for example, in the markets? If so, you will most likely be irritated in Turkey;)
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