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Distance between cities.

Distance between cities.
Examples of distance calculations:
When can the calculation of distances come in handy?
Free calculation of distances between cities shows the exact distance between cities and considers the shortest route with fuel consumption. It can be claimed in the following cases:
Distance calculation service helps to lay the route for an auto traveler, for example, for summer holidays with family or when planning a business trip by car. Knowing the consumption of gasoline and the average price per liter of fuel, it is not difficult to calculate the compulsory financial costs of the trip. The driver-trucker calculation of the distance between cities allows you to plot the route on the map while preparing for a long voyage. The distance calculator is useful to the consignor in order to determine the mileage and, in accordance with the tariffs of the transport company, evaluate the freight cost.
How to use the calculation of distances?
In order to calculate the route between cities, start entering the name of the starting point of the route in the "From" field. Select the desired city from the drop-down contextual help. By analogy, fill in the "To" field and click the "Calculate" button.
On the opened page the route will be laid on the map, the red markers will indicate the initial and final settlements, and the red line will show the way along the road. Above the map, the total length of the route, the path length and fuel consumption will be indicated. Under this information a summary table with detailed information about the route and about the sections of the route will be placed: the type of road, the estimated length and duration of each fragment of the route.
The received route can be printed out or, changing some parameters, repeat the calculation. In the additional settings, you can specify transit settlements, as well as adjust the estimated speed for each type of road. Below the additional settings are the fields for entering the data of the fuel calculator. Include in them the actual fuel consumption of your car and the average price of 1 liter of fuel. When the calculation is repeated, this data will be used to calculate the required amount of fuel and its cost.
Other methods of routing.
Perhaps the simplest alternative is to open a road atlas and to plot the route on the map by eye. Then, after you have swept the curvimeter along the route, you can get an approximate kilometer. To estimate the time of the trip will be more difficult: to do this you will have to divide the route into fragments with the same class of roads and measure the sum of the lengths of fragments of each class. Further, knowing the average speed for each class of roads, it is not difficult to calculate the time, dividing the path by the speed.
If the curvimeter is not at hand, then you can use the ruler. Attach the zero mark of the ruler to the starting point of the route and move the ruler, snugly adjoining it to the gyrus of the road.
Calculate the distance between cities can also be using tables that are published in atlases and reference books. It is quite convenient for routes starting and ending in large cities. Small settlements are usually not in the tables.
Algorithm for calculating the distance between cities.
The route calculation is based on the shortest path search algorithm in the weighted road graph (Dijkstra algorithm). The distances are determined by the exact satellite coordinates of roads and settlements. The calculation is the result of computer modeling, and the models are not ideal, so when planning a trip route, do not forget to lay the reserve.
There are several approaches to determining the distance between cities:
The distance by road includes the length of the motorway and the roads connecting it with the city; The distance along a straight line, or as it is also called "by bird flight," is characterized by a smaller length, but is practically less valuable, because The movement usually takes place on roads.
In our calculations, the distances between cities are taken by road.

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