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Disadvantages of immigration to Israel.

Disadvantages of immigration to Israel.
In everything and always there are pluses and minuses. Before making any decision, a person compares the positive with the negative, makes an optimal conclusion for himself, and then makes the final decision. So with emigration. Leaving to a foreign country, not knowing the national language, and having no support, it is difficult to decide this.
Most of the migrants choose Israel. Probably, mostly because the Jews living there tell of their fabulous life on the holy land. The most important shortcoming of migration to these lands, and there is " a lie that is hanging on our ears. The truth is that everyone has his own, and no one has said that someone will share their good with an immigrant.
The second, important disadvantage is the condition of residence. If a person has managed to legally enter the territory of the country, he is given the opportunity to live in small houses similar to our hostels, where there will be only one room, a bathroom and a kitchen (maybe even a common one on the floor). And it is asked & # 8212; is this a better life?
Another drawback of migrating to Israel is the " there is no that highly paid work, which a person dreamed about, collecting suitcases. There is not enough work there. Doctors of sciences sweep the streets and wash the toilet bowls. A good earner is obtained by those who have connections or seven spades in the forehead.
There are enough Russian-speaking Jews, but you need to know the basics of Hebrew. Knowledge of the language is sometimes necessary, for example, to easily find a job or skimp on the market.
You need to be prepared to open a guest visa for your relatives so that they can come to visit for a couple of weeks, it's not so simple. Many emigrants can not even invite their children, and do not see them for years.

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