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Departure to Germany for a red cross

Departure to Germany for a red cross
Amandastr.74, 20357 Hamburg.
What issues can the Red Cross help?
All issues related to resettlement to Germany on the basis of the law on expelled (das Bundesvertriebenengesetz, BVFG). On these issues, the KK not only conducts consultations, but also conveys the wishes of the applicants to the relevant institutions (for example, to speed up the process in cases of life-threatening illness).
Assistance when leaving. On the one hand - the design of the so-called "call" (required for departure from some CIS countries). On the other hand - the organization of transportation of seriously ill patients who can not get by ordinary vehicles.
Upon arrival in Germany - assistance in confirming the facts from the biography (in the archives of the search service of the KC contains information on more than 8.5 million Germans and their families).
Assistance in family reunion is the search for lost family members (it is mostly about Germans whose families were separated as a result of war, post-war events or resettlement).
Assistance to Jewish emigration, although not part of its immediate functions, does not, however, deny humanitarian support of a general nature, for example, when searching for contingent refugees who have arrived in Germany or when organizing the carriage of seriously ill patients (they will have to finance this transportation on their own!).
Many people who want to get advice have problems in connection with the refusal and objection. Often, this is about the required knowledge of the German language. A given language test or a successfully passed test that determines the level of language proficiency are important prerequisites for obtaining either a written permission to apply for permanent residence in Germany or a permit to be included in the main applicant's permit (�� 4, 7 II BVFG).
And for other relatives who want to leave and have the status of a foreigner, it has become necessary, too, to present evidence supporting the knowledge of the language. In addition, in some cases, the departure of relatives of non-German origin may depend on the sufficient income of relatives in Germany. The German German Red Cross Search Service advises on emerging issues in this regard.
How to ask your question?
Questions can be asked at this address: Frau Bollin, [email protected]
It is highly desirable to write in Nemets a language. Only if there is no way to write in German, you can write in Russian. Russian texts, please send as files attached to the letter in MS Word format.
In your question, describe in as much detail your situation, specify personal data, family composition, the state of your case, etc. The more detailed, the better. The CC does not answer general questions, it always works with specific people in specific situations.

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