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Departure for permanent residence in Israel.

Departure for permanent residence in Israel.
Departure for permanent residence in Israel - for permanent residence, this is a documented departure of citizens for permanent residence in another country. Departure for permanent residence is an echo of the Soviet bureaucratic system that still exists in a number of countries of the former CIS, as in many European countries and other countries of the world such a bureaucratic procedure is absent in principle, that is, all citizens can live where they wish. At the same time, a minimum set of documents is required for departure and residence in a particular country. Where this procedure is present, departure for permanent residence in Israel is formalized by issuing a special document, in this case a passport, for residence in another country, thus arriving in Belarus. In Ukraine, for example, for living in another country it is enough to have a simple passport for traveling abroad, only with certain marks.
Today, to leave for permanent residence in Israel to obtain a visa to Israel, you need to provide several documents. These documents are all documents available to a person, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, great-grandparents, and so on, that is, for all relatives. Without fail & # 8211; photos for everyone who plans to leave for permanent residence in Israel, photos should be provided even to newborns.
Documents of all relatives who live in Israel - an Israeli identity card, as well as documents on the exact date of repatriation to the State of Israel, addresses and telephone numbers of relatives are also submitted for consideration. It should be noted that all documents are provided in the original and most importantly, they must be genuine. At the consular reception all members of the family must be present for the interview, including children over three years of age.
One of the important rules is & # 8211; in the matter of leaving for permanent residence in the State of Israel there can be no superfluous documents. In order for the procedure to pass with a positive result even photos from the family archive, different seemingly insignificant documents and letters in the most unexpected way can be very useful when visiting the consulate and for consular inspection. Following these tips, you can avoid unnecessary additional trips to the Israeli Embassy.
Having collected all the necessary and additional documents for issuing a passport and for obtaining a visa, you need to apply to the Israeli Embassy to check the consulate to leave for permanent residence in Israel.
If a positive decision is taken as a result of the inspection of the consulate, a visa is issued. Moreover, a visa can be issued only if the traveler has a press of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "For residence abroad" in the passport. One of the conditions is that the validity of a foreign passport must be at least six months on the date of receipt of the visa.
And yet, the embassy is forbidden to bring food, medicines and various liquids. At the entrance to the embassy territory there is a strict check, and therefore for safety reasons it is better to follow this rule. During the consular reception, you can leave the embassy and eat outside the territory of the Embassy.
Who can go on permanent residence in Israel?
Departure abroad for permanent residence, in particular to Israel, is held in accordance with the "Law of Return". According to this law, Jews who have a Jewish mother, as well as Jewish children - a son or a daughter, whose father is Jewish, as well as Jewish grandchildren, and wives or husbands of those who have the right to return to the country under the item "Law on Return" - 1-3. A widow or widower of a person who also falls under the 1-3 Returns Act may also leave the country for permanent residence, but under one condition & # 8211; if he or she is not remarried. In principle, anyone can leave, but when entering the country, such people are not granted any Olimov benefits.
If a person decided to leave for another country for permanent residence, then usually, a request for departure is submitted to the territory of residence, in particular in the Russian Federation, to the consulate of the country where the departure is planned. In contrast to many opinions and rumors, for an exit for permanent residence in Israel, an invitation from relatives is not required. The right to repatriation is not in principle related to whether there are relatives abroad or not. Time for consular examination and examination of documents depending on the individual case is different, it also depends on the availability of necessary documents.
According to the laws of Israel, when leaving for permanent residence and obtaining citizenship in Israel, there is no need to renounce the citizenship of the country from which he came, that is, from the country of exodus. Therefore, people who leave for permanent residence are not deprived of Russian citizenship and do not lose their passports.
There are categories of citizens for whom repatriation can be difficult, such as persons with a criminal background, persons adopted by non-Jews who have converted to another religion as Jews, cohabitants and civil spouses, broken families, separate repatriation, as well as widows and widowers.
To leave for permanent residence in Israel, it is theoretically possible to do so - to come to Israel on a tourist voucher, and already in Israel to apply for citizenship, that is, changing the status of a tourist to an Israeli citizen. This option is not acceptable for everyone, since when registering citizenship in this way, one must constantly be in Israel, and even leaving for a short time can significantly reduce the chance of acquiring citizenship.
In order to obtain citizenship in Israel, the option of staying in the country and registering on the spot of citizenship is acceptable to two categories of people: officials who do not want their country to know that they are going out for permanent residence, and citizens of countries that do not allow a second citizenship.
And once again, no matter where the process of issuing an exit for permanent residence takes place, in the country itself or in the consulate, "# 8211; all family members should not be convicted and this will require a certificate confirming the absence of previous convictions. If such a certificate is not available, the consul may refuse to leave the visa, and if the visa is issued in Israel, the process can be delayed for a very long time. This certificate must be translated into Hebrew or English with a notarization.
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Now many people want to change their place of residence to Israel. On the one hand, this is due to the return of homosexuals scattered all over the world, and on the other hand, Israel as a fairly developed country with good infrastructure, high standard of living attracts more people who want to stay there, but I look at the requirements for obtaining citizenship quite strict and not everyone under the power to fulfill them.
Elena, because everything is fine in the country, that's why they come here! Even closeness to the gas sector does not frighten anyone! After all, everyone knows that the government of this country will take care of its citizens! What else is not unimportant, so this is the average salary, in many spheres, then it is not lower than in the US! Especially good for those who have relatives in this country, they gladly go there!
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