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Departure abroad and visa for permanent residence: is it difficult?

Departure abroad and visa for permanent residence: is it difficult?
Going abroad today is not a serious problem. In any case, so many believe. Simplified visa regimes, Schengen and a number of other factors allow thousands of Russians to leave the country every year and travel freely around the world. But is it so easy to issue a visa for permanent residence in a foreign country? This issue is of concern to many today. The answer to it you will find in our article.
Departure abroad: the main points that any tourist should know.
A visa for permanent residence is not issued to all citizens who have come to the country. It needs & laquo; deserve & raquo ;, but leaving Russia today is not so difficult. The main documents that can be the basis for traveling abroad, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, are:
General citizenship passport; diplomatic passport; seaman's passport; service passport.
Travel abroad is not possible without a passport. This document is issued on a written request by the Ministry of the Interior at the place of residence, as well as diplomatic organizations or consulates of Russia abroad, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
Sometimes you need to urgently issue a passport (literally within 3 days). Today it is possible. To do this, you need to provide one of the following documents:
A letter from a hospital or other health authority confirming the need for emergency travel abroad. A letter from a foreign clinic about the possibility of admission to treatment. A notarized telegraphic message from abroad on the fact of a serious illness or the death of a relative also gives you the right to urgently receive a passport and travel abroad.
The standard validity of the passport is 5 years. During this time you can enter and leave the country, solving questions about the device for permanent residence.
You should know that all the information you filled out when issuing a passport is checked by the following services in Russia:
Passport and visa service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Information centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Internal Affairs. The Ministry of Internal Affairs.
These services are trying to identify the facts of making negative decisions when issuing a passport and their reasons and receive all the necessary information from the FSB. Identified persons in respect of whom criminal proceedings have been initiated, convicts, wanted, evading certain obligations, incompetent, etc. It was a pleasant news for many that bailiffs now issue overseas those debtors whose debt does not exceed 5,000 rubles (on loans, utility payments and maintenance).
Permanent residence visa: how to reach the goal?
A visa for permanent residence can become a reality for you only in a few cases. Of course, first of all you should determine the country that interests you. Slovakia and Poland are happy to accept all comers, and after 5 years they allow them to obtain permanent residence, in Germany things are somewhat more complicated, as well as in the Czech Republic, after a couple of years ago this country seriously complicated the lives of its immigrants. The USA offers you to participate in the lottery and in case of a win get a visa.
Usually, in order to get a visa for permanent residence, you need either to marry or marry a foreigner, or to open your own business in the country. Another way & ndash; repatriation. If you in the family were Germans or Jews - you have all chances to get permanent residence in Germany and Israel, respectively. Also in the UK, Australia and Canada there is professional emigration. If you know the language of this country, have higher education, funds for development and work experience in the specialty, which is currently in demand in this state, you can get a visa for permanent residence.
The last and simplest option is & ndash; family reunification. If your relatives live abroad and you want to get to them, then, having left for this state, after a while you have the right to apply for permanent residence.
Thus, today it is not difficult to leave Russia, but it is quite problematic to get a visa for permanent residence in a foreign country. It is necessary to think everything over and really assess your chances before making any responsible decision.
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