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Czech Republic.

Czech Republic.
Every year hundreds of thousands of foreigners come to the Czech Republic to live, work and do business. Entry into the state is possible under a Schengen or national visa of category D. Immigration to the Republic is carried out on the basis of family reunification, business activities, training and investment in the economy of the state.
To obtain a permanent residence, you should legally live in the Czech Republic for 5 years. The citizenship of the country is granted after 10 years of life on legal terms. Having received a passport or the status of a resident, a foreigner has equal rights with ethnic Czechs.
Business in the Czech Republic is one of the most profitable and convenient, both for small entrepreneurs and for larger investors. Registration of the company for foreigners is carried out on the same rights as for local residents.
Work in the Czech Republic is possible when opening a work visa or issuing a Green, Blue EU card. A wide range of demanded vacancies and high remuneration attract foreigners from all over the world to the Czech Republic.
Permanent residence in the Czech Republic gives foreigners almost equal rights with citizens of this country. The grounds for obtaining the status of a resident are family ties, employment and residence in the territory of the republic for 5 years according to the residence permit,
Immigration to the Czech Republic for Russian citizens is an opportunity to ensure a high standard of living and comfortable working conditions. Business emigration is the most profitable and easy way to move to the Czech Republic.
The residence permits in the Czech Republic can be obtained in various ways. The most profitable solution is business immigration and relocation for the purpose of family reunification. Based on the residence permit in five years you can get permanent residence of the country.
Getting citizenship of the Czech Republic is possible in several ways. The most popular solutions are marriage to a Czech, reunification with relatives or 10-year residence in the status of residence permit and permanent residence. An obligatory condition for registration is the knowledge of the national language.
To visit the Czech Republic, you must have a Schengen or national visa. They can be short-term or long-term. There are several categories of the document, depending on the purpose of the trip.

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