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Courses of the Czech language at the Higher School of Economics.

Courses of the Czech language at the Higher School of Economics.
Courses of the Czech language at the Higher School of Economics in Prague.
The program of the preparatory course.
The program is developed taking into account the requirements of the entrance examinations of the University. In the process of studying the Czech language, students also prepare for subjects necessary for passing the entrance exams, which not only increases the chances of admission, but also greatly facilitates the training in the University of the Czech Republic at the initial stage. Classes are conducted by experienced teachers from the Higher School of Economics in Prague (HSE), participating in the preparation of tests for the entrance examinations.
Thanks to the use of teaching methods that have proved their effectiveness and modern audiovisual tools, training in the preparatory courses of the Higher School of Economics is a guarantee that students are well prepared for examinations in the Czech language and profile subjects not only for the HSE, but also for any university.
Terms of studying the Czech language:
08/20/2012 - 12/12/2017 (14 weeks) - 25 hours of language classes per week (Czech language) Summer semester - 05/01/2018 - 15/05/2018 (19 weeks) - 20 hours of language classes per week (Czech language) + 5 hours of additional items.
Contents of the program:
At this stage, this course provides, above all, the study of the Czech language.
The purpose of the classes is to develop speech skills (reading, speaking, writing and comprehension by ear), developing communication skills, as well as the ability to navigate in everyday everyday situations. Particular attention is paid to the Czech grammar, the expansion of vocabulary and the ability to independently express their thoughts and views. Students also get acquainted with Czech realities.
Training takes place in Czech with the help of Russian (or English). Thanks to this, students do not have difficulties with mastering grammar and vocabulary.
During this period, there is an expansion of knowledge of the Czech language: the development of colloquial vocabulary, improving pronunciation, studying the history and culture of the Czech Republic. In addition, students get acquainted with the economic vocabulary necessary for admission and further training at the Higher School of Economics.
Knowledge of additional subjects required for admission to VSE: English, Math, German, Spanish, French, Italian and OSP (General Faculty of Education at the Faculty of National Economy), students can deepen on additional lessons.
The English course is taught by the teachers of the O'key International Language School in accordance with the International Standard program in accordance with the level of students and is aimed at developing all life skills, both for everyday life, and for further education and work using English. Classes are conducted by professional, experienced teachers of native speakers, which ensures high quality of teaching and stable results.
At the end of the summer semester, students pass the final exam and receive a certificate.
Cost of the program:
Registration fee: CZK 8,100 Payment of annual education: CZK 110,700 Deposit for the first 2 months of residence (kautze): CZK 16,200 (hostel, Internet access)
The total cost of the program: 135 000 CZK.
(You can find out the cost of the program in rubles or euros using the automatic convector under this article at the bottom of the site.) For this purpose, you only need to enter the desired amount in the window "Czech crown";
receipt of documents for a visa, their submission to the consulate a further monthly payment after the arrival.
In addition (not included in the cost of the program) we provide a unique service & # 8212; accompaniment of the entrant by the individual curator. During the course of the course, our curator will monitor and resolve all issues related to the extension of visas and the submission of documents for admission, as well as all other issues related to residence and study in the capital of the Czech Republic. This service will allow you not to think about anything and devote time to study.
The cost of the service is 13 500 CZK (one time)
The cost of the program includes:
Meeting at the international airport in Prague, delivery to the place of residence Introductory testing (determining the initial level of knowledge in the subjects for inclusion in the relevant group) Training program Educational materials Day and night Internet access Support by the Russian-speaking curator (advice on training, living and living arrangements, visas, issues related to the preparation of necessary documents in the ministries and departments of the Czech Republic), etc. Regular informing of parents about the completion of the pre-university training program by the student. Registration of procedures in the police for foreigners, registration of the certificate nostrification in the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic Organization of visits to open doors in universities, assistance in choosing universities and faculties, help with applying to selected universities. Cultural program (departure for Prague for one day) Selection of the option of residence, the solution of all questions related to accommodation during the program In addition to the medical insurance accompanying the Russian language a doctor. Extension of the visa for further study in the Czech Republic.
We offer you to get acquainted with the program of studying the Czech language and preparing to enter the courses at Charles University.
If you have any questions, you can ask them by writing to us:

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