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Confirmation of the diploma of a doctor, pharmacist and paramedic in France.

Confirmation of the diploma of a doctor, pharmacist and paramedic in France.
Your diploma is received outside the EU. You are not a citizen of France. This procedure differs from the procedure for citizens of other European countries, political refugees and spouses of French citizens.
The procedure for confirming the diploma consists of 3 stages:
1. Exams confirming your profile knowledge (EVC).
2. 3 years in the residency (1 year for dentists and 1 year for paramedics).
3. Commission for admission to practice as a specialist (CAE).
Let's consider in more detail each stage.
Exams confirming your profile knowledge (Epreuves de verification des connaissances).
There will be 2 written exams for 2 hours each. Evaluation is based on a 20-point scale. Coefficient 1. The first exam is aimed at testing your fundamental knowledge, the second is # 8212; to test practical knowledge. Is it about the exam or the competition? This is a contest, since every year a certain number of places are opened for each specialty of a doctor. Only one specialty can be enrolled. You can try to hand over several times, but not more than 3x. Evaluation, in which you will not be allowed to further pass exams & # 8212; this is 6 points. The candidate's dossier must be sent at the time of recording for the exam (dates on under the heading "Inscription au concours"). Send to the address of one of the offices of the Regional Health Agency (at any office, if you are not in France, or at the place of residence, if you are already here).
All documents for recording need to be translated into French by a certified translator if you are already in France or by translators of the French consulate, if you are not already in France. The exam is completely in French. You will have to write something like a composition on a medical topic (for each specialty, your stories), and offer a solution / treatment for a specific case (described by the patient, symptoms). Recommended level of French B2.
To see the exam examples that were in previous years, you can here:
3 years in the residency (1 year for dentists and 1 year for paramedics).
If you managed to pass this difficult exam, you will have to work for 3 years in the residency for all medical specialties, with the exception of dentists and feldshers, who work there only for 1 year. Residency on the basis of university hospitals.
Commission for admission to practice as a specialist (Commission d & # 8217; autorisation d & # 8217; exercer).
The procedure consists of collecting and sending documents, regarding your diplomas, recommendations from residency. You will also need to fill out the online form. The commission is reviewing your file. After the commission accepts your candidacy, you get the right to be a full-fledged physician in your specialty. You can safely walk the career ladder and receive the same salary as the French doctors. The only thing you can not do is teach at the university.
The procedure for paramedics.
To work as a paramedic in France, you need to get a French diploma. Citizenship does not matter.
Equivalent to the diploma confirmation procedure does not exist. The only exception are paramedics who have a foreign diploma and are the spouse of a Frenchman, or a citizen of one of the EU countries, or have received political asylum. These categories can work, but on a class below their specialty (for example, a nurse can claim only the position of a paramedic). For everyone else, there is only one way out - it's getting paramedics education in France.
Consider how this happens for nurses. The number of places in institutions for nurses provided for citizens of non-European countries is an annual quota (approximately 2% of the total number of seats). To get training for a nurse, you will be able to take an entrance exam. Since you already have a nurse diploma, a written exam is held in a simplified form, and the oral examination is a role-playing situation: the examination of a clinical case and the performance of 2 medical certificates. Typically, such candidates study for a year less than others (2 years instead of 3 years), less than 1 year.
What conclusion can be drawn from all of the above? Despite the acute shortage in almost all spheres of medicine, France does not open wide the doors for working immigrants.
In any case, you must have a level of French that would allow you not only to understand and use medical terms, but also write an essay in French. It will also be much easier for you if you do this procedure with a French spouse or as a political refugee. It is also very favorable to have any European citizenship (meaning a member state of the European Union).
A variant of obtaining a French medical education is possible. But you need to know that after the first year of training for a doctor / pharmacist, a transfer exam is conducted, after which about 85% of all candidates are screened out. Emphasis is placed on exact sciences. So if you are now a third-year student in Russia, then you will need to remember all the subjects of senior high school, which is sometimes a difficult task.
Getting education paramedics in France is a more realistic and relatively easy way. The paramedic in France is a respected citizen and a representative of the middle class. With income from 1500 � to 3500 �. Salaries of other medical specialties you can see here. The option is fairly advanced.
The mission is NOT impossible, but takes a certain number of years, a lot of time, and a lot of patience. Also, a certain financial base will accompany the success of the event. The cost of living in France is quite high (the minimum wage is about 1000 �). Combining study at a medical institute and part-time work is the lot of only the most brilliant students with photographic memory.
Friends, the question arose about creating an audio medical French course, since the work is laborious, I would like to ask you about its feasibility. If you think this may be of interest to you, leave your comment or send me a mail.
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