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Confession of a washer from Europe! (12 photos)

Confession of a washer from Europe! (12 photos)
09 April 2014 22:45.
Every time I say that I work in Europe, I hear the same thing: "How? Like assholes wash? "Never will anyone ask in which country I am, or who I am by profession - at once assholes! I already, at times, agree, because something to prove and tell is fed up!
So, a little about myself: I was born, studied, married and worked in Kharkov, a large cultural, scientific, industrial center of Ukraine. The choice of education was short-lived and fell on the continuation of the traditions of the family, namely medicine. In 2005 the medical institute was successfully completed and I was allocated to a wonderful small hospital of regional importance as a surgeon (which pleased that from the parents' house not far, only 20 km).
I like the work very much, you really understand that the fame of our education smells a bit like mothballs and excessive patriotism, and that besides basic things, almost everything has to be learned anew right at the patient's bedside, but persistence is there, the desire for knowledge has not dried up, therefore Per aspera ad astra (Latin "through thorns to the stars").
On my life's path I met a girl, a doctor by education, she eclipsed everyone and everything and soon became my wife. She was just perfectly received by my parents, and I, with my mother-in-law, seem to find a common language. The construction of a new cell of the society was fun, but hard, the salary of the doctor after the university (in those years) was incomplete $ 100, and thanks to young doctors we do not have to wear. We got an apartment by the forces of three families and two years after the wedding gave birth to a wonderful daughter!
Here and began to float questions about bread daily. My wife, mother, mother-in-law began to talk about the options for our future life, although by that time I already earned $ 200, and sometimes, someone, and thank a young surgeon for a life, as I and my family imagined, catastrophically not enough! And do not blame me for having big requests - no. So abroad - but I'm a patriot, I do not betray my country, I must change my country, and not run away cowardly over a ruble (it seems, they will say in the comments at the end). And I bent this line for two years, beating off the attacks of women who do not understand, to whom only give money! The child is in the kindergarten, the wife from the decree to work - and all the money is not enough. And like the fur coats do not exist, the grandfather inherited the car, the relatives pay for the apartment, the mother-in-law gives the whole pension to the young family - but not enough. There would be to enjoy life while young, and money only for food and rest on a trade-union ticket not in season in a seedy sanatorium near Evpatoria (then it was still Ukraine).
And here I am, an experienced surgeon (experience of 5 years, specialization, residency behind my shoulders), I even know how to distinguish hemorrhoids from angina and decide to find a place warmer! The salary we have in the budgetary sphere is the same everywhere, but I do understand (no matter how displeased, especially now) that a good doctor should feed himself. We begin our search with leading medical institutions in Kharkov! As you understand, I was refused, and not because of my stupidity and incompetence as a doctor, but solely on the principle of territorial-monetary.
Then, in his life, his Majesty Chance and my mother's magic pendal intervened! I get to one conference (very local scale) in Slovakia, and I discover two things: 1. The Slovak language is similar to the Ukrainian one. 2. In Slovak small towns, as well as in Ukraine, the shortage of doctors (the difference is only in the payment of labor)! The idea was born instantly, job vacancies in Slovakia were viewed through the Internet - and I was interested in a couple of announcements about the surgeon's work, one of them being 80km from the venue of the conference in a small town. Having a Slovak-speaking acquaintance and understanding the Slovak language, I decide to call back on the ad and ask for an interview (I just want to say that they did not take me there, but I got some experience).
The interview was somewhat crumpled, and I did not live up to the expectations of the employer, they needed a doctor urgently, and while waiting for the Ukrainian to complete all work permits in Slovakia, pass through all the circles of bureaucratic hell, they had no desire. But for which I am grateful to the head of that Slovak hospital, who was a hundred years old, and who knew Russian well (Russian was obligatory in Czechoslovak schools until 1989), he explained where to start, which documents to do first and which later.
And here I am, a Ukrainian, a Kharkov citizen, I decide to change - or rather, to recognize my Ukrainian diploma in the EU country (in a small, eastern, not rich, but EU country). It was long, not very expensive, but very long - you need to get a bunch of pieces of paper, then a bunch of pieces of paper that confirm that the previous pieces of paper are true and so on ... All this is sent to the Ministry of Education of Slovakia and then still wait, wait ... But after a year and 500 I have a paper that my diploma is recognized as equivalent in Slovakia. Hooray! I was bored by pessimists who did not believe in me, but he is a new Slovak doctor who is ignorant of the language, has no specialization and experience, but is full of ambition and a sense of his own importance and value - there were little things left, just finding a job!
And I found, I found a job in a tiny district hospital (even less than I worked in Ukraine), in a hospital where I had been looking for a specialist for 2 years, and now I was desperate, agreed to anyone, but this happiness was laid down by the EXPERIENCED, albeit without The paper is confirmatory, the language really does not know (I was like a dog - I understand everything, but I can not say), but these are trifles, really! I did not know with what other bureaucrats I would meet and how much more money I would spend, but I could not stop already - by signing a contract with the hospital for a salary of 1000 euros - I was happy, then there were 4 more months of paperwork and all sorts of permits, but the result was , that in May 2011 I started working in a beautiful team consisting of 6 doctors in a remarkably equipped small hospital in the small town of Levoca (15 thousand population) in Slovakia.
Three months later, when I had a little life, my wife and daughter moved to me, having experience, she made paperwork faster, my daughter went to a Slovak garden, and this year she already went to school.
Now, after only 2.5 years of life in poor Slovakia, I can tell you what we have achieved. We live in an apartment, with repair and furniture, which we pay for ourselves (without the help of our parents), I bought a car - not a new one, but not bad, this year my wife and I were bought a small car, on vacation we flew to Egypt, and in the past year bought a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. Someone will say that I have not achieved anything worthwhile, but I am sure of one thing: I did not have this in Ukraine and I could not make money from it, for some reason it did not work, but it turned out here. Now in the plans, the continuation of professional training, career growth and, of course, the expansion of the family!
From above my machine.
From below, the boat on which we sailed.
What does not like - we are still not at home. Of course, I am a patriot and I really wanted to get settled in Ukraine, but now I do not know whether I can work there - begging / extorting money from patients, can I live and again fear police / militia (after all, I seem to have done nothing but meet with them I do not want to), live in a country where the slogans are true: "You will not podmazhesh - you will not go" and "You will not live without it".

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