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[Communication] Azores.

[Communication] Azores.
Is there anyone in the forum with the Azores, living there permanently. + L / P # l9> - b "p 'L.
Can you share information, experience, impressions, nuances of everyday life? how did you move, on what island do you live, why did you choose Azora and exactly your island? what do you do at your leisure?))) c8 i + E * V% R "Z (C4 i9 @ 6 Z.
Interesting all-all! any information!
, k2 E2 b (a0 X. v! L6 E, z "x0 w & _ 4 w. H5 Q% s3 n3 Y.
Thanks in advance for the response! (p: h; Y! C D6 T.
Together - we are force!
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(S3 u (O0 T Hi! I sent this question to our page in Facebook.
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9 v4 h-a) z:> 8 K v. I. p / _ (V: P: W.
My name is Alexander. The whole family moved to the Azores (Santa Miguel Island) in 2001. Here he finished his studies at the school and then at the university. 6 t4 e '] 6 v8 F "c5 Q! L / w & f.
Now I work in tourism (we have a travel agency in San Miguel - Lazorica), I do import-export, real estate and investment projects.
. A1 m R) Q2 P% r7 U; I.
Together - we are force!
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. k-> $ o7> 4 O Thank you very much! ))
What we wrote in Facebook: 8 g $ K9 n. V "R! \
1. Yura Samborskiy 5 X & P # k8 O, W9 h / i.
2 J8 R d (Q, P + A 'a / a * N- j.
My friend was in the Azores. He told me that it was very beautiful, but everything was too expensive. To live and work here one must know excellent English and even better Portuguese. Winter. cold. If you want to go on vacation in the summer, it's paradise. 700 kilometers from the coast of Portugal. & z2 E3 O7 M%
$ C! s0 i3 N6 I0 D, D- n $ y + z5 I.
2. Oksana Yakovenko.
2 C2 N9 F $ Y (X / P5 y, j * m: Y + a Were with friends on San Miguel from 01 to 05.11.2011, It seems, it's not summer, we swam in the ocean. And in the mountains, the wind, sometimes very strong, waited several times a day, again, mostly in the mountains, so the rainbow was seen every day, sometimes three times. We were told that cows graze on the grass year-round, in When they were flying on the plane, they saw an advertisement - everyone was asked to start a business in the Azores, they promised assistance. �The Azotians are proud of the fact that neither because the climate, the eternal greenery, grows all the time without fertilizers.Varage 2 times a year, some cultures, even three.Of course, we are tourists, you can tell us everything, but it seems to me that this is close to the truth. ' d3 | * q0 H * [! \ (g)
I live in the Azores (Piku) for 6 years, before that, by hitting 8. Personally, I'm fine here - quietly, calmly. About krasotischu already silent of course)) Winter on the fan - the winds, rains, it's cool. But probably boring, when everything is the same? ) Summer without extreme heat - an average of +25, plus, as a rule, a breeze. The people are benevolent, without intrusiveness, a calm such people.
1 ^ 1 u + `3] 9> 4 m /`, P6 r! O t5 X 5 w6 W; w # s # O. D% | - H.
4. Elena Zhdanova.
!! L & M * O # ^ 7 B8 w0 k & H.
u4 e "x # D! \ 7 B Hello! And we have settled on Terceira!
(p5 f8 Y # `) h3 D8 m, A" c We came on a yacht from America for the first time and fell ill) Azoram. Last year already from Croatia to Terceira came .. Very beautiful islands On the plane to fly from the mainland 2.5 hours, so it's about 1700 km.)
(i / q2 n5 T: [$ V3 t *
"E But it's worth it, believe me!
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: M1 \ 8 L) v #? 7 P, | Rest there - well, but at all it seems to me there from boredom can die. Up to 50+ years and in Lisbon is not a fountain, but only on the islands in the middle of the ocean, where you can only farm / tourists.
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Going to the azory for permanent residence? - d3 V! c6 V6 [(O-A8 g "c.
Rest there - well, but on with.
) l1 d: o * z7 q) t, t (?, @ 5 [: \ '> I can disappoint you in the 50+, you want to travel even more than in 20+, so sitting on the islands - it's some not very nra, even in the 70+
It's like it.
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