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Comments 8.

Comments 8.
The topic is to the difference between official information in America and the facts, which even the students tell from there: the external shine covered the truth, as we do. This is what capitalism is originally committed by.
And the reason for the decline is capitalism and technology.
There is no other way to develop NOBODY.
While America is drying, Russia is dying .. to 1 million. people per year is statistics, and the reality can be 2-5 miles. after all, no one counts the homeless.
In Russia, migrants only from Central Asia and the Caucasus. And in the States - from around the world. Progression here should be applied geometric, and not arithmetical (although, in my opinion, the factorial works, and not progressions). Given the significant difference in the territory (the territory is always there - the damper), the US has already turned into a ghost. What else could happen to the country that gave shelter to the Morgans, Dupont, Rockefellers? They do not follow the first commandment of the demon: the demon who suits an earthquake under his own ass is bad.
Hence the conclusion, which about a quarter of a century ago was voiced by Vyacheslav Butusov: "Goodbye, America."
Even here America is still ahead.
No one cares how the Russians suffer in what kind of village Kukuyevo, but everyone watches as Detroit dies.
And everything began prosaically. First there was a crisis and the city began to leave mid-level specialists. After due to the shortage of skilled labor from Detroit, the owners of enterprises and large businesses dispersed.
The latter went to the university, who could find employment in another city.
Remained those who sit on the social allowance and in principle leave is not going anywhere.
Detroit has become the city of the victorious proletariat, free of the bourgeoisie.
Any washerwoman there can manage at least a hospital, at least a car repair shop, still in ruins.
There are no more exploiters ready to provide work, profit and pay taxes.
Everyone is equal in Detroit, there is no rich. But they are unlikely to be happy about it.
Russian Communists would go there, or else they all rush into cities, where there are continuous exploiters and social inequality.
Everything is much simpler: the Japanese avenged them for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
It is necessary to understand the mentality of peoples.
Russians lead a very sedentary lifestyle, even a proverb is, any relocation is half the fire.
Americans also move to another city this time to spit, there is absolutely the same quality of life, the same network stores, food chains and hypermarkets.
Even in an absolute hole, you can order anything, get it quickly and on time and do not feel detached from civilization.
By the way the last time more and more native Peter began to call the Russian Detroit, I do not like it, the comparison is not good. 8 car plants, well, where there are so many in one place? A number of monocities such as Pikalevo with their unemployment, that's where they would go.
EVERYTHING: read the continuation-DETROIT MISUSE. Opinions there perfectly explain everything, including for us and our cities!
They finished the last birds there.
There is a chapter in the end - "A little bit about depopulation".

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