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Comments 53.

Comments 53.
Yesterday they were visiting and watched a small video of the hosts, a week ago, arrived from the rest of the Arab Emirates.
And I, which for Russia thought it over, thought-my God-how miserable we are compared to them.
But as always in such cases - I was lucky and I meet this article.
And immediately I thought How well we live, just WELL LIVING. ))))
There is such a transmission "Discovery of China" is led by Eugene Kolesov. He had a taxi about taxis and taxi drivers. Naturally, the Chinese are even more superstitious than us, they never say how much they earned, but then did a young guy get caught or did Kolesov promise to give him extra money? In short, having learned that they say the earnings of taxi drivers have become less, the crisis, people are more on public transport, or they catch transplantation on a bicycle, Kolesov suggested that the guy go to another country. The guy was very surprised: "Why? I do not know anything about other countries?" Wheels lpjat: "Well, you learn the language, you'll buy the Machine, there are employers with machines, keep your park". The guy shook his head: "No, I like my country, I have a wife, children, my mother and father here, I can not teach the language late, I will not save money for a car, and if I leave, I will part with my wife and children for a long time. it always seems that somewhere better, but you'll come there, but all the same, if not worse. " Kolesov already laughed. and repeated the guy our proverb. He also laughed and replied, saying a good proverb and the best place where you were born and where all your relatives and all your kind, so I like China the most. Like this.
what we are happy we have everything, I wanted to rest, I went to the river, I wanted to fish, I threw the fishing rod, I wanted to retire, I sat down on the car and went to the forest for a loan, and that's not all our wealth.
it's good there where we are not and where we are always excellent.
I have one more acquaintances, mature, he was at the beginning of a design bureau in aircraft construction-very respectable-many friends-communicative (formerly my Jewish boss) Russian wife-librarian.
Son in its vpemya uenhal in America - there somewhere it is taught-dragged and parent there. They have issued citizenship, they gave them a dwelling, a good pension.
She's a friend of my sister writes a lot, everything is fine, everything is okay - only there is nobody to talk to. Nostalgia tortured, but there is no turning back. You live in some unreal world and do not want anything. My son has a lot of work - almost do not see.
My husband works as a watchman in the woods, he is already 70. They do not pay a lot-17 tons. He works day-to-day from 10 to 4. 43 days, 2 days off, not far from home.
In the summer he has fishing and mushrooms-grow right next to the buildings-what's keeping watch. He says while his feet go or will not be fired only because of this, I will not leave for anything.
And I already have these fungi and fish the truth of the crucifix-healthy already almost everything I give out - naealsya.A Mushrooms all podberyozoviki - yes podsinoviki - but only very young - razlepochi not beret-da mushrooms.
I it to what-at it or him these 2 employment or occupations bzik since the childhood-the same fishing, not for the sake of a fish - and for the sake of a bite.
In what country it will be allowed to do it like this for fun for free.
. So I look, where you are not!
And if there is no river, no fishing rod, no car?
like a lion with a thick bare foot and peshochkom.
a healthy spirit and a healthy body.
Peshochkom to the river for the weekend will not have time.
so in summer take a shovel and dig a small river. the sea was dug up.
In order to dig rivers and seas, I needed to be born in such a great country as Ukraine.
and you were born in a great country "Where wonders and gobies wander.
there is a Russian spirit, where Rus smells. "
Where are we going? -Here is an article (
rolled down and rolled out, then there's nowhere else, beyond America))))))))))))))))))
I read the article with interest, but I liked the ending: in Moscow there is more time to live. That's right.
Aha. Especially among the unemployed.
In the mid-70's, in Moscow was an exhibition "US 200 years." There, he accidentally overheard the conversation between the guide and the visitor:
P. And as in America with unemployment, is it easy to find work?
G. Whether it is capitalism or socialism. Or some other. There will always be in short supply hard-working, low-drinking and diligent workers.
Somehow I remember these words, and all my life I try to meet these criteria. Maybe that's why I feel good personally. But with how many, really talented people started. And how many are left? Who is drunk, who else is something. Each of us has our own life and live it instead of someone or someone. It means not to live. Almost two years as a pension, and still call, sms send. I myself appear at work. I loved my work, and when I felt that my knowledge was no longer sufficient, I went and graduated. Although they worked hard about the age. Then they came for advice. So your life, it's not someone else's and project your attitude to another person, probably a useless lesson.
And at us hard-working low-drinking highly professional welders. And as the season ends, they remain without work until April. As hard workers - they are very good, but in terms of learning in any way. Even advertising can not be submitted to find at least temporary work for the winter. Yes, and they do not need much, since such for the winter is released a huge amount.
By the way, I want to ask everything, but what is your name? And why hass?
go dornikom-on the construction-gastery work all find, and our can not - then so satisfied.
Gasterov then take it that they need to pay less. Our Russian they will survive.
Greta! Though kill me, who wants that job will always find. And all these unemployed - or they do not need it - there is at whose expense live-or just slackers. There are such everywhere.
And No one will convince me that people - especially in working age - can not find work for themselves. On what they live. At me pensioners familiar till 70 years work and find to themselves work.
If it were not for my legs - I would still be working, not even for the sake of money, but just sitting at home - longing.
But, at least kill me, I'll never work as a janitor. In addition, not all health allows.
Pensioners can afford to find a job for 10 thousand. they have a pension and do not need to feed children. I tried to find a job somehow, and you know that there is nobody to feed me, so I managed to settle in two places, where then I was not paid.
Your mistake Greta - what do you measure on your own - when we were pressed in the 90's, and we had to feed and feed the family, the husband was sitting with a sick child, he was not paid a salary, and I went to the rubble with my socks to trade- - then he went the loader at the milk factory- and I get out of people-and this is the 90s, when it was impossible to find work at all. And my neighbors condemned me, went to wash other people's toilets.
Only they are still in odnushkah and dvushkah live, and even the children are married - husbands, wives in the apartments have led. - and I - myself znash-two-story for two.
I understand that everyone wants to get up to 100 tons, but not everyone has such abilities.
By abilities and work.
And for 10 thousand go to work not only retirees. If the other is not yet or the other is incapable.
Your neighbors - fools or envied) It's not such a bad job to get killed by people. I would not be taken. I'm at home with difficulty put in. And there is no energy.
In the 90's I worked on the railway. She left the year 95 in real estate. It was difficult, but I understood that it was necessary to master a new specialty in the market. No one pays a salary there. Only interest on the transaction. And the first transaction is very difficult. Many are breaking down. I lived on a starvation diet for six months.
I bought my apartment myself.
At 10 thousand will not go to many. Because it's a swamp. You will get stuck and you will not get out. When to look for another, if your working time is busy and you can not call once, or go on an interview? In addition, dismissal 2 weeks. At another job, you can not wait so much. And often it happens that you leave work because they do not pay.
You leave without a penny and think what to do next?
In addition, when I was looking for work, I also thought that I would receive the first salary after 1.5 months (if I received it), but I still have to live somehow before it and have money to go to the road.
And I have no one to borrow from. So she was interrupted at that time by accidental earnings when she was paid at the end of the week.
But this has long been. Although, I think that if I leave my line of business, then everything will repeat. Another thing is that I will not leave, so I have 2 online stores and a website in my direction, plus the production of drawings. If I do not work with one employer, I will find another.
My former employers know how to make equipment. If you now remain without business, then do not go to their homes to revenge. They, if the mind, will need to look for someone who will sponsor their activities.
The work can be found one that no one goes to, because it is poorly paid.
I searched, and I was offered to literally trade the air. Network marketing, pyramids. There were also offers by sales managers. But knowing how to monitor the market, I realized that their products are higher in price than in other places. And where it is cheaper, there they do without extra staff, save on salaries and therefore can sell cheaper.
By the way, as a cashier, I tried to get into network marketing, so they did not take me either. I do not know why. In secret, one woman told me that they had an unspoken order to take up to 30 years. As you can see, they also have Uzbeks and Ukrainians working everywhere. And if at an age, then with a lot of experience in trading.
For 10 thousand will not go many.
I went to 16-muzh-toolmaker of the 6th grade at the aircraft factory- microns fishing should be understood in the working profession-what is it-went to the loader-9,000. It was the middle of the 90s.
We did not disdain any work-if only we could.
It is now starting to pick it - less than 30-it's not a job, I'll sit better at home.
Here, start and sit.
The younger son went collector to the aircraft factory, and the first pay was 8 tons. - After a year already 40- and there is an increase in ryazryad and earnings.
Many left - and now regret, they did not find it better. and even some returned back.
Pensioners of course - it's easier, if 12-14 thousand- but this is mine for normal life and if everything is purchased before you leave.
Only many people do not think about it, getting gray salaries means a small pension will be.
And God forbid - if they are retired, they will find work for themselves.
The difference between pensions between gray and white wages will be a couple of thousand. We choose jobs where our profile is, where we work comfortably and are treated well. Not many can take a white salary. If you make a choice between a gray salary of 100 thousand and white for the same job 40-50 thousand, then guess what people will choose?
I have now been taken to 13.5 thousand officially and I'm already happy about it, since they pay it additionally out of their own pocket. And my main earnings consist of a percentage of sales. And this percentage is not fixed. It all depends on the price that the manufacturer agrees. And officially it can not be calculated in any way. In addition, the calculations are complete. Buyers also do not want to shine their money.
And if I want a white salary, then I need to neglect everything that I developed and promoted and go in another specialty, which I do not have. And I will be earning at the best 30 thousand. I did not invent it. It's just that someone is upstairs in our government.
Greta! You are all about some 100 thousand verb.
And you do not know - that basically on private enterprises, they work for 30-40 tons and get only 9 thousand on the card. At me in a city of such enterprises and big and small it is full - as well as in all Russia.
Without thinking about - that without paying taxes, harm the state - first of all they harm themselves.
And then they will whine, that the pensions are small.
Well I do not know. Our idlers get 50 thousand plus for overtime. On another site, the welder gets 100 rubles for the pile. For a change, he makes 50 of them. And when it's an emergency, then 70 pieces. Plus, for the bending of the blades for 5 rubles per joke. Even if only 100 pieces a day will bend, then it's already quite good. It takes an hour, no more. But they can not officially be organized there. There officially only the director and his brother. It's winter now. No orders. And why would they pay officially even a salary of 9,000 rubles?
Ie work seasonal. Officially, you will not get settled. And the whole country does not only piles.
And you first reconnoiter the ore reserves-get the metal ore-create a plant with blast furnaces-smelting metal, etc.
Then you will say, that you work for yourself, and workers also pay - as to yourself, do not forget that the ore in the country - in which you live - general, do not forget to unfasten me.))))
We do not mined ore in St. Petersburg. And we do not take the metal for free, but we buy it. You unfasten - will cost))) you will not get a pension, even if all taxes are paid. In our country they do not like to pay. Oil became cheaper - prices grew, oil went up - prices began to grow even more.
And all that we have, but bought with our money. We do not use state property.
And bought something from someone, who also gets 5 tons a day. "Then why piles are so expensive?"
It does not matter what the owner pays to the worker from whom we buy metal. Can I instead of the owner have to add money from their own pocket? Let them not work there, as I do not work at the post office, where 10 thousand pay.
Are piles expensive? And you count.
Take the standard 108 screw pile 2.5 meters. The meter of the pipe costs 430 rubles, the helical blade only for the metal - 140 rubles, the anticorrosive coating - 60 rubles, the welding wire + consumables for plasma and electricity, plus the workers pay for the pile assembly, painting and cutting the blade. How much should this pile cost you?
Yes, I understand - all without a difference (((((
It's not in me)))) but in the cycle of the wrong economy and squandering of funds in Russia. So you find yourself an excuse-not paying taxes, and who receives gray wages-otherwise they will not take to work.
Everyone and turns around as soon as he can. and this in general does not lead to growth - but to stagnation - and even ruin.
Well, if we start to correct this economy, then we will not be in a couple of months, and the number of unemployed will increase.
Well, I will not go to the detriment of my pocket for less paid work and minus all taxes. In addition, the state does not compensate me for my costs of my training. I do it from my own pocket.
And I am calm about the fact that I will have a small pension. Although, it is not known yet what it will be like. I have 10 years on the railway with a very high price. But now I'm doing everything to retire in this field and expand my client base.
so I'm telling all of us without a difference-just give a big salary and that's it.
And God forbid that these hundred thousand help now at least live in chocolate. ((((
I do not know whom in the government it suits, the main thing is that I would suit you at least for the time being.
In the government, this may not work, because they are not enough. They do not care about the people, but about themselves.
Greta! do not be like a beggar.)))))
And I'm a beggar.
I have 200 rubles in my pocket and 260 on my card. Plus, I have to pay 2000 rubles for the phone, 3000 for January 10, 1,400 rubles for advertising this week, and 1,500 rubles to buy a Thai cat)
Now they made an order for 3500. I agreed with the director that I would take them on loan.
and this at 100 thousand in revenue?
Where I wrote that I have 100 thousand income? I was talking about welders. How much I do not say. )))) And you see the difference between the money that you receive and income? Income, this is what remains after the money received minus the costs.
And the advertising costs are big. Only before the new year hosting for the site paid for and learning onlan. Plus 2 online stores, which are also not free. Only on Avito I spend 16-20 thousand.
But only everything must be done in time. If I buy food instead of advertising, then I can eat for the last time, for everything stops. And with advertising, I have a chance to earn money for food, even after a few days.
And after the courses of seo programmers I'm going to internet marketing. And this course is 9 months old and costs about 70 thousand rubles. In May, you will need to pay for online stores for a year of 56 thousand and 35. And there are no options.
So work for work? ))))
I like everything here and the bread is enough and all right.
In any business you need to invest. Sites do not buy every day. Training, too, will always pay off with interest. In order to earn customers who will feed you for many years, you need to start a little to start. Besides, at us now not a season, I already spoke. In a season quite another matter.
So - in the summer things will go?)))))
And they will go like-on one season or next winter will be enough.
But who knows? Expenditures also grow all the time. Now the producers have opened a branch in the Urals. Will we be able to withstand their prices at the expense of turnover? Turnover is small. It will be necessary to take additional workers. For them it is necessary to increase the rent and rent.
But for themselves)))))
Kosher, but the obvious question comes up: if these are myths, why do people migrate from East to West in packs, and not vice versa? Nestovochka? Ah, do not worry, tomorrow the dollar will collapse, 100% infa!
to whom there Kosher-Pushcha migrate-just as if they did not have to return-if they take it.

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