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Comments 42.

Comments 42.
In Dresden, beggars are caught. It is most often Romanians or Romanian Gypsies.
About the misery of German. The poverty level is officially set at 700 euros per person. And the fact that they wrote on behalf of a woman from Halle. Does not withstand any criticism. What is her pension, if the pension is calculated at 67 years? At this age, she brings up children? And then. Every child is paid at least 300 euros and plus their share for housing. If she is a widow, she gets a vident. That is a widow's pension. That's who wrote the concept has no life in Germany.
as well as you about life in Russia, but write or copy the same "znatakov"
There is a difference. I spent 49 years living in the USSR.I have the information exactly from the same sources as YOU. All channels of television and the Internet.
allow me, but the USSR died, you did not know? everybody knows.
And sources? Well, you have their own us and then you are all dragging from sites that are solidary with you, the merzopakostney the sooner on the air, there is no way to check personally-that, from where, by whom and why.
see live broadcasts filmed by volunteers who are not in the service for bribes.
And do you only look at Kisilev with mammoth? I watch Ukrainian TV and Belarusian regularly. Is it just Russian and German? Have you ever watched Ukrainian television?
there is no guess, it's even funny - I learned about Kisilev from the inhabitants of Ukraine, the mammoths and now I do not know who it is, but I look at them in parallel with the screenshot, compare (Channel 5 disappointed) 112 sometimes surprises (happens to them)
and yes, I watch Lukasch, watch all his conferences, interview, especially this from Ukraine - Shustik, do you know? such a funny little fellow.
I watch Ukrainian channels in Ukrainian. In the same way, Belarusian channels are in Belarusian. Basically, news is. And then I compare it with the news that Russian channels transmit. The display is of huge size. It's also interesting to see the TV of the Crimean Tatars. Or the Odessa channel. All this goes through the satellite.
agree that there and there are interested people, and in the screenshots of ordinary residents on self-sufficiency, showing without cut-outs, without critics, a live broadcast from a love angle, but you'll sham yourself, then we'll discuss.
In the "Politics" community there are more than 22 thousand participants and they often write information directly from the first hands. This also gives a lot in understanding the processes. There is such an opinion, not mine, from the same community. That the critical point in Ukraine is May 10. There will be demonstrations, there will be collisions and Russia will introduce its troops on the tenth of May. This is written by ordinary people.
all the same you do not understand, I suggested that you yourself become a party to all events, and you prefer the mouth is not clear who, your right.
May 10 (and Chate is not 9) far, and even much more critical, but if people are simple first hands (this means the hands of Ukraine) hold the answer for the Russian troops, it is most likely to be safer than the source (obviously, in agreement with your hands and the truth you do not need, well, although not bias in broadcasting)
stream look (at me night, the head is hammered already by deeds)
I watch Ukrainian channels in Ukrainian.
I do not recommend it categorically! They were invented for zombie people!
That's for sure? And I thought that only the First Channel and the Russia Channel were made for zombification.
Here, you see! You were definitely wrong! If you want, I can develop a topic.
And how do you think, how old are I, if I lived until 2002, I did not live in the USSR, but in one of the republics by the time the USSR collapsed? And then, several times I traveled and after that I was in Russia. But after that I decided NEVER no longer to call in Russia, only to the airport for transplantation. And then I do not know, maybe it's better to fly through Turkey.
but why should I think, you constantly advertise it and what pains you have in your legs and how the doctor can not put you a shot, because on vacation, and there is nobody else how you kettle boil economically, how to save the heat, how to relax in the neighboring villages , how unemployed you are, how young people leave for work, how they have grown up at home and can not solve the housing problem anymore (some fields and parks).
All problems from overpopulation of the planet. And in Germany, as in other white countries, the increase consists only of emigrants, Negroes, Arabs, Gypsies and their ilk. Also in the States, only negroes reproduce, but come in large numbers latin.
Judging by lice you live in South America, in Panama. Where do you know at the expense of whom there is an increase in the population in Germany? In Dresden, where there are very few visitors, This is the former GDR, Turks do not go here. Also, like the Arabs, a real boom of fertility. My daughter almost in the corridor gave birth, everything was occupied by the women and in the kindergarten must be recorded before the birth of a child. Years ago, Dresden took the first place in Germany in terms of life expectancy and growth, bypassing Munich, where there are really enough Turks. But there are only three million for the whole of Germany, these Turks! There are almost as many settlers from Russia. Only there is a difference, the settlers are German citizens, and most Turks are just guests, without citizenship.
Three years in a row, the population of Germany is growing thanks to migrants publication time: January 8, 2014, 23:05.
last updated: January 8, 2014, 23:05.
The government of Germany intends by the summer of 2014 to develop methods of combating possible abuses that foreigners can make when they receive pensions for poverty. According to the decision of the Cabinet, adopted on Wednesday, January 8, a special commission, which will include representatives of almost all ministries and the commissioner for migration, should submit a report by the end of June.
The population of Germany increased in 2013, it has been growing for the third year in a row thanks to migrants, Deutsche Welle reports. According to preliminary data from Destatis - the Federal Statistical Office, Germany's population in 2013 rose to 80.8 million people (in 2012, the number was 80.5 million).
In the past year, according to Destatis, the number of immigrants arriving in Germany will again significantly exceed the number of emigrants. So, in 2011 the number of arrivals to the country by 279 thousand exceeded the number of those who left it, and in 2012 - by 369 thousand. According to preliminary calculations, in 2013 this figure was 400 thousand people.
The birth rate in Germany in 2013 remained at a low level. The number of newborns ranged from 675 to 695 thousand, while those of the deceased - from 885 to 905 thousand.
Meanwhile, countries like Spain, against the backdrop of a crisis and high unemployment, are facing an opposite trend: their population is shrinking because of emigration. According to the National Institute of Statistics of Spain, the population declined for the second consecutive year, the rate of decline increased from 90.3 thousand in 2012 to 240 thousand in 2013.
Since 2008, when the economic crisis erupted in Spain, a total of about half a million people left Spain, most of them young people between the ages of 25 and 35. Only in Germany in 2012, almost 30 thousand Spaniards left, last year this figure grew even more.
My daughter in the corridor gave birth almost all in the corridor, everything was occupied by the women and they had to be registered in the kindergarten even before the birth of the child. "There are not enough maternity hospitals and kindergartens, not at the proper level, and not because of the high birth rate.
And there is no money for paid money. (((((
My granddaughter, two weeks ago, gave birth to a 2-nd great-grandson to me, I registered in advance to a paid hospital in a separate ward..50 rubles.
Could and for free, no problem!
There are no paid and free maternity homes in Dresden. More precisely, there are no generic homes at all. It is a department in the clinic where they take birth. The cost is about three thousand euros. It pays for insurance. Free medical care in Germany is not. Only paid.
for three thousand euros to give birth in the corridor? darkness? Here it is service ((((
It is not necessary to understand so literally. When there were too many women in childbirth, it was necessary to occupy the chambers of another ward in the clinic. The conditions are normal. For two, immediately in the ward there is a toilet and a shower. The child can be left with us. It is possible to give it to a special department. Personally, we did not have to pay a penny, everything is covered by insurance. Like all medications and medicines.
and how much does insurance cost?
In the last 5 years in Germany began to appear "rodzaly, led by midwives" (literal translation from German), ie. midwives rent a room in the hospital and spend birth there.
The state goes for this, because in connection with the decrease in the birth rate, to keep the entire staff of the maternity ward - obstetrician doctors, anaesthesiologists, midwives, etc. - has become unprofitable.
The department is cost-effective only if a minimum of 600 births take place in a year, and in smaller cities, births are much less.
Looking for kogo.Za insurance pays the labor exchange. For working as a percentage of the salary. A midwife leads a woman from the first visit to a doctor about pregnancy. She visits the house, consults and eventually takes delivery. If the delivery is urgent, she invites a doctor. They live at a certain time when the doctor says. That day and give birth. carries, just on the appointed day a woman comes to the clinic and gives birth. There are no maternity hospitals, all in the same building.
it is so small your income, that for you even the labor exchange pays? How for a beggar?
It's simply impossible to give birth, it means doing stimuli or cesarean injections.
And for insurance and for an apartment, they pay for everything. And my daughter-in-law was just made to walk up the stairs until the fights began. She was very simple in the water.
And what income can the unemployed have? Naturally, everything is paid by the exchange.
can also jump from the third floor forced, to give birth))))
is it in the hospital in the water? In the shared bathroom or in the pool? Nightmare!
It's a special pool in the delivery room. Who wants to. It's in the water, who wants the usual way. Is there no such choice in Russia? It's very promising, they say that this is the most natural way of giving birth. And you can look at the hospital for a photo in my topic.
In Russia, there is everything! To choose from. You can even give birth at home,
I'm certainly very interested in how your daughter in the water gave birth ((((
Only you - some not modern. The fact that for you, the divo- we knew in the USSR))))
This is for you divo.Poetomu I explained. From there, I know what conditions in Ramenskoye, where firefighters can not reach the nursing home by one o'clock. On a different topic, there are many Rostejskie maternity hospitals. Your granddaughter in one of these gave birth? Rich people go to the US and Germany to give birth and are treated.
this is for you wonder, I knew it when I gave birth to the first one. , although there was no Internet. -Prepresented-basin-with water-a woman with a belly in it-a midwife-and the child comes out with blood, sometimes a woman-despite enemas-and kakashki-and then another, and last, a piece of blue meat in the blood.
And then another climbs)))) - beauty!
the rich do not go to the land all the riches are not enough, while in such countries, like Germany, there are tons of products to be dumped in landfills, if only prices do not fall, while in other countries they simply starve.
Their products are taken to the landfill and not for the reason that they hold the price, but because they are overdue. There are free shops where products are delivered, the expiration date ends in two to three days, but they are not disassembled, absolutely free of charge. And those who are hungry let it work like in Germany and it will be their happiness. This is even though at the cottages prohibit more than forty percent of the land to borrow agricultural products, otherwise there would be nowhere to do it. The support of the peasants.
the practice of such genera in the water has about 40 years.
I judge by what I read. In Germany, among the emigrants are the Turks. Maybe Dresden and a special city, I'm happy for him. But in other cities, they write that there are few white children, more and more colored. Also from Paris, my friends write that from the Negroes there is no passage.
About invalids a little germanih.Moy znakomyy.invalid.invalid first group as they would say in the Soviet Union on sight, in other words, completely blind, a month receives 2,500 euros. Plus, free travel on buses with an accompanying person. Even the intercity. Free parking for a car in any parts of the city. draw conclusions yourself.
Free parking for a blind driver's car owner?
Is not a blind man allowed to have a car? Driving a wife or any of the relatives or friends. A special pass under the glass of any car and no fee.

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