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City of Marbella (Spain, Andalusia) – reviews.

City of Marbella (Spain, Andalusia) - reviews.
The most expensive resort in Spain.
Pluses: a beautiful city; cozy embankment; comfort;
Disadvantages: very high prices;
One of the most favorite places of rest in the mainland Spain for us is Andalusia. And your favorite coast is the Costa del Sol beach. Endless beaches stretch along the entire southern coast of Spain, but the most popular places in the province of Malaga.
The pearl of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Costa del Sol.
Pluses: Beaches, prehistoric atmosphere of the city.
Marbella is another Spanish city, part of the province of Malaga, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Marbella is located about 60 kilometers from Malaga, where there is a large international airport with flights from many countries of the world.
The famous Spanish resort.
Pluses: The accessibility of everything.
One of the most expensive public resorts in Spain - Marbella, we decided to visit, because we stayed for a few days in Malaga. From Malaga to Marbella, we reached a comfortable bus that departs from the bus station in the center.
Russia, vacation read Otzovik less often.
A couple of hours in the elite resort of Spain.
Pluses: were not long, so little that they saw, but managed to see the flamenco dancers, eat traditional fish on the grill, stroll through the ancient streets and, of course, take a swim in the best beaches of Andalusia.
Marbella! Of course, I read from friends on the site about this resort for the elite, of course, I heard that our pop stars have "dachas" there. Therefore, the day we rented a car in Fuengirola immediately went.
famous city of luxury, glitter and glamor, a symbol of a rich life!
Pluses: Festive atmosphere, the beauty of Marbella itself and the sea.
Disadvantages: Everything is noticeably more expensive than in neighboring towns.
The famous city - the resort of Marbella, on the Costa del Sol (Spain, Andalusia) is certainly considered the most luxurious in all of Spain - one this name is already a symbol of a rich life! And seventy years ago it was.
Sea, sun, mountains and luxury.
Pluses: a wonderful climate.
The Golden Mile of Marbella is one of the most fashionable areas. Here the best microclimate is due to the fact that on one side of the Sierra Blanca, and on the other side of the sea. Protected residential complex of the Golden Mile. The cost of villas here starts from.
The city of eternal spring.
Pluses: the city of eternal spring.
Marbella or as we call it Marbella - a small resort town (a permanent population of about one hundred thousand people) in the south of the Mediterranean coast of Spain - Costa del Sol. If you plan to travel by plane from Russia, then the nearest one.
The standard of style, wealth and chic or luxury resort on the Costa del Sol.
Pluses: Luxury villas, the famous port, expensive yachts, luxury cars and a lot of glamor.
Disadvantages: Without money, just look.
Planning a holiday on the Costa del Sol, we decided to stay in the city of Marbella. It is considered an elite resort. In the vicinity of Marbella is the famous Puerto Banus. The road to which lies by the famous "Golden Mile", by.
A magnificent Mediterranean city with wonderful architecture and parks.
Pluses: Beautiful well-groomed city with interesting monuments and magnificent climate.
In August 2013, I rested in Spain in the wonderful city of Fuengirola. In the city of Marbella, I was on the corrida (bus round trip and, respectively, except for the arena did not see anything). There was a desire to see other places and.
A fashionable resort in the south of Spain.
Pluses: Cozy, beautiful, clean.
In Marbella, we traveled from Malaga by bus. The air and climate are slightly milder than in Malaga. Despite the fact that the city is considered a steep resort where rich people and oligarchs rest, you can find a hotel on any pocket.
A great place to relax - my favorite Puerto Banus.
Pluses: Stepping accessibility of everything - beaches, shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities, attractions for children.
Disadvantages: No, no and once again no!
I would go there endlessly. Spent there with a family of beautiful 8 summer seasons and several off-season. Heavenly place. The sea, beaches, a lot of restaurants (although we preferred to cook at home from products, mostly, of course, the freshest.
Excellent rest in the Mediterranean.
Pluses: Beautiful architecture, entourage at the height, excellent service.
Disadvantages: High prices.
Rest in the Mediterranean is remembered for a long time by all who will take the opportunity there to visit. Very captivated by the beautiful architecture of Marbella. A quick check-in at the hotel only increased the number of positive emotions that will remain in the memory for a long time. Pleased with the high quality of service in.
Luxury rest.
Pluses: Beach, comfort, city cheat.
Disadvantages: They are not.
Today I would like to write a review about the rest in the wonderful city of Marbella. We rested there for 2 weeks and we really enjoyed it. For two weeks we could see almost everything. Especially we liked the beach, because.

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