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City of Buenos Aires (Argentina, Buenos Aires) – reviews.

City of Buenos Aires (Argentina, Buenos Aires) - reviews.
Tasty piece of Europe in South America.
Pluses: The city is struck by different architectural styles, unusual areas, monuments and way of life of citizens.
Disadvantages: Without beauty, but I could not find any cons. Be careful, because in general the situation is the same as everywhere, thieves are working.
Good Buenos Aires (BsAs) greeted me kindly. Usually the winter in the June months is colder, and I was happy with the sunny warm days and I went around the city much where the eyes look, or, where I planned ahead of time later, after.
A city with an atmosphere of tango, freedom and openness.
Pluses: Magnificent architecture, openness and accessibility for tourists, cheap prices for everything, an abundance of meat dishes, ubiquitous dances.
Disadvantages: Hurricanes and financial crises occur here.
Welcome to my homepage! Today I share with you impressions about the amazing Argentina and its capital - Buenos Aires. When I was going to Argentina, my friends warned me: "Lena, where are you going? It's a third world country.
The city of dance.
Disadvantages: a criminal city, homeless.
He was in Argentina, in Buenos Aires. The impression of the city is nice nice, but what happened in it with me upset me. But first things first. So, having flown to the airport, I did not go to the taxi drivers.
A delightful country.
Pluses: Huge beautiful city, hospitable people, nature.
Disadvantages: We did not notice them.
In Argentina, my son and I visited in October 2013. It was an unforgettable journey. Given that the country is in the Southern Hemisphere, we arrived there in the midst of spring. Argentina welcomed us warmly and sunny. AT.
A city of contrasts, a city of emotions, a city of tango.
Pluses: Architecture, cuisine, tango.
Disadvantages: prices are not cheap for food and many tourist attractions.
Good afternoon! Finally, it was a little time, and I decided to write a review about the huge and interesting city of Latin America Buenos Aires. A crazy 14 hour flight from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, directly through the Atlantic. I flew to.
A very green beautiful city, reminiscent of Paris.
Pluses: green, beautiful, interesting city.
Disadvantages: be careful with your things - they can rob.
I would like to tell a little about Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. For citizens of Russia there is no need for a visa to Argentina, they just put a stamp on the entrance to the airport. Taxis are not very expensive there, so you can take a taxi on arrival.
The most beautiful city in South America.
Pluses: Beautiful city in a good location.
Disadvantages: for me they are not.
In Buenos Aires and in particular in the whole of Argentina I had to visit a very long time ago. Native people live in this distant country. In advance I want to write, maybe my review will be similar.
Architecture - the remnants of former luxury, crime. Tango with a steak flavor.
Pluses: Tango, delicious steaks.
Disadvantages: Criminogenic situation, evil people, difficult with currency exchange.
I read reviews about Argentina. Frankly surprised by the enthusiasm of many. I decided that I should write more about some of the features of recreation in this country. Probably, I do not want you to regret the money spent and do not expect from this country too.
beautiful architecture, inhospitable residents, everything is very expensive.
Strangely enough, but the attitude to Buenos Aires I have quite cool, or rather, not to the city itself, but to its inhabitants. I was there in 2012, in April and May. The city itself is beautiful.
City of good winds, where dreams come true!
Pluses: weather, people, tango, food, nature.
Disadvantages: dirty streets, theft on the street.
In the greatest February frosts of 2012, I managed to find myself in the warmest and most amazing place on the planet, the city of good winds, where tango was born, as well as the well-known Latin American carnivals. Buenos Aires.
I love this city. There is a sense of freedom.
Pluses: Calm rhythm of life.
Disadvantages: Poorly developed services.
About Buenos Aires you can tell a lot. If you cut off horror stories about the level of crime and about the fact that the Argentines are used to letting their dogs meet the need right on the sidewalks and at the same time the owners do not clean up after them, then.
The capital of Argentina is able to turn a head with passionate dances and appetizing aramatamione.
Pluses: There is something to see and what to admire!
Argentina! The native land of Diego Moradona, Ernesto Che Guevara, and of course the beloved by all teenagers of actress Natalia Oreiro. But the most important is the birthplace of the famous and unusually beautiful dance, the birthplace of tango. Before the trip to Buenos Aires, I scheduled for.
Homeland of the most delicious steak and the most passionate tango!
Pluses: the atmosphere of the city, dancing, people and many others.
Buenos Aires translates as "Good winds." And with these winds, a huge number of emigrants enter here every year. Due to this, the capital of Argentina is constantly growing. Literally every quarter, right on the street someone either sings, or dances, or juggles.
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod.
The other end of the world.
Pluses: Beautiful, authentic.
Disadvantages: High crime rate, long flight.
Buenos Aires is the most impressive city I've ever been to. I want to point out a few important points for me. First of all architecture: The most interesting building can be seen in the area of Ricollet (including the famous cemetery where Evita is buried). Second: the Spanish language.
A very wonderful city.
Pluses: I liked everything!
My dream has finally come true. I visited the wonderful city of Buenos Aires. And my journey through the city began with the wonderful forests of Palermo. You probably heard about this place, but it's better to see for yourself once, because that's it.

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