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Citizenship of Canada for a Russian citizen: the process of obtaining.

Citizenship of Canada for a Russian citizen: the process of obtaining.
Over the past two years, the number of emigrants from Russia has increased noticeably. So, in 2014 for eight months, 203659 people left, during the same period of 2013 the number of emigrants amounted to 120 756 people.
The Russians prefer to move to the countries of the EU, America, Israel, Canada for the move. The instability of the economy, the crisis in the oil industry have worsened the standard of living of citizens, and these reasons have served as a certain motivation for the growth of emigration sentiments.
Emigration to Canada.
The process of immigration to the country is possible, but the procedure of moving will require enough time and patience. Despite this, many residents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus dream to settle here. Now there are about 500 thousand Russian-speaking citizens in the country. During the year, about 10 thousand people from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus enter permanently.
Reasons for moving are:
High standard of living and safety; Ecological situation; Political stability;
There are many people who want to settle in the country. Every year, 15 million people experience a chance of obtaining permanent residence, but this can be done to 250 thousand people. This is explained by the tightening of requirements in immigration policy. Although, the quota for 2015 was increased to 280 thousand people.
At the moment, the Kingdom has several federal and provincial resettlement programs. This is not a lottery, but a selection of really excellent specialists. The economy of the state depends on the proportion of able-bodied citizens, so the chances of obtaining a cherished permanent residence in demanded specialists are greater.
How to become a citizen.
To obtain citizenship, it is important to meet several criteria:
Continuous period of residence - three years in the status of permanent residence; Availability of a special resident card. It is necessary when crossing the state borders.
If these requirements are met, the forms are filled in and the state duty is paid. When approving the application, direct preparation for the exam begins, at which a decision is made to issue or refuse. A few months (about a year), the applicant receives an invitation for testing.
And here's how to pass the US citizenship exam, described in detail in this article.
The level of proficiency in the state language (English, French) is assessed at the exam. Questions are asked about the history and geography of the kingdom concerning employment, income and family. The decision is made after a certain period and the persons who received a positive response are invited to the ceremony of assigning a new status. The holder is issued a Citizen's Card of Canada.
Documents submitted for granting citizenship:
Application form; Resident card (copy); Identity documents; A photo; Receipt for payment of state duty.
On video- How to obtain Canadian citizenship to a Russian citizen:
Federal programs for immigration.
All those who wanted to move to the state and get permanent resident status can leave on any of the available schemes:
Basic requirements: it is designed for those who have sufficient skill level. In priority, the age category is up to 35 years. The presence of appropriate special education. Knowledge of the state language.
In turn, it is possible to single out three directions in the state project:
Federal Skilled Worker. Specialists with at least a year's experience who have higher education and knowledge of the state language leave it; Federal Skilled Trades. It is designed primarily for working professions. For citizens who already have work experience in the country (students who earn money while studying); Canadian Experience Class. It is provided for highly skilled workers with 12 years of service in the Kingdom. The presence of higher education, knowledge of one of the state languages.
After selecting the appropriate program, the applicant is marked in the Express Entry. Online resource is open on the country's immigration website. Here there is a preliminary selection of candidates.
For registration, people who meet several conditions are allowed:
Candidates who passed the language test; Diploma of education that meets the standards; The presence of a sufficient number of points. Cost: in addition to the services of an interpreter and a notary, you need documentary evidence of financial security: about $ 30,000 CAD for four family members.
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Family sponsorship.
In the presence of close relatives who will help in obtaining a visa, you can leave for a period of up to 20 years.
In this case, the sponsor must meet certain requirements:
Presence of citizenship or permanent residence status; Age is over 18 years; Stable financial position; The ability to provide relatives.
Time frame: the application is processed about 17 months.
Cost: consideration of the sponsor and verification - 550 $ CAD, state duty for obtaining permanent residence - 490 $ CAD, registration of documents - 1040 $ CAD.
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Business emigration.
It is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to open a personal business. In this case, the owner of the firm receives permanent residence.
Entrepreneurs are subject to the following conditions:
Personal experience of the entrepreneur for at least two years; Creation of a functioning business in a period of up to three years and the year of personal activity in it; Creation of jobs from one employee; The business must have an initial capital of $ 300,000 CAD.
In addition to the entrepreneur, there are personal requirements:
Absence of previous conviction; Higher education; Knowledge of the state language is optional; Good health; Legality of personal finance.
Emigration for entrepreneurs provides for the following stages:
Arrival in the Kingdom on a temporary visa; Opening of the company; Registration of a work permit; Applying for immigration.
On the video business immigration to Canada:
Immigration under the federal program with investment of investments was canceled, since only 7 applications were issued for 2015. The existing provincial programs do not exclude such an opportunity. For each province there are certain conditions and amounts.
An applicant entering the program must provide evidence of a threat to life and military operations in his homeland. But how to get political asylum in the US correctly will help to understand the information from this article.
Moving on it is available for graduates of schools and universities. Higher education can be continued in the magistracy. The implementation of this method will require large financial costs for tuition and accommodation.
Education in Canadian universities does not provide for permanent residence.
However, after studying, the student is given the opportunity to work with the receipt of Work Permit (Work Permit) for a period of up to three years. If this condition is met, the graduate can apply for permanent residence under any scheme.
There are training options in other countries, but how is learning in New Zealand and how to leave for New Zealand, will help to understand the information from the article.
Documents for immigration.
To apply for a visa for exit, you will need to collect the following package of documents:
International passport; Certificate of language proficiency; Confirmation of education; Employment history; Marriage certificate; Certificate of birth of all family members; Criminal record; Certificate of ownership of real estate; Statement of the availability of funds in the bank; Medical certificate; A photo; Receipt for payment of duty.
Provincial programs.
They are developed at the local level and are aimed at satisfying the requests of a certain territorial entity. Each province has its own conditions for immigrants, which often change. Half of all applications are not approved, and preference is given to persons who are connected with the country through training, relatives or by the employer's invitation. For each province a list of required specialties is approved.

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