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Citizen of the Russian Federation for permanent residence in Israel.

Citizen of the Russian Federation for permanent residence in Israel.
Stamp in a passport is stamped by the state bodies of the Russian Federation FMS, when a passport is ordered for "permanent residence abroad." Once, in Soviet times, when a person left for a permanent residence in another country, the internal passport of a citizen was selected, and today the passport of the country remains in the hands of a citizen who is leaving for another country when moving to Israel for permanent residence. The same people who were once taken away from him can now get their passports back. Moreover, another option is possible - a citizen who travels abroad receives a passport "for residence outside the country", while maintaining registration at the place of residence, for example, in Russia. At such registration of departure to Israel in the foreign passport put a stamp with a mark that from the registration the citizen in a place of residence is not removed.
Registration and obtaining of citizenship of Israel.
In accordance with this legislative act, the right to become a citizen of the country appears not only among Jews, but also persons with Jewish roots, up to the third tribe. These include children, grandchildren, spouses of Jews. They are entitled to obtain citizenship of the country, even if the Jewish relative is already dead or residing in another state and is not going to move to Israel.
According to Israeli law, a Jew whose mother is a Jew or a person who has accepted Judaism is recognized as a Jew, and at the same time does not adhere to another religion. However, with a deliberate renunciation of Judaism, the right to repatriation is lost.
Children of Jewish grandchildren do not have the right to repatriation.
How to move to Israel for permanent residence?
It is necessary. Still need passports, military tickets, certificates of marriage / divorce / death of the spouse (if any of the above is available). Naturally, you will need to provide "locked". And photos (3x4 format).
They will be needed when completing the questionnaire. Still it is necessary not to forget copies of labor books (although the original is better), passports and birth certificates. Of course, there are a lot of papers, but it is better to collect them all. Then emigration to Israel will seem more likely.
The process of emigration If a person was given a "good", and he realized that to obtain Israeli citizenship for him now is a reality, then it's time to prepare for the adaptation period.
A spare airfield in Israel.
Also, you will have to prove that the decision is conscious, learn Hebrew and the foundations of the Torah, prove that you are ready to follow the laws of Torah and Shabbat, teach and know the history of the Jewish people.
The migrants who are planning to work in Israel can also obtain a permit for temporary residence. Without problems, a residence permit is issued for foreigners who came on call from the employer, the rest will have to do more, but Israel is supportive of those who are ready to invest their time and energy in the development of the country. All citizens of a foreign country falling under these categories have the right to rely on official permission from the authorities, which gives the opportunity to complete the transfer. Privileges are enjoyed by older citizens who have children living in Israel permanently.
The law on dual citizenship: frequently asked questions.
It must be remembered that on holidays, as well as on weekends - Saturday and Sunday, the embassy does not work and citizens do not attend. No reception on Friday. In order to get general information on how to move to permanent residence in Israel, you can use an answering machine.
After the consular reception was held, you can find out about its results on weekdays at the consulate from Monday to Thursday, only the time of reception from 15-00 to 17-00, and on Friday the results of the consular decision on the move to Israel to a permanent place Residence can be obtained from 10-00 am to 15-00. To obtain a permanent residence visa, citizens wishing to leave for permanent residence shall submit to the consulate the following documents: photographs of all departing family members, up to the newborn. The photo size is standard - .
How to apply for a residence permit in Israel?
But do not forget that with each renewal the couple is tested for fictitiousness of marriage and if any of the checks will be "failed", the spouse-foreigner will be obliged to leave Israel. In addition, if in the period of gradual legalization the spouses divorce or cease to conduct joint farming, the process of legalization stops, and the spouse is not a Jew is obliged to leave Israel.
Israeli citizenship: advantages, conditions, methods and procedure for obtaining.
What is the move to Israel for permanent residence? Permanent residence is a permanent place of residence. A move to permanent residence is a documented departure from one country to a permanent place of residence in another country.
I must say that registration for permanent residence is a legacy of the Soviet era, a bureaucratic procedure that has remained from those times and to this day in the former CIS countries. The fact is that in many countries the worlds - in Europe and America, such a procedure is not available at all. Where such a procedure still remains, a special passport is issued for residence outside the state in another country like, for example, in Belarus, or certain marks are placed in a regular passport, as, for example, in Ukraine. How to move to Israel from Russia? As a rule, departure from Russia for permanent residence from Russia is formalized in a way that places a special stamp in the passport.
Forum on the Law and Law of Israel.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Israeli Citizenship How to become an Israeli citizen? Video: how to obtain Israeli citizenship Repatriation (aliya) Naturalization Two citizenships: Russia and Israel Video: Who will not be able to obtain Israeli citizenship?
Modern Israel is a developed country, and people from all over the world are striving for permanent residence here. The country ranks first in the world in terms of the number of immigrants and repatriates, for which the issue of obtaining Israeli citizenship becomes topical. Advantages and Disadvantages of Israeli Citizenship What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Israel's citizenship? The undoubted advantages include:
Living in an economically developed country that has been successful in many areas.
How to move to Israel for permanent residence from russia?
The meeting takes place in the form of an interview and at the same time the documents will be checked. If you accept the positive decision of the consul, the next day you can get a visa for repatriation.
It is valid for 6 months, but it is possible to extend it. From the moment you receive the visa document you can, at any time convenient for you, purchase air tickets to Israel.
And you can buy a ticket both independently and with the help of the Israeli agency "Sokhnut". As is known, the Israeli government undertakes obligations to support repatriates and to pay for their relocation.
At the airport of Israel you will be issued a certificate of repatriate and an internal Israeli identity card, cash (about 1000 shekels.

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