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China want to leave

China want to leave
And I absolutely do not know what to do. I can not be restored here, the teachers did not have a relationship. To go to another city is too expensive, I will study in commerce, I will have to rent housing, money that a student can earn, not enough for all this. YES, and still studying where you do not want.
Plus to this - the problem is also that I can not find myself - which means I do not know where to go or where to go. I'm a lonely and self-contained person. I do not know what I want from life, what I want to become. Rather, everything that people around me, causes me to be puzzled and a bunch of questions. It often writes about depression, lost state, about the meaninglessness of life - I have long been as depressed, nothing outwardly unjustified.
I would like to go somewhere, live a little away from medicine, but my mother talks about the importance of higher education in our time, and I agree with her. The mind tells me that I have to fight for my studies, but I do not want to. I want to quit and leave, find out in myself, find myself, or does it not require a change of places? and it's all about ourselves? Was there anything similar with you? what did you do? What do you regret?
Ekaterina, age: 20 / 14.06.2011.
Nika, age: 25 / 15.06.2011.
It was exactly the same with me, after school I enrolled in the specialty "finance and credit", did not think much, because the institute was next to the house, with my mother, I could never talk about my choice, well, in the end I did not have a relationship with the group, because these people were completely incomprehensible to me, I did not like teachers, it was not interesting to study. As a result, I was attacked by a wild depresnyak, when I did not want to live. As a result, I was expelled and I entered a correspondence course with a psychologist. Here to me it is much more interesting, the only thing I regret that I did not immediately go to this specialty and lost time. I want to tell you, of course fight, but what can be, that can not be avoided, if they are expelled, then you will have to look for another university, there's nothing to be done. Our psyche is so arranged that we can not deceive it forever, convincing ourselves that we like something, it pays for it with depression and other disorders. If you deduct, maybe it will be for the best in your life, you can understand what you want, after all, and not your mother. There is certainly another option that you are very tired, you do not have enough support from relatives, then you also need to talk with your parents, tell them what you are in, that you need support. Maybe they live with pride, that the daughter is so independent, learns and works and it does not occur to him, what do you feel about it. What would make sense of the change of places is not required, but you can sometimes leave this place for a short while, at least for 2-3 days. Everything in life is fixable, but most importantly, it's your inner life, it is very important that she is in order.
altavista, age: 22 / 15.06.2011.
Katyusha, you must decide for yourself whether you really want to quit everything and leave. I believe that in order to find yourself and get out of this state, in which you are still need a change of place. Just think it over carefully, now it is not necessary to know who you want to become, the main thing is to get a higher education, even if not by specialty, and if the soul does not belong to the specialty at which you study, then try to leave! You can just not yet learn, you already have 3 courses, while you think about everything, find a normal job. Some people go to school at the age of 40, and as a matter of fact you have an incomplete higher education, which is almost everywhere taken. For example, in a year you can go to college and continue your studies. To throw it is certainly not reasonable, but if it's very hard, I think it's worth it. And my mother will always understand. Just sit and think carefully. And about the fact that it's very difficult to leave, I do not think so, if you leave the institute now, you can find a full-time job, i.e. full-time, earn extra money, go to another city, you can rent a room, find work there, work, and when you decide for yourself what you like, you can go to college. Everything is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to want something to change for the better! I wish you to find yourself !!
Hope, age: 21 / 15.06.2011.
Oh, I think I have something to tell you.
specialty, go for unskilled.
work and earn money for the institute. So.
I did. For two years I suffered in the pedagogical school.
I went there only for the sake of a diploma, for something.
Decent money was not, and my mother said that.
computers are for boys. Later.
failed entrance exams in ped.
institute. I had to work hard on.
unskilled work 4 years to.
collect the necessary amount. In parallel with.
I ran to the preparatory courses and.
studied, studied. In the end, through SIX.
years I have entered there, where I wanted, for the day,
on the budget!) Pros - I go for a red diploma, as well.
because in the pedagogical she received three. Minuses -
Six years. All my classmates are younger than me.
They treat me very well, of course, but.
not this way. And the more you are older, the more.
I want a family, tenderness, children. And you will leave.
married, and will not be up to the institute.
specialty. But my girlfriend, classmate,
which parents pushed in there, well. Do not pull.
she can and wants, but she can not. He writes off,
begging, wagging. But how much is in it.
purposefulness! When I have my hands.
fall, and I already agree that me.
expelled, she wakes me up. She is.
awesome! I constantly notice new ones in it.
talents) She can write with both hands, she.
much more attentive to me! Yes, she can not.
solve elementary problems on logic, but in.
the mind counts as a calculator) I understand that.
maybe she will not work for a day either.
learns. But she is open with everyone, friendly,
cheerful - and she will find a place in this life.
Secretary, accountant, seller in the store.
computer technology, a teacher of mathematics. U.
it really has many possibilities. A.
she will buy a diploma) What can you do if you NEED.
education. Or maybe you, like that Lobanov - well,
you will not become a steep therapist, but you will.
human lives on the ambulance. Find yourself yourself.
everywhere you can. Make friends with the group if there.
all arrogant hypocrites, then there is definitely a couple.
a person who is also like you bored on.
pairs) If you have friends there - you and.
The two receive will not be so sad. People,
which go alongside you - that's what it should be.
to be the main thing in the life of every person.
has already managed to understand the main feature of ALL.
works - sooner or later, you get used to it,
as a routine, as a duty, as a breath. You're on.
you can really love any job,
which you will succeed. After all, everyone.
someone needs a job. Look around - someone.
made this chair on which you sit, and.
the computer you are looking at now. And the fact that.
you will make it necessary for others. And in each.
work is what you might not like that.
will be difficult for you, or that simple.
It's annoying. In pedagogical it was.
endless scribble, abstracts, notebooks,
every year the same taldychit and nerves on.
children. In programming - the same script,
accompanying each project, monotony.
operations, and nerves, when the timing is already chasing as well.
You do not know HOW to do this? Now I see,
that she could become a teacher. I'm 18 years old.
this could not understand. Do not pass this way,
may have suffered all her life and was waiting for a pension.
all this time God helped. I believed in Him,
prayed, and He answered prayers. I believe that.
He helped me to enter the institute, then.
arranged for me teachers and helped to get a 5-
ki. He gave me a friendly, interesting group, and.
now I have until the defense master's degree left.
20 days, I still rely on Him. Is he.
He led me along this path, holding my hand.
I will never forget this, and I will always be to Him.
grateful for the wisdom that He gave me.
you will stay, everything will be fine. You, the main thing, love.
people who are close to you - this is the most.
most importantly, what you need here. With God!
Allesly, the age: 27 / 04.05.2012.
Hello, I also went to study not where.
wanted (I did not want to anywhere)))) ancestors threw, yes.
I really did not mind. The profession is not that not.
mine was, but I have learned and now on it.
I work. Now I found out what I want to do,
the path was not long.
enbao, age: 27 / 23.05.2012.
I have the same situation, I'm at a crossroads,
I want to make something so crazy,
friends say yes to ** d you need it, that you.
create, but after all, you want, so incredibly.
I want in this fucking life though something, yesterday.
quarreled with a friend, told her about his.
feelings, oh fucking buddy, I want now.
vytvorit also what you want to do, you can.
it vsetaki more correct that dictates to us the heart ..)
Kirill, the age: 18 / 03.08.2012.
Listen to your heart. Only in this way you can become a happy person .. you only have one life 🙂
Anna, age: 17 / 19.08.2012.
Catherine, I'm also on finances. And how I got fed up with these 3 counts (economy, businesses, money, taxes, etc.) from the 3rd year. When I did, I thought it would be easy. the university and the specialty that I wanted to do could not do it. Because I was afraid suddenly I would not do it. Now I'm confused.1. I'm tired.2.It's really time to change.3.mne interesting is my specialty there is something else that I'm not interested in .
I think a specialty, 4. I do not want to give lectures.
Katyusha you want to pass on to exc., Zachety.Sdelat the right choice for you. All you will succeed.
Olesya, age: a lot of 19 / 09.09.2012.
You are definitely a creative person. One hundred percent give. I advise you to leave as soon as possible to Southeast Asia. The sun, the ocean, and a very cheap life compared to ours.
Pilgrim, age: 29 / 22.09.2012.
I had the same condition, and it happens periodically. The fact is that sometimes changing the place and circle of communication really helps. I like it helped. I threw the same thing and went to Europe. I spent a lot of time wandering from country to country in search of myself, and recently returned to Russia (Novosibirsk), right now I live here and work, but it's just temporary.
Dorian, age: 23 / 05/01/2013.
I had the same condition, and it happens periodically. The fact is that sometimes changing the place and circle of communication really helps. I like it helped. I threw it all the same and went to Europe. I spent a lot of time wandering from country to country in search of myself, and recently returned to Russia (Novosibirsk), right now I live here and work, but it's just temporary ..
Dorian, age: 23 / 05/01/2013.
I enrolled in college, but graduated.
in absentia college. When choosing where to go I do not.
I knew I was lost, but I generally dreamed of going.
in absentia and go to work, but then hinted that.
it is better to go to that university where I am currently studying for 1.
I started studying from a little summer.
I wanted to go to work.
and I would go further.
had no problems, the business would go faster and I did not.
would have known the problems.
about my, 1-2 hours drive. When I did and.
I saw the hostel, I understood. Here to me not.
place, but it was too late. I told my parents.
I want to go in absentia and work, with what I have.
its a medium-sized business, but parents.
against. I'm taking the winter off now, at.
the technical school left 2 sessions. I'm sick at the.
mid-December and missed, now a bit.
difficult, it is necessary to say something and.
look for teachers, and with the teachers gorgeous.
you will not get along. I, too, am lost and very much want to.
have a step of their choice, very tired of learning,
I want in absentia, so I'm more learning something and.
little variety in time. I just.
I love freedom and I just understand what she is from.
composed. Higher education full-time is a thousandth,
1000 are issued, it is necessary to study, and.
life is one and is it worth it to spend 5-6 just like that.
VaBank, age: 20 / 09/01/2013.
The same samoe.e received a diploma of a lawyer. Nowhere I see myself.these same thoughts. I do not know the work even by whom.
Dmitry, age: 22 / 09/09/2013.
You just do not posture, I have exactly the same situation. The fact is that I went to study in China and am studying for the second semester on language courses. U.
I was always at school did not have a relationship with teachers, and with peers, too. Constant fights, and always came out so I stayed extreme. AND.
I could not stand it any longer, I had a Phobia of teachers because they always made me rotten, humiliated, almost from the 6th grade. I even changed schools, in general.
nikgoda could not find the disposition of teachers. And it turned out that I became not a sociable, closed person, and in the 10th form I did not finish my studies. And he left for China for.
I thought I'd start all over again with a clean slate. At school, I had constant depression, I was often nervous, sick. And so I came to China, and.
I understand that this is not mine, here I am even worse, I have absolutely no friends, not that I would be a harmful person, I'm not sovess, not like that. Simply here one foreigners.
And I do not have much English, and therefore I will sovess alone, I am very much lonely here. I think I need to ask my parents advice, but I do not want that.
worried about me. They're already so worrying, and Mama just cries about that. And I feel that the Chinese language is not mine, and I do not know what to do.
I do not even have a chance to talk to anyone on this topic and keep everything to myself, it makes me so sick of constant depression, I do not see the point in life. I really miss you so much.
Parents Sestrenka just terribly bored, I live only thoughts about them. And now I want to quit everything and go home, I understand you. But you hold on, for.
black stripe, there is always White. And this test just need to survive.
Sadness, age: 17 / 12.10.2013.
And is there an opportunity to transfer to another faculty of the same university? I would in your place talk with the teachers, of course, humiliation, but still! Try it! it depends on your future success - working on a specialty in your favorite work - it's just a fairy tale. so, good luck to you and understanding of the teachers! you will succeed. the main thing is not to lose heart and do not give up! and you will have a friend - the main thing is really to KEEP ALL AND BE THAT WHAT YOU ARE! AND EVERYTHING! GOOD LUCK!
Julia, age: 19 / 17.11.2013.
You know, maybe I'm too young and stupid, but as my father says: "do what belongs to your heart." In other words, you can spend your entire life with an unloved profession, and not having achieved much success in it, but you can take a chance. I think so, if you like your work, life, everything in general, then you will surely succeed, and if you just do what you must, you can not find happiness.
Kamilla Kam, age: 17 / 19.01.2014.
Eternal problems, apparently .. I've finished finances and credit, I did not like to study there from the very beginning, did not dare to contradict my mother, who wanted me to work in a bank. There were failures in the second and third year, but decided to finish the economy. I dreamed of a pedagogical school, my mother laughed, hammered into my head about the career of an economist. So I worked in the bank, went to the office. You sit all day like a hamster in a cage, except you can not see anything (darkness and boredom.) In June I decided to submit the docks to the second higher education and to realize my dreams after 6 years, but what can I do?) But I was so happy for a long time not experienced.
Daria, age: 23 / May 27, 2014.
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