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Cargo transportation by car.

Cargo transportation by car.
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Our website allows you to find a reliable carrier for any purpose in a few minutes at the best prices. Simply place an order, free carriers will offer you their services and prices, and you can choose the best performer!
Now, trucking on a car is very popular in those cases when it is required to deliver cargo weighing no more than 670-700 kg. Agree, to order Gazelle in such cases is irrational, because its load capacity is up to 2500 kg, half of the body will be free.
Proceeding from this, let's outline several advantages that distinguish the carriage of goods on a car:
economy & ndash; the fuel consumption of a car is much less than that of a truck; rational use of body space; high speed of cargo transportation & ndash; The passenger car is distinguished by its high maneuverability, fast speed dialing; the breadth of choice of cars; affordable price of transport by car.
Choosing a car.
In order to organize cargo transportation, you need to choose the car you want to use the services for. It can be:
Basically, for all listed types of cars, the carrying capacity is 500-700 kg. If the station wagon or pickup does not suit you for carrying capacity, you can order a van, it is capable of carrying a cargo weighing up to 1500 kg, depending on the model of the vehicle.
If you plan to deliver goods on a car, before you start ordering a vehicle for shipping, evaluate the cargo features:
volume; the weight; fragility; requirements for transportation conditions; presence of supervaluable things.
It is also necessary to take care of the availability of packaging materials that can facilitate loading / unloading, ensure integrity during the performance of passenger transportation of cargo. The most common packaging materials include cardboard boxes, polyethylene film and bags. If it is a question of transporting machinery, it is better to pack it in the factory packaging. Then the light trucking will pass as successfully as possible, and the cargo will retain its integrity.
Filling out the application on the site.
In order to order the services of a transport company, you need to fill in a standard application form, which is placed on the Yudu platform. Here you will need to provide the following information:
weight, dimensions of cargo; the type of body of the car you wish to order; brand and model of the vehicle; date and time for which the shipment is scheduled; the download address; unloading point.
Based on these data, the cost of the services of the transport company can be calculated.
Prices for the transportation of goods.
If you can not carry out transportation on your private car, you want to order a specialized company, you will need to pay for them from 2000 to 7000 rubles, depending on the range of the trip and the type of vehicle ordered.
If the trip is planned on the territory of Moscow, then the payment will be made hourly. You can order a car in any part of the capital:
When you need to travel outside the city, the cost of transportation services is calculated according to the kilometer, which drove the car in both directions. When traveling outside the city, it is advisable to use the additional services of the freight forwarder & ndash; qualified specialist, able to calculate the most profitable route. Forwarder services are paid additionally, they have a fixed cost.
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