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Canadian program for refugees from Ukraine.

Canadian program for refugees from Ukraine.
Information from the immigration specialist Tatyana Gulyaeva about the Canadian programs for refugees from Ukraine. To be able to use the refugee program in Canada, you must leave your country.
Author: What can you say about the Canadian refugee program in 2015? Is it working or has it been closed already?
Tatyana: No, it was not closed, it works. Canada, as a signatory to the Convention for the Protection of Refugees, and does not plan to abrogate this convention. The only thing that has changed and will change is the parameters for processing applications. In 2012, a law was passed on a new protocol for processing applications, and only now do we begin to understand how "kitchen" will work, how legislation will be enforced, what are the development scenarios in the framework of refugee statements. Canada continues the protection of refugees, and I do not think that in the near or near future it will cease to perform this noble mission.
What is more profitable: to buy a house in Canada or rent it? Simple arithmetic.
A: And immediately, to the same topic, the next question: "I live in Ukraine, I want to leave as a refugee in Canada. Can I get this status? All these costs will fall on me? There are enough reasons to go away: war, fighting, economic blockade, no work, pensions, social payments, banks are not working. Are there any benefits specifically for this region? "
T: As long as you live in Ukraine, under the Convention for the Protection of Refugees, you are not a refugee. That is, as long as you live in a country where you are oppressed, you do not fall under the definition of a refugee. In fact, in order for an application for the protection of your rights to be considered in Canada, you need to come to Canada. On the website of the Canadian embassy in Ukraine for six months now there is an announcement that the embassy does not consider applications from Ukraine. That is, all attempts to resolve this issue, while on the territory of Ukraine, have no legal basis. If a person finds himself in Canada, thus becoming a refugee, under the Convention he has the right to apply for refugee status, has the right to review his documents in the Immigration Tribunal for Refugees and can hope for the best. Why am I talking about this? Because the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of Refugees sets very clear requirements: who are refugees, who can be recognized by them, and who, perhaps, falls under the definition of "protected person". This is another area of human rights protection under the Convention: a person who is not a refugee, but needs protection, can receive it.
Immediately make a reservation: the issue of refugee and all its nuances requires not just a generalized two-minute discussion on the Internet. He is always personified, always depends on what circumstances you have, how the applicant is, what the circumstances of the region from which you left, what are the circumstances in the country, what was done, etc. There are many nuances within the same statements that can lead either to denial of protection, or, conversely, to a positive decision. Naturally, no one in Canada can help you until you arrive. Even the process can not be initiated.
A: Do you deal with refugees?
T: Yes, we do.
A: That is, if someone has questions, you can write?
T: Yes, you can safely contact us: [email protected]
You can emigrate to Canada in a variety of ways, for example:
& mdash; Use the program for skilled workers. To do this, you must meet several requirements: it is good to know English or French, to have higher education, work experience in your specialty, etc.
& mdash; Move through the provincial program, for example, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba or Quebec.
& mdash; Enroll in a Canadian college or language course. You will master a new profession, get local experience and this will help in the future to obtain a Canadian passport.
& mdash; If you do not know how to file documents and want to be sure of the result, contact immigration lawyers. They will help you to immigrate to Canada quickly and in the most beneficial way for you.
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