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Can I go abroad with debt on loans?

Can I go abroad with debt on loans?
There is a crisis in the country. More and more of our fellow citizens can not pay off their credit bills. At the same time, the state tries to fight debtors, limiting their exit from the country. But what if the debt is & ndash; And leave Russia, albeit for a while, still necessary?
First you need to soberly assess the situation in which you are & ndash; quite possibly, you have nothing to fear. In this article, we will analyze the situation with the debts that occur most often.
Is it possible to leave the country with an open loan?
Some people believe that even a simple availability of an open loan is enough to raise problems with a trip abroad. Of course, this delusion is easy to dispel, if you recall that many people take a bank loan to go on a journey. If such restrictions really did take place, a huge number of Russians would not be able to afford holidays at foreign resorts.
Is it possible to leave the country with an open loan? Yes, you can. If you conscientiously pay credit bills, you are not considered a debtor, and government authorities should not have any questions for you. Limit travel abroad can be a bailiff acting on the basis of a court decision. If the court decision was not yet, no one will be allowed to ban a citizen from leaving the country.
How to leave the country if the loan is overdue?
Borrowers who have delayed the loan or do not pay at all are in a more difficult situation. It should be remembered that as long as there was no court order on the claim of non-payment, the freedom of departure of the debtor can not be limited. Independently the bank can not affect someone's ability to travel abroad, even if debt collectors claim the opposite. But representatives of the creditor can apply with such a statement to the court after considering the case.
What to do if a citizen has admitted a delay in the loan, but at the same time is going to leave the country in the near future?
It is best to contact the bank, clarify the amount of debt and apply for debt restructuring or negotiate with the bank on installments. The bank, as a rule, is unprofitable to go to court, therefore the debtor can quite go to meet. If we manage to agree, we can be sure that in the near future the creditor will not file a court order and there will not be any restrictions on leaving. Calls and visits of collectors should also stop.
If, however, the judgment is already rendered in the case of debt, it makes no sense to communicate with the bank & ndash; you need to call or show up at the reception to the bailiff who serves the local court. The bailiff has the authority to recover debts, describe property, and temporarily restrict the citizen the opportunity to travel abroad. But even after the court ruling, the debtor has five days in order to fully pay off the debt to the creditor and not worry about the trips abroad. In addition, the travel ban is not applied for the amount of debt less than ten thousand rubles.
You can check the existence or absence of collection in the court file independently on the website of the bailiff service, in the section "Executive enforcement database". It will be required to enter the last name, first name and patronymic of the debtor, as well as the date of his birth.
What you need to know if the ban on leaving the country has already been imposed?
If there is a suspicion that you or one of your relatives has debts to the bailiff service, and at the same time a trip abroad is planned, & ndash; check the availability of debt on the official website of the FSSP.
If the debt really is, then you need to contact the local bailiff in the shortest possible time. In this case, you can try to negotiate with the bailiff about installment payments.
There are a number of circumstances in which leaving the country can not be limited to & ndash; for example, service necessity, or health problems.
To remove travel restrictions, the debtor will have to prove that his work is connected with overseas business trips, or he needs treatment abroad. The availability of paid tickets and tourist vouchers can not be the reason for canceling the decision to ban travel.
Some more nuances of such restrictions:
Even with the ban imposed, a citizen can still leave for Belarus and other neighboring countries that do not require the issuance of a tourist visa. A person can become 'out of town' & raquo; while staying abroad, but the court can not prevent him from entering Russia. If the debt is already paid, the ban will not be instantly lifted. It will take time, usually about two weeks, to prepare official documents.
The conclusion.
Let's sum up: in order not to spoil your vacation abroad or an important business trip, questions with debts on loans should be decided in advance. Do not wait for the imposition of fines and prohibitions, it is better to independently apply to the bank or the bailiff service and pay off the debt or try to settle the matter with the help of the contract.
Good luck and try never to fall into such situations! Editorial Board of the HONGS, 2018.

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