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Can a foreign citizen buy a house in the Russian Federation and live there?

Can a foreign citizen buy a house in the Russian Federation and live there?
My friend the citizen of Tajikistan wants to buy a house in Russia, what documents are needed, and whether it is possible to register and live there?
Foreign citizens have the right to purchase housing on the territory of Russia on a par with Russian citizens. However, in accordance with Article 15 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, there are a number of restrictions in terms of land acquisition by foreigners. So foreign citizens and stateless persons do not have the right to own land plots located in the border territories. It is not allowed to provide foreign citizens with land plots in state or municipal ownership. Also, the transfer of ownership of agricultural land is prohibited. The restrictions provided for foreign citizens for the acquisition of agricultural land are not extended if the land plot is acquired by a foreign citizen for individual housing construction (for example, the construction of a dwelling house).
Now about the documents. Your friend must have a document confirming his legal residence in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is either a visa, or a residence permit, or a permit for temporary residence in the Russian Federation, or a migration card.
Also, your friend, when registering property rights to real estate, is required to provide an identity card of the type that is established by the legislation of his country. This can be a passport, or another similar document. This document must be submitted to the registering authority both in the original, for comparison and comparison of authenticity, and in the form of a notarized copy with translation into Russian. After checking the documents, the notary certifies the translator's signature, which translated them into Russian.
After your friend checks the package of documents for the apartment, a contract of sale is drawn up. The contract of sale of real estate is made in a simple written form in the presence of a notary and certified by him in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The contract of sale of real estate is considered to be concluded from the moment of its signing by the parties to the transaction, but it becomes legal only after its state registration with the local body for registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it. With this registration, both parties to the transaction are the registering authority. After the registration of the contract of sale, the parties sign the act of transferring the property. After signing this document, the money is transferred from the buyer to the seller.
After buying property in the property, your friend will not be able to register in it permanently. Since, registration at the place of residence is only possible for citizens of the Russian Federation, and foreign citizens can be registered only at the place of stay. A foreign citizen who has entered the Russian Federation must register within three working days from the date of arrival in Russia. If the place of stay changes, it should be registered again within three working days from the date of arrival to the new location. That is, the acquisition of real estate does not give any additional benefits associated with the regime of stay in Russia, in particular, it does not provide visa benefits and benefits, does not remove the registration problem, and does not facilitate obtaining a work permit.
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