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By suitcases!

By suitcases!
There are various ways of immigration to Hungary, besides this country attracts many emigrants with its pleasant climate. There are, of course, both pluses and minuses in terms of immigration, but, nevertheless, the stream of people seeking a better life flows here year after year, despite the rather tough migration laws. So, in most EU countries it is necessary for the preservation of the status of residence permit to be within the state for more than six months, and in Hungary? 8212; not less than ten and a half months. But there is a downside & # 8212; while the fact that from the status of residence permit to become a residence permit, that is, to get a residence, in most other EU countries takes five years, in Hungary, this period is only three years. Thus, you can apply for residence after staying in the country for three years in the status of residence permit. In addition, Hungary recognizes dual citizenship, which is also a plus for many.
There are several ways of immigration to Hungary. The most popular is, perhaps, business immigration, the benefit of opening a company in Hungary is relatively easy. Of course, this method is suitable only for those who have enough money to open their own business. The authorized capital of the company must be at least two thousand euros, and the share of each individual founder can not be less than 400 euros.
For wealthy immigrants, there is also a special program for investors, according to which a person who has no problems with the law can get a residence permit in a rather short time if he invests a quarter of a million euros in state securities for a period of five years. However, immigration to Hungary through investment because of high financial costs is not suitable for everyone.
The third way to immigrate to Hungary is # 8212; official employment. This way is quite complicated, since the employer must issue a work permit for a foreign citizen in the Hungarian Employment Center. First, the employer will file an application, and within a month a suitable applicant for Hungarian citizenship will be sought for this position. If there is no such thing & # 8212; the permit will be issued and the immigrant will receive a visa of type D, giving the right to enter the country and work. Visa type D is issued for a period of two years with the right to further replace it with the status of residence permit and, in the long term, permanent residence.
Immigration to Hungary through education is also possible, for this it is necessary to enroll in a Hungarian higher education institution and to get the D-type visa mentioned above. To enter the university you will either have to take two-year language courses, or immediately pass a language exam. A student who enters a university receives a residence permit in Hungary for the duration of his studies. Also, residence permits are issued to foreigners who have entered the Hungarian language courses on the territory of the country.
Thus, having obtained a residence permit in Hungary and settled in the country, you can start a new life. After three years in the legal status of residence permit, an immigrant can apply for a permanent residence in Hungary, which will give him the status of a permanent resident of the country with all the ensuing benefits. Of course, there are other ways & # 8212; for example, reunification with a family or marriage to a Hungarian citizen, but these are special cases, and therefore there is no point in considering them in detail.
The citizenship of Hungary can be requested after eight years of legal residence in the country, which is usually 3 years in the status of residence permit and 5 years in the status of permanent residence. Obligatory conditions for granting citizenship & # 8212; presence of residential real estate, absence of previous convictions and successful passing of an examination in civil law. Well, knowledge of the language, of course, since this exam is given in the state language of the country.

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