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Buying property in the Bahamas.

Buying property in the Bahamas.
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The Bahamas is one of the most famous resorts in the world and a well-known offshore center. A mild tropical climate, liberal laws and closeness to the United States, the center of the business life of the world, make this archipelago an ideal place to host your business.
Property prices in the Bahamas are low and stable for several years. Therefore, the number of people who wish to settle on the islands is constantly growing. However, as in any other state, a legal permit is required for a legal stay in the country - a residence permit.
If you decide to settle in the Bahamas, but have not yet decided to purchase a property, you can get a temporary residence permit, which must be renewed annually. To do this, you must have a paid rental contract or be the owner of a company registered on the islands.
The cost of obtaining a residence permit is $ 1,000 for the applicant and $ 25 for other family members. An immigration form must be filled in, which is notarized. A birth certificate and a marriage certificate are also required (if the applicant is married or married). In addition, the applicant must provide a medical certificate issued no later than 30 days before the application was filed and a certificate from the internal affairs bodies issued at least 6 months in advance. Also two photographs of the applicant, a copy of the contract and a payment of $ 25 for processing of documents are needed.
You can try and get a permanent residence permit. This is the most popular option, but it is suitable mainly for property owners worth more than 250 thousand US dollars. Those wishing to obtain the status of a permanent resident of the islands should have a good reputation and have evidence of financial independence. The fee for obtaining a permanent residence permit is 10 thousand dollars and 100 dollars for each member of the family. The remaining requirements are similar to the requirements for applicants for an annual residence permit.
However, the simplest and easiest option is to obtain a certificate of the owner of the property. Of course, if you are already a happy owner of a house or apartment in this tropical paradise. According to these rules, a non-resident of the Bahamas who owns a house or apartment can apply to the director of immigration for an annual certificate of the owner of the property, a document with a photograph of the applicant that is an analog of an identity card. This card allows the property owner, his wife (or spouse), children, as well as other relatives, to legally stay in the Bahamas for the duration of the card (usually one year). The cost of obtaining a certificate is $ 500. You can get it without problems within a few days after applying. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the entry into the Bahamas of those who have already acquired real estate there.

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