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Buy a house in America is real!

Buy a house in America is real!
The Russian language is the ninth in terms of the number of speakers in the United States of America. It is spoken throughout the country - even in Alaska there are Russian speakers. In Oregon, Texas, Alabama - everywhere you can meet a man speaking in Russian. The thing is that buying a property in America is considered prestigious and useful. Someone wants to immigrate ideologically, someone wants to profit from the house bought in America. Someone wants to move, because dreams of white beaches in Florida, and someone wants to secure a quiet old age in the land of eternal summer. There are many possible reasons and it is impossible to list them all, because everyone has their own reasons. But the choice of what to buy, is limited and completely amenable to transfer.
Determine the purchase of a house or apartment, you can see all the pros and cons of both options.
It is reduced, as a whole, to a simple question & # 8211; buy a house in America or buy an apartment? Each solution has its pros and cons.
Pros and cons of home in America.
Freedom. A house in America, the cost of which is comparable to the cost of an apartment, is good in that no one will encroach on the freedom of its master. He can do anything with the site and the house - the main thing is that he does not decide to demolish and asphalt. You can dig a pool, put a fence up to the sky, play golf on the lawn in front of the house and play on the trumpet at three in the morning, no one will interfere and no one will object. Animals. In a private house, you can keep any number of pets - at least a pack of cats in twenty heads, even a dozen sheepdogs. While they do not attack other people's people, their content and quantity is only the business of the owner. With all his pets, he understands himself. Advantages of the garden. It can have a swimming pool, if a house next to the sea in it can have a boat dock, you can plant any trees and get a harvest from them. For fans of digging in the land of a house, for example, in Florida - just the promised land. Conglomerate. If the house is located in the village, the village necessarily has a conglomerate of tenants, who collects money from all for the necessary improvements, provides security and deals with other useful things.
However, there are disadvantages.
Expensiveness. House prices in America never fall, only growing and inexpensive homes in America are more of a myth than the truth. Buy a house without intermediaries, most likely, will not work and invest in it will have to fairly, and before reading the forum on real estate, look at photos of houses and in every possible way to collect information. A responsibility. If something goes wrong on the site, it's something that the owner will have to repair himself without someone's help. Impossibility to leave for a long time, leaving home. Or you will have to pay extra for a special company, so that it will keep clean and pay utilities.
Buy an apartment or a house in America is real.
In general, the house is more troublesome, but it provides much more freedom than an apartment. This is his main advantage.
Pros and cons of an apartment in America.
General responsibility. If the apartment is cracked ceiling. If the elevator will fail in the entrance. If the stairs to the first floor collapse. All this will be a common problem and will be resolved together. Utilities. It is paid all at once and it is not necessary to think about how the gas is carried out and where to pay for water. No problems with the site. You do not need to clean the pool, cut the lawn and, leaving an apartment, pay to be followed by someone.
However, there are disadvantages here too.
Price. Inexpensive real estate is generally a myth, and, just like selling houses in America, the sale of flats never goes at bargain prices. You'll have to invest properly before you can get real estate for yourself, rewire sites, read reviews, weigh the pros and cons. General responsibility. All expenses are divided between tenants. Neighbors. They can be restless, they can be violent, you can not play with them in the night on a drum set.
The apartment draws its owner into the society of the tenants, but it is also much simpler to handle. It is a perfectly suitable option if you do not plan on living permanently in it. In general, there are advantages in both solutions and in many ways they are interchangeable. Mortgage to a house in the US is made according to the same rules as the apartment, the answer to the question "where to start?" Sounds the same, the golden rule "realtors - not what they save" remains in force in both cases, as well as the rules "A new home is better than the old one" and "it is better from the owner than from the bank" always work.
Making documents for a house in America is not at all more difficult than decorating them for an apartment, cheap land with a house in the US is also difficult to find, like a cheap apartment overlooking the ocean. Russian real estate agencies in America are willing to work with home buyers, and with apartment buyers, and the choice, in essence, comes down to the simple question of whether you want to take on all responsibility or you'd like to share it with others.
Otherwise, the differences are not so great and to acquire real estate in America is more than real.
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