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Business in Spain.

Business in Spain.
After a certain amount of time, any entrepreneurial activity becomes closely within the limits of one state. That is why the owners of companies are looking for new ways to develop their business. Most of them choose a prestigious and profitable way - access to international markets. A good launching pad for this is the countries of the European Union. For example, business in Spain is considered one of the most profitable in Europe, and the loyal attitude of Spanish legislation to foreign capital attracts the attention of entrepreneurs from all over the world.
Forms and procedure of opening an enterprise in Spain.
The Spanish state offers foreign businessmen a huge variety of organizational and legal forms for doing business. The most popular among them are limited liability company (Sociedad Limitada - S.L.), joint-stock company (Sociedad Anonima-SA) and individual entrepreneurship (Trabajo por cuenta propia). The first two communities have an identical discovery procedure, which includes:
registration of the enterprise (approval of the name, opening of a bank account, drafting of a charter and foundation agreement, payment of state duties, registration in the commercial register); registration with tax authorities (obtaining a taxpayer identification number and a VAT certificate); registration in the Ministry of Labor (obtaining a social security number, notification of the establishment of the company, etc.); registration in the mayor's office (registration of a license to open a company, informing about business owners or changes in the direction of activities, etc.).
The process of creating an individual business is similar to the procedure for the opening of LLCs and JSCs, excluding the need for registration of an enterprise (paragraph 1). A foreign entrepreneur has the opportunity to open a branch or an official representation of his company in Spanish territory. To do this you need:
prepare and translate documents on opening a representative office in the parent company; Receive a certificate from the Spanish consulate, confirming the legality of the parent company; to pay the amount of the authorized capital in the Spanish bank; to sign a notarial deed to create a representative office; appoint a representative or proxy in Spain; apply for TIN; pay a state fee; register in the Trade Register of Spain.
The advantages of doing business in Spain.
Encouragement of entrepreneurial activity by the state; Simple process of company registration; High level of economic development of the state; The right to receive tax benefits; Possibility of using banking services (registration of a loan to open one's business); Lack of requirements from the government to the status of the owner of the company; Acquisition of Spanish residence permit through the possession of a Spanish company.
The advantages of doing business in Spain.
The presence of an identification number and a foreign passport; Opening an account with any of the Spanish banks; The presence on the bank account of the necessary amount for payment of the authorized capital; Information about the uniqueness of the chosen name for the future company from the Register of Enterprises of Spain; A notarized letter (Escritura) is a Spanish document consisting of the articles of association of the enterprise and the memorandum of association; Certificate of registration from the Ministry of Labor (at the conclusion of employment contracts).
It is worth noting that the lack of the need for a Spanish residence permit is a convincing factor affecting the choice of Spain as a place to start a business by foreign entrepreneurs. However, without the status of a resident or citizenship of the European Union, foreign owners are significantly disadvantaged in rights. Find out what advantages an EU citizen gets when opening a business in Spain from the competent specialists of International Business.
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