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Business in Greece.

Business in Greece.
Maintenance of foreign citizens in Greece and independent financial and economic activities on the basis of certain residence permits.
Possibilities of business immigration to Greece.
Living in any EU country. Free training in universities and schools in Europe for you and your children. Obtaining the status of a resident of the European Union (permanent residence) and the subsequent acquisition of citizenship in your country of residence. The right to purchase real estate and receive mortgages without restrictions in any country in Europe. Payment of taxes in the country with the most favorable taxation for you (under the agreement on the absence of double taxation between the EU and Russia). Legal opening of any bank accounts in all countries of Europe. Immigration of the whole family. High quality of life.
Features of obtaining a residence permit:
The procedure for business immigration is not automatic (upon opening a business), you need to prove that your qualifications, ability to conduct a profitable business and of course, the availability of a financial base. Despite the favorable attitude of Europe towards businessmen from the CIS, many bureaucratic institutions must be passed in the form of a consulate, a chamber of commerce, and a migration service.
The main requirements for business immigration to Greece.
Availability of sufficient and legal means. The requirements imposed by the Greek government on the financial possibilities of applicants depend on the chosen option, type of activity and region of business. This amount can range from & euro; 4 000 to 100 000 and should simply be in the applicant's account. In this case, if the applicant wants to get a residence permit with the right to work for himself or as an employee of his own company, you must invest in your company the amount of & euro; 60 000. Providing information about the qualifications of the applicant (education and professional activities). The legal address to which the enterprise is to register. In addition, you need to acquire a place of permanent residence in Greece, which can be purchased or rented. EUEasy facilitates the receipt of these documents. Absence of previous convictions. Absence of dangerous diseases.
Features of business immigration to Greece.
Due to the domestic policy of the state, special attention is paid to the unity of the family, therefore a foreign citizen who has received residence permits in Greece and who has housing and income to support his family can bring in Greece his wife or husband, minor children and parents dependent. A convenient variant of immigration, in which knowledge of the local language is not necessary. If a foreigner continues to carry out and develops his activities, he conscientiously pays taxes and insurance fees, the residence permit is renewed every 2 years. After 5 years & ndash; permanent residence permit. After 7 years of residence in Greece, a foreigner has the right to obtain Greek citizenship.
Drawing up a business immigration plan. Receiving a decision of the Chamber of Commerce of Greece on the feasibility, financial component and the need to obtain licenses for the opening of a legal entity or a private entrepreneur in the chosen field of activity. (All documents are compiled in Greek). Consultations and assistance in collecting documents at home, including a list of documents, the procedure for processing, assurances.
Collection and execution of documents at home, including translations and assurances in Greek. Curating a trip to Greece for 2 to 4 working days to sign the relevant documents for business registration. Receipt of documents on the registration of the company without the presence of the applicant. Forwarding documents about the company after receiving documents from the Chamber of Commerce.
Preparation and submission of documents for a visa After arrival - submission to a residence permit. Official employment in the company.
Services EUeasy.
Highly qualified EUeasy lawyers will advise you on the expediency of your intention, help you to make the necessary business plan, collect and repeatedly correctly submit the necessary package of documents in Greek for successful obtaining of residence permit and your further business migration.
Cost & euro; 5200 (may be entered in stages)
Establishing a business start-up and immigration plan / li & gt; Transfers and support for starting a business (tax, bank, accountant, approximately 4 days of translator's work) / li & gt; Preparation of documents for immigrant visa. / Li & gt; Assistance in applying for a residence permit. / Li & gt; Escort on all stages of immigration. / Li & gt;
Drawing up a business plan in Greek (if required) ./ li & gt; Work of the accountant (from & euro; 600 per year), / li & gt; Interpreter work on additional days (& euro; 100 per day) / li & gt; Rental of real estate (there is a possibility of renting a virtual office for an accountant of the order & euro; 100 per month) ./ li & gt; Obtaining a license. / Li & gt; Assistance in immigration of relatives. / Li & gt;
EUEasy prepared a full list of costs for the business immigration procedure in Greece, so that it was easier for you to plan your future budget.
The minimum amount required on a personal bank account (reference)
Approximate terms of registration of the company.
Approximate terms of business immigration.
The necessary minimum amount of investment to obtain a residence permit for business.
At the same time, the authorized capital is 000.
Need information about income from the place of residence.
Monthly costs for running a company:
Monthly taxes on the minimum wage for each recipient of residence permit.
Accounting service per month.
Mandatory medical insurance.
Cost of legal address per month.
From & euro; 80 (for virtual office)
Rental costs (15 sq.m)
Variants of moving.
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