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Business in emigration: how to open a beauty salon in Germany.

Business in emigration: how to open a beauty salon in Germany.
"I will always speak with an accent, and I can prove my knowledge only by doing"
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Nelia Gorbunova was born in Kazakhstan, lived in Russia for a long time, and in the late 1990s emigrated to Germany. Unlike most Russian-speaking migrants who make a living in their new homeland in hiring, Nelya immediately dreamed of her own business. I got sick at a cosmetologist, got into debt, and bought my salon. It was difficult, but stood firm - and today in Kosmetik-Studio Nelja Gorbunov recording for two or three weeks in advance. On how to launch their own business in a foreign country, Nelya Gorbunova told portal.
Nelya Gorbunova, an entrepreneur from Munster (Germany), the founder of the beauty salon Kosmetik-Studio Nelja Gorbunov. She was born in Kazakhstan, after moving to Russia she lived in Kamyshin and Barnaul, where she with her husband and daughter emigrated to Germany in the late 90's. Own beauty salon launched in November 2002.
Nelya Gorbunova (then still Schwarzkopf) was born in Kazakhstan. As a child, my grandmother, speaking German, spent a lot of time with her - and Nelia understood the language perfectly. Then the family moved to Kamyshin. Nelya graduated from a trade college and an economic college with a major in commodity management-a marketing specialist-it was necessary to become someone. Special joy from the work was not. I got married, gave birth to my daughter, moved with my husband to Barnaul. And in the late 90's the family emigrated to Germany - in Munster, the land of North Rhine-Westphalia. As Nelya says, she has ceased to feel comfortable in Russia.
In Germany, Nelya decided that if you really change your life, it's radical. Do not just change the country, but change your life. Here it is, a chance. It's time to follow the dream. And since our heroine has always liked beautiful and well-groomed people, she went to study at cosmetology courses.
Before Neley, two paths opened. It was possible to finish the courses shorter and simpler, but then it would be possible to work only in Germany, and such courses did not give the right to teach. But Nelly chose a more complex option - two-year courses in German, after which you could not only do cosmetic procedures, manicures and pedicures, but also work, open a salon and teach at courses in any country of the European Union.
"At first, the language was sorely lacking. I understood everything, but to say, and even more so it was difficult to write, - says Nelya. - I wrote the first written work for 4 points (in Germany, a six-point grading system, and 1 - the highest score), and the classroom said: "Frau Gorbunova, you have nothing to count on, you can not do it!" I was upset, I cried, but these words became an incentive to study. In addition, I still had an economic education, and the exact sciences were given me perfectly. I finished the course with one of the best, with an average score of 1.3. "
Nelya always wanted to not just work for hire, but to be the mistress of her cosmetic salon. Already in the second year of her studies she went to practice in the beauty salon, whose mistress took her very seriously. Immediately gave the opportunity to work independently, passed a part of customers. The desire to become a mistress of the salon grew stronger day by day.
"She felt that I really love my job and responsibly to her, and even wanted to sell me her business. For me, I agreed with the bank about the loan, but my intuition prompted me that I should not do this. As a result, I bought another salon - just walked along the area where I lived then, and went to dye my eyelashes. I talked with the landlady and agreed on a deal. I think this too was a hasty decision. Customers did not have much confidence in this place. Several years of hard work it took to make the salon work in full force, and customers went "on me."
The purchase of the cabin cost 25 000 euros. In order to return the investments and start working in profit, it took three years.
The first time was very difficult. The Russian surname Nelly scared off the customers. And the reputation of the new salon has not yet been. "A German client came, saw a diploma, and asked: are you Russian? I say: yes, the name is Russian. She made such a face ... as if she saw a leper. And she left. I almost burst into tears. "
"The first time when I opened the salon, I experienced every day, fought for every client. I was afraid if I could manage ... And then I thought: damn it, in Russia I had the surname Schwarzkopf, and I was teased, called fascist. But I did not change my last name. Now I'm in Germany, and my husband's name is Gorbunov. And I will not change my last name. I will always speak with an accent, and I can prove my knowledge only by deed. By the way, this woman, who left, returned in a year and a half and apologized. "
Nelya himself almost does not advertise - neither in local media, nor in facebook. "This is simply not necessary. Sarafan radio works so efficiently that there is no release from customers. And there is simply no time to sit in social networks ".
Taxes in Germany are quite high. And not only taxes. Rent a room, keep it - all this is expensive. For example, for his salon area of 84 "square" Nelya pays 750 euro rent. It is necessary to minimize expenses: by own strength (well, or with the help of the family) to do cosmetic repairs, paint, decorate shop windows for the holidays.
The first few years, while returning loans, Nele had a hard time. Now that the debts have been repaid and the salon has reached a sustainable profit, it could have worked less, but clients do not give: they fell in love and are used to it.
Most of the customers of the salon are Germans. They are very punctual, written down in advance, warned if they can not come. Emigrants are far from being so precise and polite.
Nelya treats most of her clients very well, without making a difference in status - between hard workers and aristocrats. Since the salon in the suburbs is a place where people go for years, with them and Nelya lives a small life. It is very upsetting when old people leave (and they are a significant part of the clientele).
Sometimes you have to deal with not very pleasant customers. "One day a client came for epilation, said that I hurt her, that I was doing everything wrong. And she knows how to. I got angry, I said: teach me, I will do as you want. She said. I knew that it would be even more painful. But she did as she asked. The client quickly repented and did not teach me anything else. "
Since manicures, pedicures, and cosmetic procedures are not only women, but also men, they have to build special relationships, respond to different qualities of compliments, even refuse the most active. One of the clients for several years wrote Nele love letters, poems and prose: at first anonymously, and when divorced - he confessed his love and invited her to marry. He was angry with refusal. And once the grandfather of the 84th anniversary posted a dubious courtesy ... Nelia laughed and said: you have a wonderful sense of humor.
The first three or four years were very difficult not only with finance, but also with communication. It was necessary to get used to the mentality of clients, learn not to pay attention to the negative attitude, work from morning till night, earning a name and reputation. In addition, you need to constantly learn something new. For example, to keep accounts.
Now the salon is working in full force. Work is from early morning to late evening, as well as part of the weekend. The recording is closed for two weeks, and sometimes for a month in advance. It is impossible to do anything spontaneously, vacation is planned long, and even getting sick is a big problem.
"I tried several times to get female collaborators, but they never got accustomed. My clients immediately said: we better wait, but let's go only to you! So I work alone; and only sometimes with someone who does something that I do not do. "
Some prices Kosmetik-Studio Nelja Gorbunov: manicure - 21 euros, pedicure - 26 euros, back massage - 30 euros, facial treatments - 53 euros.
The most difficult thing is to hold out for the first few years, when the reputation is not working for you and sometimes you drop your hands. But if you love your job, it will work out. In addition, do not rush to open their own business.
"I do not think it's worth it to open up my business as sharply as I do. First you need to be a hired worker, learn business from the inside, all its pluses, minuses, undercurrents. And not only business, but also places where you want to work. Get used to people. And only then buy a business or open something of your own. I did not do everything right, but I do not regret at all, because I'm doing what I love. "

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