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Business immigration.

Business immigration.
& # 8212; As some say, in one way or another, it is about immigration through investment. In different countries of Europe it can be investments in real estate, for example, commercial; profitable houses, hotels, businesses. To expand its business abroad requires the registration of a company, the purchase of a ready business is also possible.
In any case, business immigration to Europe gives the status of a real market agent and a residence permit in the European Union in connection with the need to conduct commercial activities and exercise control over it.
Becoming an EU resident through business immigration, you can enjoy all the benefits of European civilization: medical care, pension insurance, quality education, modern technology. To enable your children to receive education at a European level, to live in a civilized country and be calm for the future, and in the future to obtain EU citizenship for themselves and their children.
Another pleasant moment - there is no need to request visas if you want to visit this or that country of Europe.
Start business emigration & # 8212; to open a company in Europe and start a business of its own, or to develop an already existing business in the country, in the EU country is a painstaking and responsible process. European legislation has its own specific features and it is often difficult to register a firm in Europe to a CIS citizen. One of the obstacles is the preparation of constituent documents in the state language.
The Eurogroup company has its representatives in every EU country that have been helping our clients to carry out business immigration for many years. These are Russian-speaking specialists who perfectly know foreign languages and thoroughly studied all the legal nuances of the legislation of a certain country.
Business in Europe requires a clear and concrete strategy, a competent concept. In our Moscow office we will help you determine the organizational and legal form of your future firm, we will tell you about the peculiarities of each of them. After that, the process of preparation of documents, their signing at the notary and registration of the company in the Commercial Register will begin.
We always follow the latest changes and amendments in the legislation of European countries, for example, recently the amendments touched upon the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany - now it is easier to open a business in Germany. Germany is a country of strong economy, attracts foreign investors, creating for them more loyal programs, which means that you can register your business under a prestigious German quality mark and move with your family to a prosperous European country.
By registering or buying a company in Switzerland and starting your business in one of the stable countries of Europe, you get the opportunity to become a resident of the European state. Your family will also benefit from this legal procedure: freedom of movement, medical insurance, excellent education for children, unprecedented implementation opportunities for your spouse and much more.
We take into account the wishes and those clients who are interested in immigration for buying business in Europe. Our company has a lot of interesting, profitable businesses in European countries that former owners sell because of old age and unwillingness of the heirs to continue the business or for other reasons.
Our tax advisers will give you advice on choosing an object depending on the tax system in a particular country, land, canton or region. It can be a small or large business & # 8212; according to your goals and objectives, but the benefits from emigration you will get the same & # 8212; safety, profit, comfortable living conditions for your family.
The first call to Eurogroup Consult - and you will learn in detail what business immigration means to Europe.

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