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Buses to the airport Borispol from Kiev.

Buses to the airport Borispol from Kiev.
Landing on the buses Sky Bus in Kiev is carried out near the Southern Railway Station. The Sky Bus station near the station is on the first line, a hundred meters to the right, if you exit from the central entrance of the South Railway Station. Even if you did not notice the bus at the bus stop - do not get upset - it means that one bus has already left and the next one will soon arrive.
The ticket sales and pre-sale for buses is located in the building of the Central Railway Station in the hall number 3, the location of the ticket office can be viewed on the scheme, the form of the ticket office is shown in the photo below.
Place of planting in Kiev. Southern Railway Station.
Place of planting in Kiev. Southern Railway Station.
The landing place in Borispol Airport (terminal F)
Timetable of buses SKYBUS to the airport Borispol from Kiev.
The dispatcher's phone on the line about forgotten things on the SkyBus buses on the flight Kyiv - Borispol - Kiev: 38 (04595) 6-14-86 or +38 (095) 431-07-17.
For all other questions (without exception), please contact the phones listed in the "Contacts" section. See below.
Kiev is one of the main transport hubs in Ukraine, where thousands of passengers arrive daily and follow on, buying tickets for buses, planes and trains to other cities and countries. Arriving guests of the capital are met by two Kiev international airports - Boryspil and Kiev (Zhulyany), Central and Southern railway stations, the central bus station and 8 bus stations. From Kiev to the international airport Boryspil regular buses go Sky Bus, which is convenient for passengers traveling from the railway station, from the bus station and Kiev bus stations.
Our online system allows you to dock several flights for convenient travel. You can order and buy at the same time tickets for buses, planes and trains on any, even very complex route both within Ukraine and abroad. The ticket for the Sky Bus can also be booked in advance online so as not to worry about the ways of moving from Kiev to Borispol airport.
From the international airport Boryspil every day thousands of passengers travel to the countries of near and far abroad. Through the Borispol airport there are many air routes that allow you to get from Asia to Europe and America. Here you can take air tickets to Africa, to the exotic sea resorts of the Asian and Indonesian regions, and in the case of booking and buying online online, you can not only choose cheap flights thanks to promotions and discounts from airlines, but also learn about new flights, the time of their departure and features of the country in which the flight is to be made. Flights from Kiev are carried out by Ukrainian and foreign carriers.
It is convenient to get to Boryspil airport not only from Kiev, but also from other cities of Ukraine. We offer to use the services of transportation by regular bus flights directly to the airport from your city. On our site you can see the timetable, travel time and cost of tickets for buses to the airport Borispol from Odessa, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Mariupol, Berdyansk and other settlements of Ukraine. Buses from Chisinau (Moldova) and Minsk (Belarus) arrive daily to Boryspil on a specially designated site near the terminal "B".
Trucking to the airport Boryspil perform comfortable vehicles. If passengers want to relax before the upcoming flight, they can come from Kiev to Borispol and stay at the hotel at the airport or in one of the mini-hotels that are near the airport itself, and also book a transfer from the hotel in advance to the terminal from where the flight will be.
From the Southern Railway Station, those who need to get to Borispol airport can take regular bus services: a bus station with the inscription Sky bus is right near the exit from the station building. Bus departure takes place every 15-30 minutes, the journey time is about 50 minutes, on the way the flight has an intermediate stop near the metro station Kharkivskaya.
Transport to Kiev airport (Zhulyany)
Most flights of low-cost airlines are most often sent from Kiev airport (Zhulyany). The air ticket specifies the airport of departure, arrival or transfer, and you can specify in advance on our site the possibility to join transplantations in Kiev taking into account different airports, bus stations and railway stations, calculate the time that will be needed for travel between points of arrival and departure, cheap travel option.
From Kiev airport, as well as from Boryspil airport, regular flights to Moscow, Vienna, Warsaw, Rimini, Thessaloniki are made. For passengers interested in air tickets to Georgia from Kiev, it is possible to book a transfer to Georgia. The bus will take you to Boryspil airport, and after the flight from Tbilisi airport you will be taken to the cities of Gudauri, Bakuriani, Borjomi, Batumi, Kobuleti, Kutaisi.
The convenience of Kiev airport is that it is located within the city limits. It can be easily and quickly reached not only from any district of the capital, but also from the Kiev railway station or any bus station. If the passenger arrives at Kiev airport and needs to move to Borispol airport to continue the trip, the most convenient way will be to take trolleybus No. 9 to the South Bus Station and change to the Sky Bus bus leaving for Borispol airport every 15-30 minutes.
The final stop of trolleybuses �9 and �22 at Kiev airport is located in front of terminal B. The bus and minibus stop is located 200 m from terminals A, D and 50 m from terminal B. The route of trolleybus �22 passes through Shulyavskaya metro station, from where it is possible without transfer to the Central Railway Station (Metro Vokzalnaya) or with a transfer to the Central Bus Station (metro Demeevskaya). The fare in the trolleybus is 1,5 UAH, in the metro - 2 UAH. From the Central Bus Station, the Sky Bus buses to Boryspil Airport are also regularly sent.
Bus number 80 and minibus pass through the airport Kiev transit. The fare in the bus - 1,5 UAH, in the minibus - 3,5-4 UAH. The bus will take you to Sevastopol Square, where you have to make a transfer - to minibus �401 to the Southern Railway Station or �205, 239, 477 or trolleybus �42 - if you need to get to the Central Bus Station. Bus number 220 has the final stop at the airport and will take you directly to the Central Bus Station, the fare is 4 UAH.
Marshrutki No. 496 and No. 499 go to Sevastopol Square, where you can change to a minibus or trolley bus to the bus station, or they will land passengers 200 meters from the Southern Railway Station. If you have enough time and want to see the Kiev sights, the taxi number 302 will take you to the heart of Kiev - the ancient Podol, on it you can go back to the airport or get to the Southern Railway Station.
Buses from Kiev from railway stations.
Railway transport is used by the majority of Ukrainians who travel long distances, because train tickets are much cheaper than plane tickets, and the journey is more comfortable than on a bus. In Kiev, long-distance trains arrive from almost all regional centers of Ukraine, as well as from many cities of Russia, Poland, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and other European capitals. Near the Central Railway Station, 200 m behind the McDonald's restaurant building, there is a bus station, from where it is very convenient to continue your journey from Kiev to all who arrived here by train. The bus routes from the Kiev bus station near the railway station cover all regional centers, many inter-regional flights and international routes: buses leave for the Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, the countries from the bus station near the Central Railway Station The Baltic States. To the left of the Central Railway Station, on the street. There is a stop for buses from Kiev to Vyshgorod and Boyarka.
Near the South Station there is a public transport stop where you can take trolleybus No.33 and get to the Polesie bus station, where buses leave for Chernigov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Korosten, Ovruch, Malin, Chernobyl, Vyshgorod, Dymer, Lutezh, Ivankov and others. the city of the northern part of Ukraine. From here the bus service to the city of Mozyr (Belarus) leaves. Passengers are provided with comfortable buses, minibuses, minibuses. Tickets can be booked online, purchased at the ticket offices of the bus station or on our website.
The suburban railway station of Kiev-Passar station, located to the right of the Central Railway Station, serves Fastovsky and Korostenka directions. Here there is a stop of the city electric train, which connects the largest transport hubs of the city. By train, you can get to the suburban railway station "Karavaevy Dachi", from where electric trains run to Korosten, Vinnitsa, Teterev, and to Svyatoshin metro station - with electric trains to Irpen and Obukhov, to Vydubichi metro station - with trains to Nezhin, Yagotin, Mironovka.
International buses from Kiev.
Traditionally, the most popular international destinations, according to which Ukrainians travel by bus from Kiev, are Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia. Tickets for an international bus from Kiev can be taken even to such remote places of Europe as London (Great Britain) and Stockholm (Sweden). It is very convenient to book and buy bus tickets via the Internet, because on the international routes there are often offered online significant discounts and interesting profitable promotions, thanks to which the trip will be much cheaper. You can always find out about promoters' actions on our website.
International buses to Europe are sent not only from the Kiev central bus station, but also from the "Kiev" and "Dachnaya" bus stations. Therefore, when buying a bus ticket to Gomel or Moscow, Munich or Barcelona, Paris, Prague or Warsaw, you need to look in advance at our system for information on which particular bus station or bus station the bus departs from, how long it will be on its way. Here you can find out through which cities and countries an international bus flight passes from Kiev. But, as a rule, passengers can only go to the final point of arrival indicated on the ticket, and disembarkation in other European countries, unless otherwise indicated in the travel documents - is allowed.
The largest number of buses to European countries is sent from the Kiev bus station, which is located 200 meters from the central railway station (in the lowland on the left side of the street, just past the station, past McDonald's to the city center). The bus station provides services for booking and selling tickets online, all information about flights, time of departure and arrival of buses, cheap tickets and the possibility of booking them in advance can be found on our website. To get from this bus station is easy and convenient even to Boryspil airport - go to the South Station and take the Sky Bus bus.
If the passenger plans a further trip from the central Kiev bus station, the fastest and most convenient way to get there will be the metro station - from Vokzalnaya to reach the Demeevskaya station, which is directly next to the bus platforms. You can also get to the bus station, using the bus number 539.
Buses in Ukraine from the bus stations in Kiev.
The bus station "Vydubychi" serves passengers who need to leave by bus in the direction of Kirovograd, Cherkassy, Mironov, Rzhyshchov, Kagarlyk, Boguslav. Every hour a flight to Boryspil airport leaves from here, every half hour - a bus to Kanev and an express train to Obukhiv. Tickets for the Express and the Sky Bus can be booked in advance, including online.
From the bus station "Dachnaya" buses from Kiev go to Zhitomir, Kovel, Korosten, Byshev, as well as abroad - to Italy, Germany, France. Buy tickets from the bus station "Dachnaya" in any direction is very convenient on the site, so as not to go behind them far, do not queue at the ticket office. Online there is an opportunity to book a place for yourself on any day and pay for tickets without leaving your home or office.
The Podol bus station from Kiev sends bus services to the south-west direction - Belaya Tserkov, Boyarka, Rokytno-Volynsky, Khodorov, Korsun-Shevchenkovsky, Medvin.
Kiev bus station "Yuzhnaya" provides the convenience of those passengers who plan to leave by bus in the Odessa direction. It is located almost at the exit from Kiev, which allows you to send buses, bypassing the city's traffic jams, to Vinnitsa, Kirovograd, Zvenigorodka, Skvir, Ilintsy, Monastery.
All Kiev bus stations and bus stations are in close proximity to metro stations, which makes it possible to plan your way quite accurately in time and not be afraid of urban traffic congestion. Our system allows you to calculate online the route of travel so that you can get from Kiev to Boryspil airport in time, connect your flight with the departure of a bus or train from Kiev, book in advance and take cheap tickets at the same time for all types of transport that will be needed on the trip.

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