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Britain or the US: where is the best?

Britain or the US: where is the best?
Some migrants living in the UK are wondering - is not it better to move to the US? Despite the similarities in the economic development of countries and the common language, England and the United States differ in terms of living conditions.
1. Free health care in the UK vs Pay health care in the US.
The huge advantage of the UK in front of the United States is the free NHS health system. In Britain, all operations and consultations are free for the entire population. In addition, children and pregnant women enjoy free dental services, births are free with a choice of their various methods - including childbirth at home. Medicines for children are issued in pharmacies free of charge by prescription. The downside are - queues, long waiting times for examinations and some patients are not satisfied with the "quality & quot; service.
In America, prepare to pay for the insurance for the family on average for $ 16,351 each year. Many employers pay insurance for workers, but as one Russian immigrant said - he was fired two weeks before the birth of his wife, which was included in the husband's insurance from the employer. The insurance was automatically canceled upon dismissal. And since the cost of labor can reach $ 20,000, if you need a cesarean, and it's already too late to fly to Russia, he had to pay the insurance himself.
Since 2010, with the help of The Obama Health Care Plan in the United States, access to health care for low-income people who can not afford to pay for insurance, and there are at least 20 million such people in the country. But as pensioners from Florida said, it's better not to hope-but to have insurance that will surely provide full medical care.
According to the Internet Portal Trading Economics, the unemployment rate in the US was 5.50% in May 2015, rising 0.1% compared to April. Surprisingly, the current unemployment rate in the UK is exactly the same number & ndash; 5.50%, having fallen by 0.1% since the April level.
This suggests that, in general, the situation with employment in both countries is quite the same & ndash; The unemployment rate is low, work if desired is quite realistic.
To compare wage levels, let's take, for example, the salaries of financial analysts in two countries. So, according to the Internet portal Payscale, the average median earnings of financial analyst in the UK at this time is 33.019 pounds sterling per year (about 51.109 US dollars). The same resource tells us that the financial analyst in the US earns an average of $ 55,970 per year, which is almost 10% higher than the earnings of a similar specialist in the UK.
According to the estimates of the Mirror newspaper, the poor and below-average earnings live better in England, while the middle class and the wealthier are better off in the US. Due to high taxes with increasing incomes in Britain - the difference between the poor and the rich is not as tangible as in the US. Arriving in America, you will also see many homeless people and fields with caravans, in which families live on an ongoing basis.
Photo: � / Britain or the US: where is the best? Photo: � / Britain or the US: where is the best?
What about the holidays? Alas, but the situation with the holidays in the US is sad: it is known that American workers are entitled to only 16 calendar days of paid leave per year, but the American workaholics do not waste that! On average, the American holiday lasts only 4 days, and 15% do not rest at all! And only a quarter of American workers take all the time they are required by law (according to the Glassdoor Employee Satisfaction survey). At the same time, 61% of American workers admit that they continue to perform their duties even during the holidays. Add to this the traditional for Americans, long hours & raquo; and work on the weekend and get a very sad picture.
In Britain, paid leave is legally 28 calendar days. Some companies can provide their employees with up to 6 weeks of paid leave. The British are not as obsessed with work as Americans, so they go on vacation without much remorse and often go on trips around their country and the rest of Europe. Recycling is accepted only in London, but in general the English try to adhere to the principle of "work-life balance", that is, working people strive to balance their lives and give proper time to the family and their personal interests.
English traditionally gravitate to separate houses with its own garden, and two-thirds of English families were able to realize their dreams of their home. In this they are in solidarity with the Americans, who also prefer individual construction. The only thing is: for obvious reasons, the cost of real estate in England and the US is very different. So, according to the PropertyWire portal, in 2014 the average cost of acres of land in the UK was 7.324 pounds, which is about 11.335 US dollars.
Photo: � / Britain or the US: where is the best? Photo: � / Britain or the US: where is the best?
In America, the price of an acre of land is heavily dependent on the state, but the average for the country in 2014, its cost was $ 2,950 (according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service), which is about 4 times lower than in the UK.
According to the portal, the United Kingdom is far ahead of the United States in the total number of crimes committed: an average of 109 crimes per 1000 people are committed here. A similar figure in the US is 41 per 1000 & ndash; Thus, in England there are 3 times more crimes committed than in America. However, in terms of the number of murders, the United States is considerably ahead of England: according to statistics, there are 42 murders per 1 million inhabitants in the United States, compared to 11 murders in England. Thus, the risk of being killed in America is 4 times higher (but in England there is a higher risk of being robbed).
The behavior of the police is also very different - in Britain, polite assistants to the state, in America - the guards of order, more confident in themselves and with weapons.
Education in the United States is rightfully considered the most expensive in the world. Compare the cost of training in the two top universities in the world & ndash; Harvard (Harvard University) and Cambridge (Cambridge University).
According to the site the cost of undergraduate programs (for a bachelor's degree) at Harvard for the 2015/2016 academic year is $ 43,938 per year. Postgraduate programs (for a master's degree) cost $ 43,774 for the first and second years of study and $ 10,508 for the third and fourth.
For comparison: in Cambridge University the cost of undergraduate programs is, depending on the chosen specialty, from 15.063 to 22.923 pounds per year ($ 23.344- $ 35.527) for foreign students and 9,000 pounds ($ 13,948) per year for Europeans. Postgraduate programs, depending on the specialty, cost from 19,557 to 26,877 pounds ($ 30,310- $ 41,655) for foreigners and from 9,960 to 11,037 pounds ($ 15,435- $ 17,105) for European students.
Thus, higher education in the UK is on average cheaper than the US, especially for local ones.
The weather in the United States is definitely better than in the UK - in some regions it's always sunny and summer lasts all year round. But it depends on the region and personal preferences.
Summarizing the above, it can be concluded that in the United States it is good to live young workaholics who are ready to plow at work to the seventh sweat, which can be relatively confident that in dollar terms their efforts will be evaluated higher than in the UK.
However, the earnings will have to deduct the cost of compulsory medical insurance, from the purchase of which residents of Great Britain have been released. But Americans are warmed by the idea of buying their own home with a large garden site, which in America can be bought much cheaper.
In the UK, with the same budget, your appetite for buying a house will have to be significantly tempered. In terms of security, the risk of being robbed in the UK is much higher, but there are many more murders in the United States, possibly due to the law on free possession of weapons that is not available in the UK.

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