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Brazil ON MAP.
What causes people to choose another country to live in? If it is a question of Brazil, it is worth noting the paradise nature of this state, comfortable conditions for businessmen, a stable political system and a promising economy. Here, low prices for real estate and fuel, and in terms of health is a real paradise. Fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, clean air, mild climate & ndash; all this has a positive effect on the well-being and even the appearance of immigrants from other countries (especially if it concerns the northern regions of Russia). You can only choose the method of immigration, which is the most suitable for you.
Immigration to Brazil for the purpose of investing here & ndash; the simplest and, at the same time, expensive way to move to this country. An investor visa can be issued to individuals who invested about $ 87,000 in the economy. Sometimes this amount can be reduced, but only if the National Council for Immigration finds that investments are made in needy regions and socially important sectors. Also, you may be required to create 10 jobs for Brazilians.
Immigration for investment is most often considered by our compatriots as a way of obtaining a document for permanent residence, issued for 3 years and replaced later for an indefinite. The process of registration of permanent residence takes only a few months.
Immigration to Brazil for job placement & ndash; a complex and lengthy process. It is necessary to collect an impressive package of documents, which have been analyzed for a long time in Brazilian departments and ministries. Most often, local companies abandon the idea of employing foreigners precisely because the process of employment itself takes too much time and effort (even from the employer). That is why, when addressing a letter or an application to the company where you want to work, it is better to indicate that you are ready to take care of all the visa issues. Recall that the visa is temporary and must be renewed every 2 years. After 4 years, it becomes permanent.
A type of work visa is a director's visa. Many of our compatriots immigrate to Brazil in order to get a managerial position, so this aspect interests many. If a Russian company invests more than 600 thousand reais or 150 thousand reais in a Brazilian company, provided that at least 10 jobs are created, the foreigner is entitled to apply for a director's visa. It is issued for 5 years, and the process of its registration takes a period of 3-4 months.
Immigration to Brazil for the purpose of doing business.
Immigration to Brazil for the purpose of creating your own company here & ndash; Another is not too difficult way to obtain citizenship in this country. Having invested about 50 thousand dollars in the economy, you can start creating your own enterprise. But it will not be possible to formally approach this process. It is necessary to officially rent an office, maintain accounting records and pay taxes. But even if your plans do not include using the company for its intended purpose, then such & laquo; idle work & raquo; will not become too costly for you. But within a short time you will get the right to apply for a Brazilian citizenship.
In order to immigrate to Brazil for the purpose of marrying or for family reunification (if there are Brazilians among your closest relatives), you will need the following documents:
Certificate of marriage or birth. A copy of all pages of the passport. Certificate of residence. Certificate of good conduct. Host country documents (required if immigration to Brazil is for family reunification): a copy of the identity card, the statement of the calling person that it takes responsibility for the alien.
Information from unofficial sources.
Information from official sources.
It will be interesting for you:
Almost all residents of Uruguay & ndash; descendants of immigrants from Southern Europe - Spain and Italy. This country is compared with Switzerland because of the high level of education and courtesy of citizens; with Sweden because of the financial well-being and centuries-old traditions of the state; with New Zealand because of the green pastures and the huge sheep population & hellip; Uruguay is one of the safest and cleanest countries in Latin America with a high level of urbanization. In Montevideo lives more than 40% of the total population of the country.
Earlier, Estonia as an independent object of immigration attracted little attention to the inhabitants of Russia and the CIS countries. However, after the state entered the Schengen area and the European Union, obtaining a residence permit in this country became equal to the right of free residence almost throughout the entire territory of a developed Europe. Consequently, immigration to Estonia has become quite popular among our fellow citizens.
Due to unique climatic and natural conditions, this country attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world from year to year. Foreigners to comfortable ski resorts, to winter sports centers and excursions to monuments of Swiss history. The country has about 600 museums, the most popular of which are the historical museum in Zurich, the museums of the arts of Basel, Geneva, Bern and Zurich. The main architectural sights of Switzerland are the castle in Thun, Nevstal, in Walnut; medieval city fortifications, as well as the Cathedral of St. Vincent and the 15th-century Town Hall in Bern. One of the business cards of the country is Chillon Castle. Immigration to Switzerland will be an opportunity for you to touch a century of history and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the past.
The Republic of Guinea is located in West Africa and is adjacent to countries such as Mali, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Liberia. The republic has access to the Atlantic Ocean with a coastline of 320 km. Guinea & ndash; country of the picturesque lofty landscapes of the highlands of Fouta-Jallon, it impresses with the contrast between the endless jungles in the southern regions and the dry northern valleys.
Hungary is a country that can be proud of one of the most beautiful capitals of the world - "Queen of the Danube" - the city of Budapest. In Hungary is the largest lake in Central Europe - Balaton - is a real freshwater sea, a paradise for families with young children, youth, lovers of water sports and entertainment. The legendary mountain of Hungary Tokaj with its unique vineyards, caves and cellars for more than five centuries excites the imagination of true connoisseurs of winemaking art.
Immigration to the Cayman Islands - overseas territory of Great Britain in the West Indies and the largest offshore territory, & ndash; attracts many domestic businessmen and hired workers. The standard of living here is high enough, while the islands can boast of a mild climate, picturesque nature and ideal conditions created for tourists.
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