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Finland will increase the staff of border guards on the border with Russia.
Finland has allocated additional funds to expand the state of border guards on the Russian border, Interfax reports citing & hellip;
Finnish border guards will give children coloring books and pencils.
Long lines on the Russian-Finnish border are not uncommon again - many kilometers of motorists returned after & hellip;
At the Russian-Finnish border the influx of tourists.
On the Russian-Finnish border there is a traditional seasonal revival. & Hellip;
Crossing the Finnish-Russian border by car is the standard procedure for which you will need a Schengen visa, a driver's license, an insurance policy for yourself, a green card for the car, a certificate of vehicle registration and. time.
Idle time on both borders takes from half an hour (this also happens, off-season at night) to two or three hours during the winter holidays, summer holidays and the season of discounts. Now the average time in the queue is on Torfyanovka and Brusnichny 1 hour.
Clearance of the Green Card.
Making a Green Card, or an international insurance policy for motor third party liability, it is better to attend beforehand. For travel to Finland, you need the Green Card insurance policy, which is valid throughout Europe.
The cost of issuing a green card for a car in a Russian company for fifteen days will be about two and a half thousand rubles, at a Finnish insurance company at the border - twice as expensive.
Russian and Finnish border guards and Finnish traffic police can check the presence of the Green Card, although in practice this happens very rarely.
A green card is needed in case of an accident. In Finland, during an accident, you need to call the police on the phone 10 022 or a single emergency number 112 (ambulance, police, fire, rescue service). And immediately contact your insurance company on the phone indicated in the Green Card.
And more: the Russian Union of Auto Insurers strongly recommends photographed the scene of the accident, vehicles - participants in the accident, and the insurance policy of another participant in the accident. And in any case not to sign documents, the meaning of which you do not understand!
The point of crossing the border of Vaalimaa.
Points of crossing the border.
Several international road border crossing points (MAPP) operate on the Russian-Finnish border. Three of them: Torfyanovka, Brusnichnoe, Svetogorsk are open around the clock.
Queues from vehicles wishing to cross the border (on the Finnish side) can be viewed through web cameras in Vaalimaa, Nuyamaa, Imatra and Niirala.
Border maritime security points for pleasure boats and yachts are in Haapasaari, Suomenlinna, Hanko and Mariehamn.
Crossing the border "TUDA"
If you do not have $ 10,000 in cash or goods to be declared, the customs window on the border can be ignored.
Passport control is first passed by the driver with a passport and a certificate to the car, followed by passengers.
After passport control, it is better to immediately open the trunk of the car and wait for inspection, after which the comrade in the form will open the barrier to exit. Do not forget to call in Duty Free, in Finland alcohol is much more expensive (do not buy excess, read Restrictions on the import of alcohol).
On the Finnish border everything is simple: a passport in the window, a few questions in broken Russian (where you are going when you return). If the barrier is open - you can go, and Hello, Finland!
Crossing the border "FROM FROM"
When leaving Finland, the ritual on the border repeats. Finns almost do not look at stamps to leave. In Russia passport control passes the driver with a passport and a certificate for the car, followed by passengers with passports. Fill in customs declarations only if there are declared goods. There are also restrictions on the import of goods to Russia.
Requirements for the car.
A car crossing the Finnish border must comply with the European standard. Tires for the season: summer - summer or all-season, from December 1 to March 1 winter. In October-November and March-April at the discretion of the owner of the car.
The darkening of the front windows is only factory and not more than 25%. Belts are fastened, on high-speed lines even at passengers on back seats. The low beam is on. The use of anti-radar is a serious violation, if there is a suspicion of its presence, the police have the right to conduct a search in the car.
Cameras on the roads.
Child car seats.
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A trip to Finland by car. Finnish roads, pdd, road signs, fuel prices, children's car seats.
Car service.
Tires, wheels, wheels, maintenance in Finland. Addresses of shops and car-care center.
Sale and installation of tires, wheels, wheels in Finland. Seasonal storage of tires.

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