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Immigration to Belize can interest first of all those people who dreamed of living in a paradise corner of the earth. Here is an excellent climate that has a beneficial effect on the body, almost eternal summer and a wide range of tropical fruits that you can enjoy all year round. In addition, the country is developing rapidly, so business here can be quite promising, as well as job placement in the specialty.
To immigrate to Belize, you must have a work permit for employment, which is required to apply for and receive an interview within four weeks of your arrival in Belize in the Department of Labor. It is worth noting that the Immigration Department will issue a residence permit only after you get a work permit, but the process of considering your application for this document may take several months. That is why there are more prospects for those people who have connections in this country, and whose relatives and acquaintances have long been living here.
Immigration to Belize for pensioners.
To get a residence permit in the Pensioner category, the following documents must be submitted with the application translated into English and notarially certified:
A copy of the applicant's birth certificate and all family members; copies of marriage certificates or divorces; color photocopies of all pages of the applicant's passport and all family members who wish to immigrate to Belize. A color photocopy must be notarized; documents confirming a permanent monthly income (a minimum of $ 2,000 a month) - for many of our citizens immigration to Belize in pension programs may seem complicated precisely because of this figure; medical conclusion after examination of the applicant and all family members; a certificate from law enforcement agencies, certifying the absence of criminal records and criminal records; four front color photos and four photos in a 3 * 4 size profile.
According to the immigration program, an investor can open a business after obtaining a permanent resident status in Belize, subject to a work permit. In order to become a participant in the program, the investor must create a new company and start managing its activities (this fact is documented). The members of the investor's family can work on the created company. Basic requirement & ndash; The availability of capital in the amount of not less than 50 000 dollars. USA (this condition greatly complicates immigration to Belize for people with middle-income countries). The advantages of participating in the program include:
Issuance of the status of a temporary resident of Belize to the investor and his family members immediately after receiving a work permit from the Department of Labor. The possibility of obtaining permanent resident status in Belize after 12 months after coming to the country. Five years after the arrival, the investor and his family members can obtain Belize citizenship and a passport. The investor has the opportunity to live and work in any area of Belize.
Immigration to Belize for the purpose of marriage and family reunification is not too common. The fact is that the first priority in obtaining citizenship and passport is given to persons who have made a significant contribution to the welfare of Belize. Together with citizenship applicants, they are simultaneously eligible to become citizens of Belize and their spouses, as well as minors. The economic program in June 1997 legalized the right to obtain citizenship also for parents and adult children (up to 30 years old) who are dependent on the petitioner. The application for citizenship is considered very quickly - for 3-4 weeks.
It will be interesting for you:
After the alien receives a permanent residence permit in Slovenia, he is issued with an alien's identity card, which can not be obtained by having a temporary residence permit. The validity of such a certificate is 5 years for minors and 10 for citizens aged 18 to 50 years. For foreigners over 50 years of age the certificate is issued indefinitely. The holders of a temporary residence permit are granted an alien's certificate for one year. After the immigrant receives the citizenship of Slovenia, the residence permit is annulled.
Costa Rica is the first country in the world to abolish the regular army. The state's economy ranks 32nd in the list of 132 world economies and 1st place in Latin America. The international community fully recognizes the economic, political and social stability of Costa Rica.
Iceland is an interesting country with a peculiar culture, known for its unusual nature. A stunning variety of natural forms makes staying in Iceland very rich and unforgettable. Immigration here can be a way not only to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, but also to obtain social protection and a guarantee of stable financial development of the business.
A magnificent country of tourism, where the sunny beaches are washed by waves of the warm sea, these are the Alps, world famous for their ski runs. This spirit of the Roman Empire settled on the ruins of the Colosseum and the bells of many churches. Italy & ndash; these are great football clubs with crowds of throaty fans of tiffozi, these are dozens of varieties of coffee, the most famous Italian cars, famous fashion houses, pizza, wine, tourists, feasts, numerous relatives, discos and pride in Italian style and products made in Italy & raquo ;.
Portugal is a beautiful and hospitable country with a mild climate. The ecological situation in the country is considered one of the best in Europe. There is a rather low level of crime and corruption. Both the economy and the social sphere in Portugal are booming, the standard of living is gradually increasing, and this attracts immigrants from various countries of the world. The number of jobs, increasing every year, as well as a wide range of affordable housing create favorable conditions for immigration to Portugal. In addition, the country's fairly strict immigration laws are becoming more loyal every year to those immigrants who want not only to settle here for a long time, but also to contribute to the state's economy & ndash; working for hire or starting their own business.
Curacao & ndash; The largest island of the archipelago, and at the same time self-governing public education & ndash; the subject of the federation, which since 2010 is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The accession of Curacao to the Netherlands was due to the reorganization of the Antilles. The area of Curacao is 444 square kilometers. Population & ndash; more than 141 thousand people. The capital of the island, located in the south of the Caribbean Sea near Venezuela, is the city of Willemstad.
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